Why B-schools of Australia Follow Digitalisation in Education?


Digitalisation is rulling in every industry so in education. No need to go traditional classrooms for education because digital education is fast enough and replacing the conventional classrooms. The digitisation of education has struck to the B-schools of Australia because massive open online course (MOOC) has opened the doors of education. This prgramme inspires the Australian MBA providers to reframe their strategies for education.

Why digitalisation in education is becoming so popular?

Most of the researchers say that they have never seen such a growth in the last few years. Most of the students in 201 are taking only online course as it is very convenient for them and another reason is the advanced use of technology.

Technology like video-conferencing technology WebEx to connect to students outside the classroom allure the students most. Rather going to attend traditional classrooms, they prefer to access the MBA app to perform general readings and discussions. How they forget to include the role of social media. The micro blogging site Twitter plays a vital role In it. It allows students to post their questions they want to ask and they get responses from experts instantly. You can also create your hash tag (#) on Twitter to make it viral or trend.

It is the technology which makes things so easier!

Why is it tempting to the students?

  1. Definitely it gives them extreme docility.
  2. Australian B-schools focus on middle-management and mid-career professional groups who change their locations or have insufficient time to attend the classes.In that case, they can participate through any online mode and select their own subjects according to their feasibility.s
  3. In spite of the fact that the Australian institute has already invested in making new classrooms on campus to carry out video conference with the help of microphones on each table, MOOC programs are still going on various B-schools and universities of Australia.

Keeping aside all the concerns of traditional classrooms, every Australian university wants to jump into the pool of digitalisation in education.

Universities like Curtin University is no exception and this Australian public university targets to build two capstone units in Perth. “Mile Teriziovski” the dean of Graduate School of Business is expecting that these two units in Perth will offer an improved educational experience to the international students who find it costly to move to Perth. He is also targeting for a more diverse classroom for international students so that more offshore students allure to come here for their education.

Wrap it up:

Australia becomes a hub spot in education both for domestic and international students. And digitalisation in education plays a crucial role because students want to learn in high-tech environments. It makes them smarter and versatile. So most of the universities and B-schools are heading towards digital education and offer MOOC programmes. It enables the students even pursue their education with jobs. They can do jobs and study simultaneously, which becomes a norm now-a-days. So if you want to pursue management course, then Australia is one of the best place to choose.

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