English Essay – Tips to write good essays and examples


Challenges are opportunities to learn something new. So, if you have been assigned an English essay and essay writing is nothing less than rocket science to you, relax. I understand that writing an essay in English may seem quite an irksome task. But you can stay calm if you will only think about how enriching it can be for your writing skills.

To help you with your English writing essay, I have compiled all the major tips here. You can have detailed knowledge for writing essays from the tips in this article. From the meaning of an essay to the steps of writing it, there is everything you need to know as a beginner.

Before delving into the details let me tell you the most important thing. You should never take the pressure of bringing perfection. It is not something which comes in initial drafts. In fact, it is hard to achieve after having years of experience.

What is an essay?

Essays are a short or long piece of writing which aims at outlining the perspective of the author about a specific topic. They can be formal or informal in nature. The formal essay is academic and it deals with serious topics most often. Whereas informal essays deal with humorous elements and they are more personal in nature.

You might already have encountered an essay first at the school level. Generally, we all get topics like my school essay in English class or myself essay in the English language. Students are assigned such types of essays at the primary level. To develop skills in writing teachers give essay writing tasks from the early stages of education.

Essays at the university level are quite different, they follow a completely different approach. University academic essays are categorised into several types. Now, let’s move to know some tips and tricks which can help you in writing an essay easily. They are going to be helpful for all university students.

Some tips to look at while writing an English essay


Bringing perfection in any type of writing work is not easy at all. When it comes to the essay, it becomes more difficult. You need to engage your creative skills along with research ability. Below, I have mentioned a few points to look for while writing and drafting an essay.

Use reliable sources and valid scholastic articles

While collecting the information use valid sources and scholastic articles. There are various free websites who may provide information on your topic. But, it may not be necessary that the information is correct. Therefore, go for premium websites such as study.com. They have genuine information and scholastic articles.

While writing an essay, one may not need to use ornamented language. Use audience-specific language. Your essay should not compel the reader to use the oxford dictionary on every line. If your vocabulary is too difficult to understand then your essay will not get enough readers. Use a simple language to make communication easy.

Keep a check over the grammar rules

Students, especially those who are from non-English language background commit grammatical and punctuation errors. Such types of mistakes will ruin the whole essay. Therefore, proofread your essay more than once and eliminate all the grammatical and typo errors. You can use online proofreading services to get rid of such mistakes.

Do proper referencing and formatting of the paper

This is also an essential part of essay writing. If you make an improper citation and do not put your English essay in correct format according to the university guidelines. Then slipping from A grade to C grade is sure. Take help from essay help experts. They have complete knowledge of different formats. They will cite your work from the sources and arrange your essay as per university guidelines.

Always lookout for the aforementioned errors after drafting the final copy of your essay. Remember, at the university level, everything is strictly monitored. Therefore, to get good grades, keep a margin of errors as thin as possible. Read as much as possible related to your essay topic and in general as well. Reading will help you to understand how to frame an essay on different topics.  You can take online essay help by reading from web sources. Try to read as much as you can.

Below I have mentioned a brief explanation along with each type of the essay. Have a look at it.

Types of essays

Narrative essays

In such type of essays, a writer narrates an event or a story with the help of an essay. Narrative essays are always written in the first person. A writer tries to involve and engage the reader in the story as much as possible. Readers should feel that they are present at the place where the events are occurring.

Descriptive essays

As the name suggests, such essays are based on the description. A writer describes the place, event or object or any event from a memory. But it is not like just providing you with a description, rather the writer creates a picture through his/her words. Mainly, writers focus on evoking the senses of the readers. They provide a description of smell, sound, etc. Descriptive essays are successful when the reader develops the same emotion as the writer was having during the moment when the event was taking place. Take descriptive essay writing service online to learn more about such types of essays. You will also get complete essay help from professional writers.

Expository essays

Such essays are based on study and research. Expository essays require extensive knowledge and information about the topic. These type of essays demands statistical data, facts, and figures to support the argument or the idea. Expository essays are further divided into several more types of essays namely, compare and contrast essays, cause and effect essays, classification essays, problem and solution essays, definition essays, process essays. All these types of essays are part of expository essay writing. If you are finding expository essays tough. Then you should go for expository essay help. Expert essay writers will assist you in framing a perfect expository essay.

Persuasive essays

Such essays are completely based on the arguments. The primary goal is to make the reader agree with the argument raised by the writer. Here also writer brings up facts and data but that is to convince the reader to adhere with your point of view. Being a writer, one should aim to make the reader believe that your argument has more weight.

