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According to the definition given on wikipedia “Nursing is a profession focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life.” Allassignmenthelp provide nursing essay writing service in the different countries , however Nursing assignment help Australia leads the chart.

Nursing in Australia

Nursing has seen a significant boom in the last few years. There is a well established process for the nursing education in Australia. Before moving to the university for the degree in nursing, nurses used to get training in hospitals itself. They were imparted a complete practical training in hospitals covering a course of instruction in hospital nursing. The duration of these courses were  three-year period in general, and nurses were on the payroll of the parent hospital.  Distinctive badges were awarded by the Hospital upon graduation. Moreover, state registering authorities awarded a badge of registration. These were generally worn on the uniform collars. For more on the history of Nursing in Australia you can visit NSW nursing board.

The journey of setting of Nursing as a degree has not been an easy journey. Since 1930 lots of efforts were made towards the setting up of a bachelors degree in nursing. Degree in Nursing was opposed by the medical communities who viewed the development of highly trained professional nurses as a threat to their monopoly on the delivery of high-level health care. Other reason for opposing the nursing degree was the lost of “hands on experience in hospitals”. The first move towards towards the masters degree in nursing was the development of the Bachelor of Applied Science (Advanced Nursing), a post graduate degree that required registration as a registered nurse as a prerequisite to admission and completion of 16 units.  Since then the nursing profession has flourished in Australia and lots of students are being enrolled for the bachelors and masters in Nursing. We have a team of Nursing assignment professionals who handles assignment on the basis of the regions. As pointed out earlier that Different regions have different Nursing setup and different nursing regulations. This is the reason the AllAssignmentHelp has country specific teams to help with nursing assignments.

Nursing in United Kingdom

UK has a long nursing history. Since the 19th century when the first nursing school was set in the  era of Florence Nightingale these has been many changes in the Nursing profession. Nurses now work in a variety of settings in hospitals, health centres, nursing homes and in the patients’ own homes.  National Health Service (NHS) employs around 400,000 nurses in the United Kingdom. It is mandatory for nurses to be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) for the practice of this profession.

In the period of 1905-1920, Nursing council of nurses was formed. Moreover, College of nursing was founded in 1915 and it one of the oldest nursing college in UK. Followed by this there were multiple Nursing registration acts passed and established by the Health Ministry in United Kingdom. The period of 1920 – 1960 saw a significant change in the Nursing. A nursing society for the males was established in 1930 and Royal college of nursing gains it royal character.  In the year 1940 Penicillin became available for the civilian use. Also numbers of male nurses increase as demobilised service men with medical experience join the profession.

In the period from 1950 to 1960 large number of Caribbean entered into British nurse training. The same year  tranquillisers were introduced and that brought the revolutionary transformation in the mental health nursing. Male nurses join the main nursing register in 1951. Followed by these changes University of Edinburgh took an initiative and started the first course for clinical nurse teachers and there were many regulations and acts were introduced that helped in the development of the nursing profession.

Nursing has seen the significant improvement because of the multiple acts and regulations introduced by the health ministry in the various countries. Our Nursing professionals are masters and PhDs and they have a firm grasp on the regulations in the area of nursing. They follow any new changes in this profession, so that student nursing assignment solutions can answer all the questions pertaining to the current scenario. Nursing essay is the most common form of assessment in the Australian and UK universities and being native professors from there universities our experts can relate to any nursing homework and can give the best nursing essay help at affordable price. For more on nursing assignment help in UK and Nursing assignment help in Australia you can goto our website and submit your nursing assignment online. We revert back in 15 minutes with the minimum possible price quote for a quality nursing essay assessment.

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