Need Assistance with homework? Here is a list of best homework help sites.


Wondering how to assist your kids with their everyday homework? Do words like integer, bibliography and asymmetry gives you vague flashback to your own schooldays. We understand your concerns, that’s why we have curated a list of genuine homework help sites that provide academic assistance to millions of student world wide. Whether you or your child needs a ‘grammar’ check, algebra help or science project ideas, check out these famous homework resources available. Most of these websites are nonprofit organisations aimed to provide an affordable, world-class education help and relatable courses.

1. Chegg. com

Chegg is a one-stop solution if you want to buy or rent textbooks, coursework solutions and Expert Q/A. Your kid might face difficulties with his maths homework, Chegg’s math solver can instantly solve maths problems in Algebra, Calculus, Linear algebra, trigonometry and many more. With every solution, you get explained notes to better understand the whole process step by step. They charge a standardized fee and you can start working up with your online tutor in less than 5 minutes. User can also get a 30-minute free online tutoring. Just tell them what you need help with, and they will match you up with a great tutor. You can work along with these tutors in a live session which includes chat via text, video and audio and a virtual whiteboard.

You can choose from a variety of plans on session/monthly basis. Chegg is a big name in academics as it offers live experimental programs on several college campuses nationwide. That’s why we have mentioned it on top of our list. Although costly. Chegg box service ships textbook directly to thousands of students houses and dorms. Visit website to know more about them.

2. edX.Org is the most trusted platform for learning and education. It is home to more than 20 million students worldwide with an aim to enhance learning and enhance teaching on campus and online. They are governed by a number of prestigious colleges and university and offer open-source, free edX courses. It is a non-profit organisation which invites technologists and educators to build learning tools and contribute new feature that can benefit students. They offer courses in languages, science, engineering, writing, psychology, electronics or marketing. Their MicroMaster program from top universities are specially designed for top careers. With suitable MicroMaster credits, you can enrol in your desired colleges. Thus fulfilling high-quality education for anyone, everywhere.

This powerful platform support learners at every stage who are either entering job markets, seeking a promotion or changing fields. edX deliver programs on topics ranging from computer science, data management to marketing, communication. EdX offers highest quality coursework service from institution that share their commitment to learning and teaching. Go to their website to enrol in one of the course and boost up your career.

3. One-class

One class is one of the biggest study resource that offers high-quality study guide and homework help to secure high grades. If you are looking for a specific class, textbook notes, this site is the perfect choice. Just enter your course code or name, and they will hook you with a precise study guide. However they are not free, they charge around $10/month if you are planning to buy their subscription for the whole year.

With their homework help service, you can get verified and reliable answers for your homework. You can search for your solution through their database of 410,000 step-by-step solution. If you don’t need to buy a full plan, you can buy a single time full access for $2/per month. Along with homework help, they also offer live videos for exam preparation in the United States.

4. Khan Academy

Khan academy is a non-profit organisation whose sole foundation is to offer study guides to school students. They have an extensive library of trusted, normally-aligned lesson and practice ranging from K-12 maths to grammar, history and science. They also offer exam preparation programs for SAT’s and more.

If you are struggling with Your kid’s algebra or trigonometry, Khan academy is a viable option for assistance. With their service, your kid can access practice exercises, a personal learning dashboard and instructional videos. It empowers learning in them and your kid can earn at their own pace outside the classroom. They tackle subjects like science, computer programming, art, history, economics and more. They have also partnered recently with institutions such as the Museum of Modern arts, NASA and MIT to offer specialized resources. You can download their app in play store/iOS AppStore.

5. Quizlet

This offers an interactive approach to solve your kid’s homework. You can search through millions of study sets precisely creating to improve grades. They claim that 90% of students who study with their concepts of flashcards and games achieve higher grades than usual. If you or your kid is planning for the next big test, Quizlet premium content, study guides and flashcard sets are highly helpful. Their service is extremely affordable and you can buy study guides for less than $1. Browse more than 500 premium study guides for exams such as MCAT, nursing and finance.

