Importance of Academic Research


This article is intended to draw your attention to the importance of academic research. The research paper adds various values to students. Whether it is about personal development or career development, a research paper always brings crucial changes in the way a student perceives things.

Why academic research is so important?


The fundamental purpose of academic research is to prove a theory and development of knowledge. Any type of research has several steps that you will be reading later in the blog. First of all, let us see the importance of academic research.

Academic Research Facilitates learning

It is the best tool to develop or enhance knowledge and to facilitate learning. Academic research conducted by students is important not just for students only, rather for the entire scholastic world. Knowledge is associated with research objectives and findings. Arguments framed by the researcher in the academic paper provides a pathway to the mind of the scholar. Research allows comprehending specific issues through varied angles that were never identified or talked much. While conducting the research, a scholar goes beyond the personal experience and collect the evidence on the basis of facts and rationality. That is how academic research papers open the gates for further discourse and discussions.

Research highlights the issues

Academic researches not always but often highlight various issues that are being prevalent in society. These issues could be related to cultural norms, health, education, certain practices, etc. For example, psychological research or study on mental health may lead to new findings and cure ongoing mental disorders. Similarly, in order to understand the psyche of people during colonial times, one can read the research articles of Edward Said, Frantz Fanon. This way academic research puts light on various issues of society.

Research helps in the growth of a business

In the field of business, research plays a crucial role. Market research can help any organization to see the ongoing trends and work accordingly. Different business industries such as healthcare, agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, constructions, robotics, aerospace, aviation, have Research and development centers in order to bring product innovation and improve the products. They do a market analysis and understand the demands of society. Based on their research, they manufacture the products as per the demands.

Academic research leads to the personal growth of students

Academic research helps students in their personal growth as well. Research helps in the development of skills. Students learn how to identify a problem and reach a possible solution or develop a point of view on a specific topic. Students develop the following  skills through academic research:

  • Analytical skills by analyzing a large piece of data. 
  • They learn how to put up questions.
  • Students form focus by putting complete attention on key issues.
  • By creating an academic research paper, students learn to organize their ideas. They perceive things from different points of view and have a wider mindset.

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Students can collect information for research papers from educational websites such as Jstor, Academia, etc.

How to conduct academic research while writing assessments

Whenever students receive any academic assessment from University or School, they want to score high. So what are the requirements to write a perfect solution for the assessment? There are a few things that need to be taken care of while writing an assessment. Here I have mentioned steps for writing assessment.

Step: 1

First of all, one needs to understand the purpose of the assignment that is given as a part of the final assessment. The importance of the assessment lies in the fact that the professor spends lots of time creating the questions. All the questions that are in your assessment require a deep understanding of the fundamentals of the course work. To develop a better understanding of the subject student should take notes of whatever is being taught in the class. Secondly, they should consult their professor to understand the problem statement. This helps in writing the correct solution, as one cannot answer any question without knowing the meaning of the problem itself.

Step: 2

After collating the entire requirement documents one should start with the research and reference section of the assessment first.  This is the core of any academic writing and it is not possible to come up with a comprehensive and informative solution without the proper research. There are many things that fall under the research and referencing section of the assessment. IEEE journals, Reports and studies that are published on some websites are the foremost requirements of any assignment. One should spend enough time on this as this is the most important section and the complete solution is based on this. After collecting the relevant links and data for the assignment one should read all the documents and write a draft of the work.  This draft should include facts, studies, graphs, and critical reasoning.

Step: 3

As soon as the first draft is complete and all the referencing documents are included, a student should consult with one’s process, so that he/she can give feedback about the content of the academic work. This helps in many ways.  Early feedback given by the professor helps in achieving the better quality and correct solution. After including the feedback, next thing is to work on the presentation section of the homework. There are many things that come under the presentation section. Few of them are Format, Font Size, Tables, Margin, Referencing standard ( APA, HARVARD and many more).

Once all these things are included then the assignment can be submitted for the final evaluation. A student has to be proactive with the deadlines and should not delay.

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