Data security and cyber threats

Hello guys, how are you? Today I am going to discuss a very crucial topic for all those who are related to the digital world that means we all are going to read excellent stuff in the next few minutes.

We all are connected to the digital world that means we all are living in threat of data loss. With the advent of technology, we made ourselves completely dependent on it. Now all our needs are fulfilled through online processes. Our bank details and business is completely connected to online processes.  We make payments, buy goods through online transaction. With so much ease we are getting everything on our doorsteps.  But it has its drawback; everything which is on your system can be hacked easily. So you need the protection of your data.

Today in this blog we will be going to discuss data security and cyber threats.

Let‘s have a look on the sections which you will read in this blog

  • The digital world and Humans
  • What is Data Security?
  • How Data security is concerned with the students
  • Why Is Data Security Important for Me?
  • But, How Can an Individual Be Affected?
  • Steps To Protect Data
  • Different sources of Cyber Crime
  • What businesses do to protect themselves from data security threats

The digital world and Humans

Digital technology is a part of human life. We are using it all day and night. Digital technology has its role in our everyday life. From online shopping to net banking, and government infrastructure to business everything is now digitized.

We are enjoying comfort and fulfilling our needs quickly in this digital world. But have you ever thought about the other side of the Digital world? A side which is dark, so much that it can lead to big disasters.

Cyber attacks are the dark area of this digital advancement. You can lose big cash in your bank in few clicks of hackers. You must have witnessed various news clippings of high profile cyber attacks. The number of cyber threat is increasing at an alarming rate. There is a great need for data security to protect your assets from hackers.

Data security is just a practice of securing data. There are many names given to this term like information security, IT security, or electronic information security. There are various hardware and software tools which can be used to protect data such as encryption, antivirus, firewalls, two-factor authentication, software patches, updates, etc.

What is Data Security?

Data security refers to the process which protects data from data corruption, malware, viruses, and hackers. It includes encryption of data, tokenization and key management practices. These practices help in protecting data from all applications and platforms.

We are living on in an age known as cyber age. Internet and computers have changed our lives. We are now completely dependent on technology for all our needs. All schools, universities, organizations, etc are completely dependent on the internet and computers.

With the increasing number of cases in cybercrime, the need for data security increases. Cybercriminals can easily take down any website and steal any vital information very easily. So in order to save all the data we need software to protect it. But before that, it is important to know about the major sources of cybercrime.

How Data security is related to students

Students who are doing programming are in better touch with this topic. They must have an idea of how much data security is in need.

Mostly Computer science students find this topic interesting but difficult and go for assignment help on data security. Through this blog, you will understand the topic in a broader sense, and it could be beneficial for the academic purpose also.

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Why Is Data Security Important for Me?

You often heard people saying they don’t need data security, and it is only for big organization and business. But it is not true; any one of us can be targeted by cybercriminals.

For them, it is very easy to take control of your tablets, phones or computer. This will result in the leakage of sensitive information. Attackers take all the card details, banking details, and passwords from the phone of general people like you and me.

Data security should be flawless and thorough for everyone out there. should be thorough and flawless for everyone — whether you are an individual or a business. Cybercrime cost around 400 billion USD per year, according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

We all know these cybercrimes will keep on increasing with the expansion of computer networks with time. Cybercriminals are getting better with each passing day. 

How Can an Individual Be Affected?

Now you must be thinking why a common man is in need of data security. But you must understand that your bank details are feed on your phone and computers which can be easily hacked.

So in order to keep all your personal and banking information safe, you need software to protect data. We are not making you scared of cyber attacks, but the purpose is to get you alert of such things. Data security will help you from the attacks of various issues like phishing, ransomware, malware attacks, etc.

Steps To Protect Data

The first thing is to keep yourself aware of potential threats. Your awareness is your security. I am sharing some essential practices you should do so that you can protect yourself from hackers.

  • Never click on spam, suspicious email, or phishing. Before opening any attachment, you must verify and carefully check the email or a link.
  • If you are getting an offer which seems to be too good or promising you something costly at a very minimal price does not fall for it. These are the ways through which hackers do their job. For example iPhone X at just $5 or congratulations, you have won $10000 dollars click to claim your prize. These are just viruses and malware.
  • Never download from any untrusted website. Avoid downloading any pirated software or games.
  • Never try to download and install fake security software.
  • Every time use antivirus and/or firewalls
  • While making any online transaction check whether the website is secured or not. Check HTTPS or green address bar before making any payment or typing in any sensitive details.
  • Always use two-factor authentications.
  • Never share your sensitive or personal information with strangers.