It offers 7 interactive ways to study and practice covering everything from GRE prep to foreign language courses. Trusted by big corporation such as Kaplan and Pearson, Quizlet can help your kid with math homework help and exam preparation.

6. Lynda by Linkedln learning

Owned by LinkedIn, it is probably the oldest and popular study resources which was founded in 1995. Similar to, Lynda by LinkedIn also features thousands of online course related to technology, business and design. What makes Lynda different from other learning websites is their qualitative approach to learning. It makes the whole course easier to learn through their video tutorials. The only drawback of this website was its unavailability on mobile but now you can download the app from play store/AppStore. Also, it is a paid service for students, which might confuse some who are looking to settle for free courses.

Learn creative, business, education and technical skills taught by professional experts. You can get a free trial for one month and stream thousands of online video tutorials daily. The experts in Lynda by LinkedIn are industry experts who have a keen passion for teaching.

7. Brainpop Jr.

This is a website for kids in kindergarten to third grade. Paid website to create animated curriculum-based content, aligned to standardized state education. The UI of this app is designed in a way so that any toddler can access it without having proficient reading skill. Lessons in BrainpopJr begins with a wide variety of life and school topics. The website also includes game, quiz, video and interactive activity session for all subjects.

Brainpop is an interactive approach to homework help for subjects such as basic maths, social studies, health and reading and writing. Although there is also an alternate website known as gameup for older kids. The subscription charge around $85 a year and family, and organisation plan cost extra.

8. Alison

Alsion offers courses in technology, language, science, health, humanities, maths and many others. The best part about Alison is that it offers free online courses from leading experts. It opens up doors of opportunities for so many people to opt for free learning and work with their passion. You can also choose courses which are beneficial for your specific profession. Alsion provides comprehensive diplomas that covers every topic in detail and assist you for that particular domain. It has a community of around 13 million people, in which 2 million people have successfully graduated. For those who want to explore and learn new coursework, Alison is a viable option.

9. Paul’s online Math notes

Specially designed for maths homework help, Paul’s online math notes offers cheat sheets and maths notes. It also provides step-by-step video tutorial to achieve high grades in weekly assessment. Math is the worst nightmare for almost every student. The main aim of this online platform is to offer best k-12 math homework help, presentation, study guides to all students. The drawback of this website is that it does not cover all maths topics and offer notes for algebra, geometry, calculus and differential equation. Although they follow a simple approach to craft these notes, and you can train your math skills by solving them.

10. is a premium academic writing provider offering assignment help for cheap to college students. It offers academic assistance for almost every subject. Their custom essay writing service is professional and affordable which makes them a leading academic writing service on the web. They offer assignment help for millions of students worldwide in subjects of maths, science, marketing, computer science, marketing and many others. They charge around $9/page for a week’s deadline, however, the prices are subject to differ with respect to complexity and word count. However, students can avail a variety of discounts. What makes different from other homework help website is its on-time delivery and precise knowledge of layout.

Thousands of students worldwide especially from US and Australia visit this website daily to buy homework help. Their experts are capable of providing quality assignment at a cheap price. To order an assignment from is easy, just write details about your homework and they will assign you with total cost and total turnaround time. To know more about the operation of, visit website.

If you are failing to complete your homework, be ready to come up with some funny yet amazing excuses for not doing your homework.

11. King Country Library system

It’s an online library portal to access books, video tutorial and more for students. It has a large database of magazines, newspaper, dictionaries, encyclopedias and coursework books. It mostly deals in subjects such as law, culture, history, literature and arts. Students can download ebooks in order to understand the topic through their mobile device/laptop. It is a viable option if you are searching for topic reference sources for your homework.

12. BJ Pinchbeck’s homework helper

It is a great web service that provides hundreds of useful links to assistive websites related to your homework topic. You can find resources from anything to french grammar to botany to prose screenplay writing. It can also assist you with books and free study guide online. Started in 1996, this website continues to serve for every school subjects and focus areas. It is an open-source free library for optimal use of referencing.