You can see different types of essay writings follow different approaches, now as a writer you need to get mastery in all these types. When you get the English assignment on essay writing, you should know what type of essay you have to write on the assigned topic. You can see short English essay examples to understand how to frame such types of essays. If you want to know detailed information about these essays, you can get it at sources like Wikipedia.

Tips on English essay writing format

Now, as you all have seen the different types of essays. Next big thing in essay writing is its format. Most of the students take essay writing help from various online and offline sources because they don’t know the right format of the essay.

But what if I tell you, essay format does not require any rocket science to understand. Yes, you heard it right. All types of essays follow a general structure but no strict format. Let us have a look at the structure one must follow while writing an essay in English.


Provide an apt heading or title to your essay. Your title should be appealing and eye-catching to pull the mass audience. Your reader will develop attention to your essay.


The first paragraph of your English essay is an introduction. This is the area or paragraph where the writer provides a description of his/her essay and introduce the reader with the topic. If you are planning to write an essay, you must provide a brief synopsis of your work in this section. Your essay introduction should carry a thesis statement.

As a writer, you must work judiciously on your introduction part. It should be catchy and engaging. One can use the quote that will act as a hook statement. You can also start the introduction with a question. Such techniques surely make your essay appealing to readers.

Body of the essay

You might think you can write anything in the body of the essay. But that’s not true at all. Body of the essay is as important as the introduction of the same piece of writing. Bring the arguments along with supportive evidence. To make your point of view more convincing, talk with facts and figures. Nobody wants to believe in the assumption. Therefore, always prepare strong evidence to support your argument. For this one must need to do a lot of research work before starting the essay.

One thing to remember while writing the body of the essay is that don’t go haphazard way. Often students commit this mistake while writing an essay. You may have an abundance of information but unorganized information is of no use. Therefore, always organize your data first and then write it in the essay.


The conclusion is the last.paragraph of the essay. You can make it just like the introductory paragraph. But remember, it is the last chance for you to make an impression on your readers. Therefore, here also use some statement that leaves a lasting impression in readers’ minds. End it with a question that leaves the reader to think about the essay after completing the reading.

As you can see there is a proper structure for the perfect essay. You may take essay help online from websites such as Khan Academy, Allassignmenthelp.com, etc to get useful data regarding this piece of writing. You can avail notes and data as well as complete essay help from such websites.

List of some English essay topics for students

Essays are tough to write but selecting a topic for it is tougher. That is why I have mentioned below some excellent essay examples for college students. These are the topics on which one can find surplus information to write an essay.

  • Should the fashion industry change its ads concept?
  • Are romantic movies harming or damaging the concept of real love?
  • Are beauty pageants need for a woman?
  • Why young males develop body image problems?
  • How ads of beauty products affect the body image of men?
  • Is satire and comedy news are a better way of information?
  • What is “fake news?”
  • Is there any concept of “unbiased reporting?”
  • What is the best role for news reporters in a digital era?
  • Does reporting by ordinary citizens actually give us better news?
  • Will newspapers go out of business or become only digital?
  • Can brain damage from drugs be reversed?
  • What are the effects of marijuana on the brain?
  • Can learning to do lucid dreaming help you?
  • What is the best treatment for PSTD?
  • Is virtual reality more than just for fun?
  • Are video games bad for kids?
  • How is the Internet affecting our intelligence?
  • How will 3-D printing change our future?
  • What research offers the most promising help for disabled people?
  • Are self-driving trucks a good idea?
  • Is face-detecting software a good way to solve the problem of identity theft?
  • How and why are practical quantum computers changing our lives?
  • How will 360-degree selfie cameras change the way we share and see our lives?

These are just a few topics. You can find tons of essay writing topics in the English language over the internet. For more English essay help and essay writing samples, you may visit various genuine websites for essay help such as myassignmenthelperonline.com, Udemy, owlcation.com. These websites will help you in essay writing as well as provide you with some free essay samples. Check out English essay writing samples on various academic topics.


Essays are one of the trickiest academic writing one can have. They seem to be easy but when you start writing it, you will understand the associated complications. One may not a born essayist but spontaneous practice and help in essays will surely make you an essayist one day. Therefore, to write your essay in an expert manner all you need to do is just follow the instructions mentioned above in this blog. First of all, know what type of essay you need to write. As I have clearly explained different types of essays above. Thus, refer to it and start writing your essay. For further help visit online essay writing services to get a complete ready-made essay.

Hope you liked my work, please provide feedback and encourage me to write more on subjects like this.