Different sources of Cyber Crime

Different sources of Cyber Crime


Hacking is a major cybercrime which is committed today. Hacker makes loopholes in operating systems to destroy the secure data and steal important details from the computer of the victim.

Cracking or Hacking is normally done through the use of a ‘backdoor’ program installed on your machine. A lot of hackers also try to get access to resources through the usage of password-cracking software.


Cyber-Theft is done to the computers & communication systems to steal secure data in electronic format. Hackers try to crack the systems of banks and can transfer money into their own bank accounts. This is a major problem, as huge amounts of money can be stolen and transferred illegally.

Viruses and worms

Viruses & worms is a large threat to normal users and business companies. Viruses are normally computer programs that are designed to damage the computer system. It is termed “virus” because it spreads from one computer to another computer like a biological virus. A worm usually creates loopholes in the operating system.

Steps that are taken in business to protect the data from threats

When you are running a business, you cannot take your data protection with ease. You want to keep all your data safe. Any breach in data security will lead to some disastrous consequences for the business. 

Flawed data security systems have many threats. They are not reliable. The consequences of flawed data can overweigh the cost of good data security. When running a business, you must be aware of several preventive strategies to protect data loss.

Steps to protect data in business.png

Data backup

The first thing you can do is simply take data backup. All you need to do is regularly copy your data and store it in the form of digital information. You can use physical storage devices such as external hard disks or USB or cloud server to take data backup. This is the easiest and the cheapest way of securing data.

Data backup is essential for any type of business. It allows the owner to get the previous data back if by chance deleted. Losing data is a very common issue in security breach; all kinds of information can be deleted or corrupted. Data backup will be your first step if you want data security.

Data recovery

The second step in data security is getting the damaged or corrupted data back which is now no longer accessible due to damaged storage. Damage can be of any type, your physical storage can also be damaged or your operating system. In that case, you need to recover data when installing a new operating system.

If you take regular data backup as discussed in the previous point, then you may ease the process of data recovery. For most businesses, data recovery is needed very much. Corrupt partitions and file systems can create a great loss to the company, so it needs to be recovered.

Virus & spam protection

A virus could be a great threat to any business. First of all, you need to learn what is a virus. It is malicious software that replicates itself into various other programs. Viruses and malware can very easily infect and damage important files and data. They can also leak private information and can be a great threat to money also.

Viruses can harm the business data, and even if they don’t harm the data, they can hit the reputation of the company.


A firewall protects from unauthorized access to a computer network. Firewalls may be hardware devices, software program or a combination of both hardware & software. A network firewall typically protects an internal computer system against the malicious access from outside the network.


Cryptography is the method of encrypting & decrypting of secure information. Encryption is like sending a postal mail to another party with a secure lock code on the envelope which is known only to the sender & the recipient.

There are a number of cryptography methods have been developed, and many of them are still not cracked.


Privacy helps people to decide how much data you want to share and who can see it to what extent. Both data privacy and security are strongly interconnected terms, but they are not the same at all. Data privacy is all about authorized access.

In data security, we secure data from unauthorized access. In short, to secure data, you need to secure your privacy first and then automatically you will be able to safeguard your data.


Providing a strong firewall is a needful task for the business. Do not compromise in this. All the ports related to the servers should be installed with firewalls. Data server taking care of the intranet server and data server won’t be on a similar server.

Security against infections/worms/trojans/virus and malicious program.

Antivirus software is a computer program that attempts to identify and prevent computer viruses and other malicious software. Anti-spy wares are used to block the backdoor program, Trojans & other spy wares to be installed on the computer system.

You need to install a good and premium antivirus program in your system. Any virus infection may harm all the information. They can leak the information and bank details or may degenerate the server or database. If you use a premium antivirus, it will protect the system from all infections, worms, Trojans, viruses and other malicious programs.

Steps to protect data.png


So I hope the above information helped you a lot in understanding data security and need of it in normal life as well as for business. Let’s have a recall of all the things which I have discussed in this blog.

Firstly, I have talked about digital technology and how humans are now connected to it.  The second section is, what is data security? You will understand the meaning of this term in this section. Then next is how data security is concerned with the students. This part talks about data security and how programming students are in need of online assignment help for this topic.

The fourth topic is why data security is important to me. Here I have discussed the need to secure the data for every individual. The next section talks about how Data breach can affect any individual. And after that, you will read the points where you understand how to protect your data. Fifth part talks about the sources of cybercrime. In the last, I have discussed the steps taken in business to protect the data from threats.

So as you can see I have tried to cover every aspect related to data security in this blog, I hope you would like my blog. Please provide your reviews about this blog.

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