How to identify your research problems?


Research is a field where every student cannot afford to exist. It is not a cup of tea of everybody. In this article I am going to discuss about research and problems faced by students while practicing this. So let’s get started:

Are you facing selection of a research problem?

There is no short cut to success. Similarly, there is no short way for research and it cannot be done very quickly. It is quite imperative to mention and clear each and every point of your research. Initially you will face a lot of problems to figure out what is the exact problem with it. Most of the time, they borrow or try to replicate the title, which is incorrectly considered as a research problem by them and as a consequence they face snags later.

Below some tips are given to identify the research problems without any difficulties.

  1. You should be interested to identify the research problem.

  • A research problem is a genuine and unique thing which cannot be duplicated. So every researcher has to find out their own problem. Yes, one can get advices if the subject is too vast or the topic is complex.
  • It is very crucial to ask correct queries. It is very articulate when one has to just read a topic and when one has to solve a problem. Thus, there must be surety in the collecting of the information and where the writing related to the topic is to be begun.

  1. The general research process is never invalid:

Every researcher has to finish various tasks in order to accomplish the goals in the process. There are lots of fundamentals bounderies to be built along with alliances and conflicts on whatever is read. All the haphazard thoughts connected with the process must be mentioned properly, which can be later on leftover if it is required. The writing process should be started much quicker because it improves the important thinking of the researcher and address a path for better understanding and drafting. The research paper work is not limited to just writing only because there are various things which need exposures. You have to focus on reading of past researches and lots of discussions.



  1. Every good research work is always extremely delightful!

The researcher must be bold enough always to use of an impartial and free approach without considering the intensity of difficulty associated with it; it must be the aim. They should also be committed to the job of research. The researcher must always find out the other alternatives, i.e. there must be a number of problems and their solutions in hand. It is not advised to focus on a particular thing in the beginning. All the ways should be taken for a research problem to be determined.

All these above techniques are extremely efficient and can bring you better results later on for the researcher in the selection of the research problem and the way to solve them. Hope you will enjoy your research right now!

By Susan White

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