How to upgrade your public speaking ability?

Speaking in front of audiences can be called a talent. If you are introvert by nature or insecure, then it is hard for effective communication. Often it has been seen that students with a sterling public speaking skill can perform superior to the students with shaky confidence. From awe the examiner in the viva voice to explain the boss and moving up the corporate life, you need excellent and equanimity public speaking ability.

What is public speaking anxiety?

Many people have public speaking anxiety-like whenever they go in stage and speak in front of the audience, they get so nervous. Public speaking anxiety is as same as a social anxiety disorder. If you are also one of them who have this public speaking anxiety then you may get worried about a speech or presentation before weeks and months, and it is quite possible that you would not be able to speak confidently in front of your audience. Here are some symptoms of speaking anxiety you face while you deliver your speech:

  • Shaking
  • Dizziness
  • Upset stomach
  • Blushing
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Shaking voice

These are some of the symptoms of public speaking anxiety. All these steps make it very difficult for people to do their work confidently. Even in many cases, there are people who choose to not go in the stage or in front of the audience. So here is the list of some tips that really help you with your speaking anxiety in front of the public.

Tips for upgrading your public speaking ability

You have sluggish confidence for public speaking, then just follow these tips that can help your public speaking ability.


Practice in front of the mirror

Start from your home, even from your bedroom which is the smoothest way and equally efficient to enhance the public speaking skills. Try to make clear eye contact with yourself and practice. You can judge your performance each day. Eventually, you will mark development in your speaking. Practising it every day needs a very limited endeavour and time. The best thing about it is, it does not require any expenses!

Hire a tutor

Hiring a personal tutor can help to robust your morale and efficiently decrease the chances of stammering in public. But make sure that you are investing money on experienced tutors who are trustworthy enough. They can teach you how to compose your thoughts and train yourself before any of your speeches.

Get the help of Toastmasters

Toastmaster is a non-profit organization, which assists people to improve their leadership quality, verbal communication and public speaking skills. It is in different countries and provides complete support and assistance to the people. AllAssignmentHelp has native English experts to help students to improve their communication or speaking skills. If you join Toastmasters club, they will aid you to practice your own speech, perk up your grammar and improve your poise with regular public extempore.

Attend any performing classes

The field of performing arts like singing, dancing, drama and even modelling – you can select any of these classes which will help you to express your thoughts based on your personal leaning. These performing arts need a lot of confidence which will improve your speaking skills. You have to perform these activities in front of many folks. In starting, you may feel a little nervous, but slowly it will aid to repeal all your uneasiness. AllAssignmentHelp provides the online classes in various subjects like marketing, programming, Java, finance, accounting and many more. You just need to ask to take my online class.

Know your audiences and surroundings

Before preparing any public speech, you should understand who is your targeted audience. You should have precise knowledge of what they wish to hear and what are their anticipations from you. In short, put your effort to make a positive notion with a related example or a sketch. Here are some great tips that can help you to engage your audience

Grab your audience attention: There is no use of speaking in front of your audience if they will not get your attention. When you speak, it is crucial to attracting your audience towards you before they turn out. To catch your audience attention, ask them provoking question, tell a captivating story, share an exciting thing or shocking statistics.

Eye contact is vital: It doesn’t matter if your audience is big or less, you have to make eye contact with them. The more you know your audience and make eye contact with them, it would beneficial for you only. And it also helps you to boost your confidence in the best way.

Control your voice

Your voice is the supreme tool which you can use as a public speaker. In way to improve your public speaking ability, try to breathe fully and deeply. Breathing helps you in accessing your most powerful voice. Many singers use this technique to make their voice sounds melodious and fabulous. 

Before any, your speech, try to place one hand on your abdomen and breathe into your hand. You just need to count to 10 as you inhale and fill your stomach and then count 10 as your exhale. This is a great way to make you voice louder, sharper and smoother.

Check your body language

When you speak in public, your body language matters a lot. Body language includes all the gestures, expressions and movements that convey your way of taking and also what’s going on your mind. Make sure you practice your body language. Here are some tips that can help you:

Stand up straight: The very first thing you have to do is to stand straight. Standing straight shows your confidence and your preparation for the topic.

Assume the position: If you feel stressed or nervous before taking your position for presentation, then you can take a moment to stand in a powerful position. Doing this for just a few minutes will raise your confidence and also reduce your anxiety, nervousness and stress.

Raise your facial expression: Your facial expressions talk a lot about your message about what you are going to deliver. So make sure you make good facial expressions on your face. 

In short, you have to be confident when you deliver a speech.


When it comes to public speaking, how you deliver is what matters. Even if you have a great voice and great speaking abilities, your audience will not catch you if you have a great way of delivering your topic. Here are some tips that can help you to develop your allover delivery skills:

Don’t speak so fast: If you speak so fast then your audience will not able to understand your thing. Also, if you speak too slowly, they will get bored and will not show any interest. So, in this case, it would be better if you speak not so fast and not so slow. 

Take a pause: When you deliver and speak about any topic, just make sure you take a pause for 2-3 seconds. It helps your audience t understand what you are saying. It is also a sign of confidence and control.

Carefully pronounce your words: It is vital to carefully pronounce your words. As a mumbling public speaker is tough to understand and it also makes the audience lose their interest.

So these are the tips that you need to follow to overcome your public speaking ability fear. I hope this article helped you.

Thank you for reading.

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