Need Assistance with Homework? Here is a List of the Best Homework Help Sites.

homework help sites

Completing homework might be somewhat difficult. Students often find it hard to understand the subject matter and struggle with submitting homework on time. However, you are not alone! There are many helpful resources available on the internet, including some of the top homework help sites. Websites that assist with homework might provide everything from textbook solutions to connections to online instructors who can assist you with your particular needs. Furthermore, we know that homework help is crucial for students to reduce their workload, lower their stress levels, and improve their academic performance in both college and high school. This is why we have curated a list of top homework help sites where you can pay someone to do your homework online. Therefore, keep reading the blog presented by All Assignment Help and find the best sites for homework help.

Why Homework Help Sites Are Beneficial?

The websites that provide help with homework do more than just provide homework help online. They help students comprehend the material, rather than just providing the answer to that difficult question. Furthermore, websites for homework usually include instructional and demonstrative videos, lectures, practice examinations, quizzes, study tools like flashcards, and Q&As with subject matter experts. Students can ask inquiries on many websites that provide homework help and get prompt responses. While some websites that help with homework are free, others charge a monthly membership fee.

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Top Homework Help Sites for Students

We have done the research and gathered a list of the top homework help sites so that you can easily explore the vast array of educational resources. These websites cover a wide range of disciplines and have been carefully evaluated for efficacy and quality. This guarantees that every student can receive the help they require.

All Assignment Help has been one of the leading assignments and homework help service providers for a long time. There are many different academic fields and subjects covered by All Assignment Help. This platform attempts to link students with experts knowledgeable in a range of subjects, whether they are digging into the complexities of literature, solving challenging mathematical problems, or understanding the world of programming.

The custom writing services provided by this platform are one of its primary offerings. Students can send in their assignment requirements, and experienced writers will create unique content that satisfies those needs. Students will receive original and superior work done under their budget on time.

Features of All Assignment Help

  • Comprehensive Subject Coverage
  • Expert Editing and Proofreading
  • 24/7 Global Support
  • Plagiarism-Free Commitment
  • Affordable Prices


Quizlet is one of the excellent homework help sites. It gives students the resources they need to pick up any skill. Students can learn how to solve complex problems with detailed explanations that provide step-by-step guidance.

Moreover, it offers answers for more than 60 different subjects. Another effective tool for helping students get ready for their assignments and quizzes is Quizlet’s Flashcard feature. Students can either use pre-made study sets and interactive flashcards that have been shared by other students or make their own. Additionally, Quizlet is accessible as an iOS and Android mobile app.

Features of Quizlet

  • Mastery of Flashcards
  • Adaptable Study Modes
  • Engaging Games
  • Integration of Audio
  • Mobile Learning


With Chegg, you can capture a picture of a problem in almost any topic and upload it to the interactive forum where professionals can answer your questions and provide a thorough, reasonably priced homework solution.

Chegg has grown so widely recognized that it offers four distinct apps. On top of assignments, the platform offers test preparation, a vast book library, boot camps, internships, and life subjects. Moreover, with the help of Cheeg, students can improve their knowledge and grades by using study resources, video tutorials, textbook solutions, and more.

Also, students can get their homework queries solved for online classes for any subject. For example, if you are a student of economics and are looking to pay someone to do my online economics class can use Chegg for homework solutions. This website has a lot of economics homework helpers who can help you with your online class homework assignments at an affordable price.

Features of Chegg study

  • Study Resources
  • Digital textbooks
  • Textbook Rentals
  • Study Pack from Chegg
  • Flashcards

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organisation whose sole foundation is to offer study guides to school students. They offer a vast collection of reliable, regularly arranged lessons and exercises covering everything from grammar, physics, and history to K–12 arithmetic. Additionally, they also provide study guides for SATs and other exams.

They cover an extensive range of subjects, including science, computer programming, history, art, and economics. Additionally, they have lately formed partnerships with organizations like MIT, NASA, and the Museum of Modern Art to provide specialized resources. You can download their applications from the iOS AppStore or Google Play Store.

Features of Khan Academy

  • Tailored Education Packages
  • Comprehensive Subject Coverage
  • Flexible Education
  • Learning via Video
  • Multilingual Content


Are you wondering if there is any place where I can pay someone to do my homework for me? If so, then you might consider Eduboard. They are among the popular online homework help service providers, assisting students with their academic writing challenges. The website will put you in contact with an experienced online tutor who can provide you with the best answer as soon as possible. The tutors are highly skilled educators and experts who are willing to share their knowledge and offer homework help.

