Most Scoring Compare and Contrast Essay Topics


As a student, you all must have written essays one or another time. For admission in a College or as school homework. Essays are a crucial part of your academic journey. It helps you in scoring well “Writing is one method to discover ideas that a person previously never consciously considered.”- Kilroy J. Oldster  Essay writing requires skill. It is not just homework but more than that. It can be a thought, a view, an opinion, or a fact. There are hundreds of approaches to writing an essay. Compare and Contrast essay is one of them.

They make the comparison easy and simple for the reader. Hence, they are very important. If you find difficulty in understanding compare and contrast essays and want help with your essay writing, contact AllAssignmentHelp and our experts will ease out your worries.

What Are Compare and Contrast Essays

Compare and Contrast essay is a rhetorical style that discusses the similarities and differences of two or more things: ideas, concepts, items, places, and so on. Compare and contrast essays are like venn diagrams. They make that argument easy and straightforward for the reader. 

The biggest example of compare and contrast is all the Twitter wars we see on social media. Ios vs Android, Vegan diet vs normal diet, and so on. So imagine if one has to write an essay taking both similarity and difference perspectives in the frame, like comparing ios and android features, we can say that essay is a compare and contrast essay.

Keep one thing in mind while writing a compare and contrast essay is that they must have enough things in common for comparison. 

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay?

There are various methods and techniques to help you build a strong compare and contrast essay. Let us look at some: 

Method of Alternating

You describe one aspect of the first item and then instantly address the identical aspect of the second item when you employ the alternating technique. One can talk about how much computer time is needed for an in-person and online course. Could argue that while both courses require you to work on a computer, the online course will require you to spend twice as much time on it.

Method of Blocking

When you employ the block technique, you talk about one thing before moving on to the next. Typically, one paragraph would cover all features of the first subject, followed by another paragraph covering all aspects of the second subject, and so on.

You don’t have to go back and forth in your debate when you use the block method. You concentrate initially on the first subject and then on the second subject. Taking from the above example of ios and android. First, you talk about ios (the first subject) and then the android (the second subject)

Method of Combination

We call it writing a comparison and contrast essay using the combination approach if you merge the two. You might use the alternate technique for a few body paragraphs before switching to the block style for a more thorough examination of each issue.

As you may expect, depending on the issue, no single approach usually works well, which is why the combination method arose. In any event, none of these approaches are meant to be used as a formula; instead, use them as a guide as you learn to write in this style.

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What Is a Good Compare and Contrast Essay?

The key to writing a solid compare-and-contrast essay is to pick two or more topics that are related in some way. The goal of the comparison or contrast is to highlight minor differences or unexpected commonalities rather than to express the obvious.

A good compare and contrast essay should have an introduction, followed by a body of content and a conclusion. The essay must be interestingly built. The language should be easy and well structured.

A fine compare and contrast essay must be very clear in its approach. The objectives must be debatable but the argument should be clear. It is rather tough to determine the result of a compare and contrast essay. It is better that the reader should be left with an open end to determine the conclusion based on the content of the essay.

How to Choose a Topic for Your Contrast and Compare Essay?

If you get an opportunity to choose a topic for your essay, then here are some of the factors you should keep in mind.

  • Choose a topic that has similarities in between for comparison.
  • If you are writing for any occasion like a test, choose a subject that is known and general.
  • Take a topic that is trending, it will help you build the interest of readers.
  • The subject of your essay should have enough material to be written on.
  • The topic should be simple and relatable for the general public.
  • Select a topic in which you are interested as well.

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There are a million topics to choose from among hundreds of fields. We will jot down the most important and scoring subjects for you to choose the most appropriate topic for your compare and contrast essay.

General Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College

  • College vs. high school
  • What is the difference between a public and a private college?
  • Textbooks or e-books
  • Virtual classrooms vs. traditional classrooms
  • Attending seminars vs. attending classes
  • Social Media for education or not
  • Homeschooling’s pros and downsides
  • Distance education or full-time college
  • Coursebooks or Practical Knowledge
  • Love vs. friendship.
  • America’s and China’s economic progress.

Compare and Contrast Essay on Technology

  • Online vs. Offline Commerce
  • Relationships in Real Life vs. Online Dating
  • Selling Business Products Online vs. Selling Real-Life Sports: Interaction between the buyer and the seller in person.
  • Ios vs android
  • Artificial Intelligence vs human creativity
  • It or Machine learning

Compare and Contrast Essay on Politics and History

Deals made by Washington and Lincoln are compared.

