Mental Health Care

What is Mental Health Care?

Mental health refers to how people feel, behave and think about the situation, people or any other subject.  In fact, your mental health can affect your relationships, your daily beings and most importantly your physical health. However, looking after mental health care can boost up your daily life in a positive manner and you can enjoy your life. You can use various method to treat your mental health like psychotherapy, medication, self help etc.

WHO says that mental health is more than just the absence of mental disabilities or mental disorder. Above all, your mental health is not only important for active conditioning but also for ongoing wellness and happiness. According to the United Stated National Alliance, it is stated that in 5 people every 1 person suffers from Mental Illness. 

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Introduction: Access positioning shows how much access to mental health care is inside a state. Additionally, it measures incorporate access to protection, access to treatment, quality and expenses of protection, access to specialized education and workforce accessibility. Simultaneously, a high access positioning demonstrates that a state offers more access to protection and mental health treatment.

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Risk Factors for Mental Health

In the final analysis, everyone can develop a risk for their mental health. It does not matter what their age, gender or income is. Social and financial causes play a major role in your mental health. You can have more than one reason for your mental health illness. To illustrate, according to a study of 2015, 903 families of Iran suffered from mental health illness due to socioeconomic causes. 

Infographics: This infographic will let you know about the mental health status with some facts and figures.

1. Access To Mental2. Barriers to Mental Healthcare Access

3. Disparity in Mental Healthcare Access

Early warning signs for mental illness.

Are you worried about your mental health? Check out the following symptoms. Indeed, if you are experiencing one or more of the following feelings then it can be an early symptom of your mental illness.

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1- Eating sleeping very much or very low
2- Hesitating from social activities
3- Feeling like nothing matters.
4- Cannot explain your aches and pains.
5- Feeling hopeless.
6- Start smoking drinking or taking drugs more than usual.
7- Feeling confused forget full angry or upset worried or scared.
8- Experiencing mood swings that can cause problems in relationships.
9- Having thoughts and memories that cannot get out of your mind.
10- Hearing of believing things that are not true.
11- Feeling of harming yourself or others.
12- The inability of performing daily tasks.

Positive symptoms of Mental Health Wellness

1- The realisation of your full potential.
2- Ready to cope with the stress of life.
3- You can work productively.
4- Meaningful contribution to society.

Mental health disorders.

Some common illness affecting people includes-

Bipolar disorder
It is a chronic mental illness. It can affect a person’s energy level. And the ability to think reasonably. Additionally, they cause severe mood swings. Mood swings experienced by people is more harmful than small ups and downs.

Persistent depressive disorder
This is a chronic type of depression. It is also called dysthymia. It can interfere with a person’s daily life. This condition people experience at least two years of symptoms.

Generalized anxiety disorder
GAD is different from normal anxiety. In this, a person becomes extremely worried about different things. Even there is no reason to worry.

Major depressive disorder
MDD causes feelings of extreme sadness or hopelessness. The symptom can last up to two weeks. It is also known as clinical depression. People with MDD become so upset from their life that they think of ending with suicide.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder
OCD causes constant and repetitive thoughts of obsession. These thoughts are unreasonable and have a desire to carry out certain behaviours or compulsions. People realise that their thoughts are uncertain yet they cannot stop them.

Post-traumatic stress disorder
PTSD is a mental illness that comes after experiencing a traumatic event. Experiences can range from extreme events or any verbal or physical abuse.

It impairs a person’s perceptions of reality and the world around them. The person might experience hallucinations, have delusions and might hear voices. They can put themselves in dangerous situations if not treated.

Social anxiety disorder
It is also called social phobia that can cause extreme fear of social situations. People with social anxiety may become very nervous when they are around other people. This makes it hard for them to meet new people.

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Things you can do to improve your mental health.

Take care of your body.
Taking care of your physical health can improve your mental health. Eat a nutritious meal, drink plenty of water and have proper exercise. Try to avoid smoking and vaping and have enough sleep.

Learn how to deal with stress
Stress is part of our life. Try to practise good coping skills. You can try different stress strategies. Laughter can boost your immune system. Try to relax your body and reduce stress.

Surround yourself with good people and value yourself.
Make outing plans with supportive family members and friends. Look after activities where you can meet new people. Start treating yourself with kindness and respect. Pride award self-criticism. Make time for your hobbies and start valuing yourself.

Avoid alcohol or in toxic substances
Try to avoid alcohol as much as you can. Don’t use these items as self-medication.

Ask for help when you need it
Seeking help is always a sign of strength. Ask for help and get yourself treated. There are various methods and treatments available for your coping. Help yourself and others coping from mental illness. Remember it’s not a disease you can easily win over it.

Treatment for mental health illness.

Different people diagnosed with mental health cope up through participating in individual or group treatment. There is no common treatment that works for everyone. You can choose an individual treatment or group of treatment. That may work best for you. Below are the following treatments that are commonly used for mental Healthcare.

It is a therapeutic treatment, provided by train mental health professional. Through this treatment, individual explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours that help in implementing their well being.
For example cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy etc.

It helps with the management of symptoms. Medication with psychotherapy is the best effective way to recovery.

Case management
It helps in co-ordinate services for an individual. With the help of a case manager. A case manager can help you to assess, plan and implement a number of strategies.

Group support
It is a group meeting their members guide each other towards a shared goal of recovery. It comprises of non-professional that have experienced similar situations.

Self-help plan
It is the best and unique plan where an individual addresses his or her conditions by implementing strategies that promote Wellness.

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