13. Coursera

An online learning platforms which offers courses and degree to millions of students worldwide. Just like other big names in education, all the courses available in Coursera is taught by top industry executives from esteemed companies and world-class universities. You can learn anything related to your course/occupation anytime, anywhere.

Each course has a time duration of 4-6 weeks and users can access homework exercise, on-demand video lectures and discussion forums. The paid version also features projects and additional quizzes as well as a course certification upon completion. The price of Coursera starts from $39 and you can find the choice of your course that can benefit you in your future. You can download the Coursera app from Playstore/iOS AppStore.

14. Open Yele Course

Yele University is a big name in the education sector. It has recently initiated its free and open access course service for a selection of introductory courses. The aim of this project is to enhance the knowledge and offer educational materials to those who are needy. However, there is no course credit or certification policy after completion.

All lecture videos are specially recorded in Yele College classrooms and are accessible in audio, video and text transcript format. Registration isn’t required to enrol for the course. You can discover a range of timely topics taught by Yele University professionals.

15. Ck-12

CK-12 is also known as secondary stem, a smarter technique to improve science and maths concepts. It is equipped with personalized pathways, interactive content and al-driven insights. You can learn chemistry, physics, maths, biology and calculus in an interactive way. Ck12 foundation was designed with an aim to allow everyone to learn in their own way. They only hire teachers, students and industry experts who are passionate about education; Their service is free and anyone can access them with basic network.

16. Trello

Trello is an organising utility app that lets you keep a check on your homework more collaboratively. Trello’s boards, cards and list enable you to organize and prioritize all homework project in a flexible, fun and rewarding way. If you are working in a group, whether it is a science or technology project that will help all of you stay organized. Unusual from above web services, Trello dive into rather details by adding attachments, comments, due dates to a project. Trello cards offer useful pieces of information about the project. Also, did we mention, that this service is completely free of cost?

17. Virtual nerd

Virtual nerd is an open-source video lessons for maths problems. It has a database of 1500 video lessons ranging from middle-class maths problems to algebra and calculus. You can also prepare for exams such as SAT’s and ACT’s. Acquired by education giant Pearson in 2013, virtual nerd library is now available free to millions of students and teachers around the world. it was originally developed as a complementary learning resource website with a focus especially on middle/high school mathematics. They believe that learning is not a linear process, so students must explore non-linear ways to study. Go to their website to access free study guides.

18. Spelling city

It is an interactive game approach to learn spellings and vocabulary. it is a helpful website if you are struggling with a daunting task of essay writing. Spelling city was initially created to check spellings, which can eventually save a lot of time of teachers by automating simple spelling practice test. Now it has expanded to include a variety of study tools specifically designed to build strong vocabulary skills. researches says that 70% of reading comprehension issues are caused by the lack of vocabulary. Fun spelling activities and phonics games are engaging lesson ideas which will keep all students engaged. The service is available in a variety of plans subjected to school, district, parent and student. The most basic plan starts for less than $2.25/student annually. Go to their website to learn more about it.

19. Sparknotes

An extensive library of 500 study guides in the subject of English literature, history, biology, maths and many more. The site consist of full text of all the plays, prose along with modern English translation. It is the most accurate, comprehensive and useful guide for classic and contemporary literature. Their study guide includes insightful critical analysis and thorough summaries. You can also test your literature by participating in their quizzes and games, download the Sparknote app from play store/iOS AppStore. You can get a free trial for one month, after that, you have to buy a subscription for $.99/month or $4.99/year.

20. Notability

Just as the name suggest, this app is used to create resourceful, insightful notes. We understand that ideas flow continuously and we don’t usually have a pen and paper to note them down. This is when notability can come handy. Just download the app on your mobile to record every bit of idea for your homework project. You can also add annotations to earlier notes for amendments. This powerful yet simple UI note-taking app is awarded by Apple Editor’Choice on iPhone, Mac and iPad. You can also express your artistic side with custom colour sketching and easily create perfect shapes.

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