  • Deals made by Washington and Lincoln are compared.
  • Renaissance vs. Baroque epoch
  • Religious Studies vs. Anthropology
  • The Soviet Union vs. the United States of America.
  • The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is pitted against the President of the United States.
  • Democracy vs. monarchy
  • Capitalism and communism are two opposing ideologies.
  • Socialism and communism are two opposing ideologies.
  • Benefits and drawbacks of free trade

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Compare and Contrast Essay For Teenagers

  • What Do Teens Prefer: Reading Or Watching Screened Resources?
  • Working from home vs. working in an office!
  • Is it true that scientific writing is superior to academic writing?
  • Which is more popular, radio or television shows?
  • Is It Better To Pursue A Professional Or Academic Career?
  • Some Parallels and Differences Between Greek and Roman Cultures
  • IT Classes vs. Science Classes
  • Online tutoring vs. tutoring at home
  • Obtaining a college diploma or obtaining employment
  • In college, there are two options: working or freelancing.
  • Investing in education vs. having a good time

Compare and Contrast Essay on Sports

  • Sports that are played indoors or outdoors
  • Studying vs. participating in sports
  • An exercise in the morning vs. a workout at night
  • Running vs. working out in the gym
  • Whether you exercise at home or in a gym
  • Sports scholarship vs Subject Scholarship

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Science

  • Ecology vs Environmental Science
  • Renewable energy and nonrenewable energy
  • Thermodynamics in Physics vs Thermodynamics in Chemistry
  • Geology vs Geography
  • Biology vs LifeScience
  • Scientist vs Professors
  • Tornadoes vs. hurricanes
  • Trees vs. shrubs vs. herbs
  • Reptiles vs. mammals
  • Viruses or bacteria
  • Nuclear Power vs Solar Energy

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Career

  • Entrepreneurship or Job
  • Passion vs Money Making
  • Work from Home vs Work from Office
  • Skill Development vs Experience of years
  • Growth in a Company or Salary 
  • Working in Multinational Companies or Small startups
  • A job or a higher education
  • Working as a self-employed individual or as an employee
  • Is it better to spend or save your first salary?
  • Fellowship vs. internship
  • Salary vs. stipend

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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Education

  • Scientific Paper vs. Academic Writing: SAT vs. IELTS
  • Professional in Science and Art vs. Skill
  • Essay and research paper writing
  • What is the distinction between students in public and private schools?
  • Uniforms vs. Casual Clothing
  • College and university
  • Women’s Studies and Gender Studies
  • Anthropology and Sociology
  • Traditional education vs. online education

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on IT and Social Media

  • The distinctions and similarities between a traditional and a smartphone
  • Instagram vs. Snapchat: What distinguishes them?
  • Sharing on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • The 10 Years Challenge vs. the Ice Bucket Challenge
  • Distinctions and similarities: Composing emails and letters
  • Which is better: online jobs or traditional jobs?
  • Distinctions and similarities: The radio or the newspaper.
  • Tablets or desktop computers
  • iOS and Android are two mobile platforms.
  • Simplicity vs. Complexity in Windows and Linux.
  • The Benefits and Drawbacks of AI Robots in Education

Compare and Contrast Essay on General Topics

  • People who prefer cats over dogs. What are the parallels?
  • College students vs. playschools
  • Losing weight through diet or exercise.
  • Being in a relationship or living on one’s own.
  • Drugs that improve performance or coffee that boosts energy
  • Web series vs Movies
  • OTT platforms vs Movie Theatres
  • Instagram vs Facebook
  • Money or Interest
  • Ronaldo vs Messy

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Compare and Contrast essay Topics on Art

  • Avengers or DC
  • Rock or Classic
  • Theatres or Hollywood
  • Novel vs Movie made on that novel
  • Who had a greater impact on the world of music: Madonna or Celine Dion?
  • Werewolves and vampires: How have they been portrayed in films?
  • Comedies vs. horror films
  • Screening contrast in 3D or 2D.
  • Picasso’s work contrasts men and women.
  • Who is the true King of Pop, Michael Jackson or Prince?

Compare and Contrast Essay topics on Literature

  • How were women depicted in books from the 18th and 20th centuries?
  • Past and present versions of Romeo and Juliet.
  • Fiction against Non-fiction books.
  • Compare and contrast popular horror themes with romance themes.
  • Shakespeare vs. Hugo: What impact did their works have on the world?
  • Greek and Egyptian literature from antiquity.
  • What are the similarities and differences between hip hop and poetry?
  • Personal struggles are addressed in Macbeth vs. Hamlet.
  • Differences and similarities in nineteenth-century European and American literature

Contrast and Compare Essay on Opposite things

  • Summer vs Winters
  • Online or Traditional Shopping
  • A morning person or a night owl
  • Urban life or a rural life
  • Nuclear and joint family
  • Petrol or Electric cars
  • Solar energy or Nuclear Energy
  • Sun and Moon
  • Essay writing vs Speech


Compare and Contrast essays can be very interesting to write and read. Keeping in mind all situations and after thorough research, we have tried to put the most trending and scoring topics among the most prominent fields for your compare and contrast essay. I hope the information provided above is helpful and you may score well in your examination. All the best.

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Frequently Asked Question

Question: Does Adding quotes in an essay make it better?
Answer: Yes, adding elements to your essay like quotes, metaphors, anecdotes makes it rich and interesting. It helps in clarifying and simplifying the argument.
Question: Can I write an essay like a paragraph?
Answer: Essay writing should follow a pattern. It is not advisable to write your essay in just one paragraph but in multiple paragraphs with an appropriate Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.