You can benefit from organized test preparation strategies and study with experienced educators. Furthermore, you can use the interactive whiteboard, upload your assignment, or mention your problem in your Eduboard account to get online help with your homework questions timely.

Features of Eduboard

  • Easy to use
  • Lasts a long time
  • Offers a sound impact investment
  • Combined with interesting lessons

School Solver

It makes sense for School Solver to describe itself as the “marketplace for school homework.” Recommendations from prominent sites such as TechCrunch, Mashable, and Forbes make it one of the finest places for assignments and homework help.

There are many different types of questions from students covering a wide range of topics. Additionally, any student who asks the same question after you can purchase your answers. As a result, a question that would have typically earned you $4 can, over time, earn you almost $400.

Features of School Solver

  • Platform for Questions and Answers
  • System of Ratings and Reviews
  • Diversity of Subjects
  • Security and Privacy
  • Real-Time Communication


Socratic provides homework help with math, science, literature, social studies, and other subjects. It offers extensive step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, and visual explanations to assist students in comprehending difficult subjects. Socratic makes it incredibly simple for any student to find answers to their learning challenges by utilizing Google AI.

Socratic provides the best educational resource to address the questions posed by students, who merely ask them aloud or in writing. Additionally, parents who want to help their children with homework might also benefit immensely from the Socratic website.

Features of Socratic

  • Works with all subject areas
  • Provides graphical explanations of key ideas in every topic
  • Powered by Google AI
  • Presents you with the most relevant educational resources


OneClass not only lets you pay for students to have their homework completed using its Homework Help solution, but it also lets you exchange your study notes with other students enrolled in the same university courses. As a result, it allows you to get paid for attending class and doing your homework.

OneClass is built on a credit system; you will receive 25 credits (75 credits for Elite Note Takers) for each authorized document you upload. Following that, you may exchange these credits for money or gift cards to popular websites like Amazon, Starbucks, and Domino’s. Moreover, you can also receive credits from OneClass for completing tasks, obtaining badges, and inviting friends to sign up.

Features of OneClass

  • Library for Class Notes
  • Study Tools
  • Homework Support
  • Make Money While You Study
  • Accessibility on Mobile Devices


Brainly is an online resource that provides homework help in a range of disciplines, including math, social studies, computer science, world languages, geography, physics, chemistry, biology, and history. Students, PhD holders, instructors, and educators are just a few of the people who can respond to questions from students. A committed group of moderators and subject matter experts verifies answers every day.

Brainly makes learning more enjoyable and engaging for students by utilizing gamification and engagement features. This includes elements like levels, badges, and points that can be obtained by responding to inquiries, offering a hand to others, and taking part in community activities.

Features of Brainly

  • Collaborative Learning
  • Verified Experts
  • Instant Homework Help
  • Gamification Elements
  • Point System


At least 17 hours a week are spent on homework by college students. GeeklyHub has the solution. Simply describe your problem to a Geek, select the Geek that best suits your needs, collaborate with your chosen Geek, and it’s done! Your problems are resolved. However, a Geek only receives payment if the request is fulfilled and you are happy with the result.

You only pay 30% of the total amount at the time of order, and payment starts at a very affordable $22 per hour. The remaining amount is requested once your work with your Geek is complete. Also, this platform solves homework problems for students taking online classes. You can hire a geek for any subject such as accounting and let them do your homework. This is the best solution whenever you wish to hire someone to do your accounting class for you.

Features of GeeklyHub

  • Chat rooms
  • Message boards
  • Match you with the finest geek
  • Flexible payment
  • No missing deadlines

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Final Thoughts

Technology has dramatically changed the essence of education, and homework help sites are no exception. They provide a range of services that are transforming how students interact with their education, such as homework trackers, collaboration tools, and full-fledged courses. Every platform has something special to offer, whether it’s the mastery learning methodology of Khan Academy or the professional guidance of Chegg. Also, homework help is crucial for students to minimize their workload, lower their stress levels, and improve their academic results.


What to look for in a homework help site before asking for assistance?
The finest homework help site must be user-friendly, provide excellent support, and have a wide range of services. They must also be reasonably priced and provide round-the-clock customer service. Additionally, they provide privacy and money-back assurances.
Is using websites for homework help legal?
It is indeed quite legal. The majority of them won’t provide any services that influence academic regulations. Furthermore, there is no evidence that you have visited these websites.
What are the pros of using homework help sites?
The pros of using sites for homework help include customized help, affordable pricing, saving time, help from the best experts, meeting deadlines, 24/7 customer support, improved academic performance, and plagiarism-free solutions.