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Who invented homework

Homework has become a part of life in every students’ academic life. Whether you are a school going student, or a college one, you need to deal with the homework. The word homework irritates a lot of students all over the world. Students dislike homework the most. I can relate to that feeling. When I was a student, I too had the same sort of feeling for homework. Students find homework a futile task. You might have heard from your friends, Who invented homework? And made our life hell.”

A similar question used to hit my mind during my graduation days. Today in the blog I will discuss everything about homework and help you know how you can proceed with it without facing any difficulty.

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Who invented the homework and when?

There are many claims on the inventor of homework. Some believed that homework was created by Roberto Nevelis in the 19th century and others say that it was invented much before that. If we go back in I century AD, Pliny the Younger was the one who created homework. He told his followers to start doing some home activities. He wanted his followers to develop speaking skills and for that asked them to practice at home. If we believed this story then what about Roberto Nevelis? Don’t come to any conclusion so quickly. Roberto Nevelis is the real inventor of the homework as he used homework as a punishment for his students back in 1905.

So, now you got two persons from history to yell at for creating the homework. But, the next question that may come in your mind is.

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What was the purpose behind creating the homework?

To answer this, we again have to look back into the past. By the end of the 19th century, there were many movements that took place in industrial England. Along with the education system has got various reforms. People from different class groups started getting educated. Therefore, the competition also started rising. Teachers, in order to enhance various skills of students, started giving homework.

Homework is nothing but just a way of increasing the knowledge of students at home. It helps by improving the learning and problem-solving skills of students. That is the only reason many schools and colleges at that time period started providing homework. This was the primary purpose of homework.

We will talk about the purpose later in this article. Now it is time to answer one more question that is, Who invented school? This question has also come in the minds of the students, especially when they have a test or when they do not want to go to school. The answer to this question is Horace Mann. He was the secretary of the Massachusetts state board of education. He believed that education is the only way to mold Americans. Therefore, he brought the idea of schooling. Though, education is from historic times.

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I think I have cleared two most important questions of almost 90 percent of the students of the world. Who invented the homework and who invented the school. Now I will talk about the benefits of homework and how it helps the students in gaining some crucial knowledge.

Benefits of homework

Is homework really helpful? Of course, it has tons of benefits for students. Let us have a quick look at all the benefits homework can provide to students in different ways.

Encourages the discipline of practice amongst the students

Homework helps in inculcating the discipline in the students. Often you get the same sort of work for the homework that you have done in the classroom. Practicing the same work will enhance your skills in that specific area. You will understand the topic more clearly and wisely. For example, if you are doing a topic in mathematics and solving a hundred numerical then you will gain expertise in that topic. Similarly, reading the same thing twice or thrice at home will help you to grab a firm command over the information. Such type of discipline will help you in other areas of life as well.

Involvement of parents in children’s life

Parents get bewildered after seeing the homework of their children. That is quite normal. But homework has helped to make a strong affinity between parents and children. While parents helping with homework, they get to know about the weak areas of their child. Moreover, parents also want to see the homework as it will help them to know what their children are being taught in school. This specific benefit is mostly for school students only.

Students learn time management and research skills

Students often have poor time management skills. Homework helps you in managing time. Students will understand the value of time and leave the procrastination habit. When you get the homework, make a schedule and work according to it. A proper schedule will motivate you and keep you on track. You will also learn research skills while doing the homework. You have to research thoroughly on a given work and eventually, you will get ready for the research papers and a dissertation.

Homework provides a comfort zone for study

Although school and college are places to study, students often get distracted. Friends and other activities create a lot of distractions and reduce their focus. Home is a place where one can get complete comfort as well as focus. One can learn well at home as well. Lack of distractions and a silent environment makes home the perfect place to do focused study.

Demerits of homework


Lack of physical activities due to homework

Being studious is a great thing but physical activity is also needed for a good life. You must have seen nowadays, colleges and schools started overburdening students with homework. They don’t get spare time at home for other activities. Students are not getting time for outdoor activities and thus homework has become a hindrance in growth and physical development. Moreover, the lack of physical activities building up stress in students. This directly interfering with academic achievements. That is why many students have started taking online homework help. In order to manage their academic and personal life, they prefer to take help from expert writers.

Giving birth to sedentary life

College students get long research papers, dissertation or homework from their college. These things require long sitting at a single place. A sedentary lifestyle is directly associated with obesity. The risk of diabetes and other health ailments is increasing at an alarming rate among the youth. That is why there is a need to make a proper balance between homework and sports. 

Stuck at various points

While doing the homework, students get stuck at various points. They lack the concept of clarity or never find the correct answer to the math problem. In such scenarios, they may need help from some teachers or professors. At home, it is not available most of the time. Certain websites such as Udemy, Khan Academy, and study.com are great places to find quality study material. 

No time for vacations

Students who are studying abroad, don’t get much time with family. Even on vacations, they get so much homework and assignments that they fail to spend days with family or friends. That is the reason why most of the students find homework an overwhelming academic task to perform and wanted to know “who invented homework”.

Part-time job students find it tough

There are many students who are doing part-time jobs along with university-level education. Such students have a hard time with homework. After working for almost half a day for their bellies, they have to sit with homework. In a nutshell, homework is ruining their physical health as well as social life. Thanks to online assignment help services that are helping students in tough times. 

Submitting plagiarized content

When students get a lot of homework, they try to cheat. Rather than doing the research, they end up with copy and paste jobs. Most of the time students never bother about the content they are writing in the homework. This affects their academic grades and eventually overall performance. That is why it is necessary to not overburden the students with homework or assignments.

Increasing stress in a student’s life

As you can see above, there are many things that are actually making homework a demon for students. That is why students often say “who invented homework”. They are so frustrated that they want to find the culprit and punish him for this sin. But that is not possible in reality. But, it is true that homework has caused a lot of problems with the mental health of students. They are under continuous pressure of performing well as well as completing the work on time. They are certainly degrading their health and homework is the main culprit.

Parents sometimes fail to understand the syllabus

We grow up so does our syllabus and level of difficulty. Parents may not have an idea about various topics. Students find themselves helpless in such situations. They certainly feel they need an expert who can resolve the queries. This negates the purpose of homework. You will end up with a pending assignment or homework task at the end of the day.

Whom should you call when you want homework help

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