Linking Words To Use In An Essay

Linking Words List

Linking words are those words that showcase a connection between sentences. Linking words help in forming the uniformity in the essay. These words are also known as transition words and used to show a relation among paragraphs or different sections in an essay. As the name suggests, Linking words bridge the gap between the ideas or concepts written in the essays. Your text seems to be more cohesive with the usage of linking words. Use proper linking words to reduce the reading efforts of the readers. Readers don’t want to take mental stress in understanding your essay. Therefore, it is necessary to make things easy for them.

Different types of linking words in an essay

It is not an easy task to compose a compelling essay. If you want to make your essay more appealing and expressive, then focus on three things, first is research, presentation and persuasion. If you don’t have a knack for writing, then you will fail miserably in forming a cohesive essay with judicial use of linking words.

Linking words play an important role in any type of essay. Without linking words, the information presented in an essay is just a dump of words. If you don’t want your essay to be clunky and disjointed one, use linking words and phrases correctly.

There are various categories of linking words one can use while writing an essay. Today in this blog, you will read 8 main categories and linking words list to be used while framing an essay. So here are 8 types of linking words to be used in an essay:

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Linking words list for order and sequence


Flow is necessary for any type of essay. If there is an absence of flow of ideas, thoughts or logic in your essay, it will lose its glory. Here is a linking words list that helps by showing a sequence order in the essay.

  • First/ Second/ Third or Firstly/ secondly/ Thirdly
  • Next
  • Then
  • Finally
  • Primary/ Secondary
  • Afterwords
  • After
  • At the same time
  • At this point of time
  • Concurrently
  • Earlier
  • First of all
  • Following this
  • For now
  • Hence
  • Meanwhile
  • In the first place
  • Previously
  • Thus
  • While
  • The next step
  • Lastly
  • In the end
  • By the end
  • In the beginning
  • It all started when
  • Once upon a time
  • To begin with/ To start with

Linking words list to show a comparison


In various types of essays such as argumentative essay writing, compare and contrast essay writing, you might need to show comparison. Read different comparative essay examples to understand the role of these words in making a comparison. Therefore, you can follow the following words to make the comparison more clear. Here is a linking words list to show comparison:

  • Similarly
  • Equally
  • Likewise
  • As with
  • Just as … so too
  • A similar
  • Comparable
  • In the same time
  • Just as
  • Same as
  • By the same token
  • In the same way
  • Just like

Linking words list for contrasting

Just like the way you need linking words to show comparison, there are words that are used to show the contrast as well. Here is a of linking words list to show contrast:

  • However/ Nevertheless
  • Alternatively
  • Despite this
  • On the contrary
  • Yet
  • Whereas
  • Apart from
  • Even so
  • Although
  • In spite of
  • While

Illustrating an example linking words list

Almost all types of essays require evidence or some examples to prove a specific point of view. But just telling an example may sound blunt. That is why we use linking words to show examples in a beautified manner. Have a look at the linking words list:

  • For example
  • Such as
  • For instance
  • In other words
  • An instance
  • As revealed by
  • To show that
  • In the case of
  • As an example
  • For one thing

Linking words list for additions


If you want to add some more information you can use addition linking words to convey the right meaning. Using “also” or “and” everywhere in the essay can take the charm away. So here is a linking words list you can use to while adding new information.

  • Furthermore
  • Also
  • Too
  • Next
  • Secondly
  • Second
  • And
  • Or
  • Nor
  • First
  • Last
  • Lastly
  • Further
  • Again
  • In addition
  • As well
  • Then
  • Moreover
  • Besides
  • Specifically
  • To illustrate
  • For example
  • To demonstrate
  • Such as
  • For instance
  • As revealed by
  • Finally
  • Along
  • By the same token
  • Uniquely
  • Like
  • And all
  • In line manner
  • Still
  • Likewise
  • Along with
  • Not only … but also
  • What’s more
  • Except for
  • By the same

Cause and effect linking words list

In any essay, if you want to draw a rational conclusion, you need to use cause and effect words. This makes a good connection of the whole essay with a conclusion. Use these linking words in an essay to show the cause and effect relationship.

  • Because
  • Since
  • For
  • So
  • Consequently
  • Therefore
  • Thus
  • Hence
  • Owing to
  • As a result of
  • Causes
  • As a consequence of
  • Leads to
  • Contributes to
  • For this reason
  • Stems from
  • Comes from
  • Results from
  • Is the result of
  • Is the consequence of
  • Is due to
  • Is caused by

Linking words list to Conclude

A good essay is one that is having a good conclusion. While most of the students use almost the same words to conclude their essays, here you have the chance to conclude the essay with some good words. Look at the linking words list for an excellent conclusion:

  • To conclude
  • In conclusion
  • Finally
  • Evidently
  • To sum up
  • On the whole
  • Summarising
  • In closing
  • All in all
  • By and large
  • All things considered
  • In summary
  • In sum
  • In brief
  • Briefly
  • In short
  • In outline
  • In the long run
  • For the most part
  • After all
  • In essence
  • On balance
  • Overall
  • By the large
  • Consequently
  • Hence
  • So
  • Then
  • Therefore
  • Thus
  • As a result

As you can see there are 8 main types of linking word categories that can be used while writing an essay. For more understanding visit

But just using these words is not enough. You need to adjust and position them correctly or else, they will fail to tempt the readers.

In the next paragraph, I will be showing how to use these words in the sentences.

How to position linking or transition words in an essay

Using linking words correctly in an essay is not rocket science. You can learn it easily, all you need is the focus while writing an essay. There are three ways or I should say positions where you can fit your connecting words or linking words. 

The first position is: At the beginning of the sentence

You can start a sentence with a linking word that provides a reference to the previous point. Have a look at some examples to understand more clearly.

  • One can have a lot of difficulty in writing creatively. However, creative writing is a useful skill.
  • I am not a big fan of marvel comics. On the other hand, I like their concept.
  • I fumble a lot while speaking. As a result, I fail to clear interviews.

The second position is: In the middle of the sentence

In an essay, you can use linkings words in the middle of the sentences as well. Usually, we write it after the subject. Learn how to use through the following examples.

  • One cannot escape from failures. They are, however, good lessons of life.
  • I am not good at grammar, as a result, I fail to get good grades in academic assignments.
  • The correct information is required for a good essay, but ideas too, play an important role.

The third position is: At the end of the sentence

At times you can use the connection or linking words at the end of the essay. It makes sense, you can see that in the following sentences.

  • Learning grammatical rules is a tough process. It is very useful, however.
  • I am not a lover of poetry. I love to recite them, on the other hand.
  • I am not a confident speaker. I get nervous in public speaking, as a result.

I hope the above-mentioned information will help you to understand the correct use of linking words in an essay. For more help, you can visit and learn more about the words to use in essays.

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