Food science and why food safety is important?

food science

Hello friends how are you guys doing? Today I am going to discuss on Food science and why food safety is important? We all know the importance of food in our life. For survival, we need proper food to eat. The food we eat transforms into energy. For all life process and for the working of cells food is essential. But it is very important to know what are we eating? How are we eating? And why are we eating? Everyone must find the answers to these three questions. Food science is a course where one can find the answers to such questions. In food science, you will learn various things related to food production and preservation. The subject will help you to understand the food chain and the chemical nature of food products. So let’s have a look at the topics which we have discussed in this blog.

  • What is Food science all about?
  • Food science and use of technology in it
  • Why is food safety important?
  • Different branches of food science
  • What will you get when you study food science?

What is Food science all about?

Food science is a mesmerizing field. It is mostly related to research over foods and their ingredients. Those ingredients found in food are from various different fields. Food science is way too much different from other food areas like nutrition, agriculture, gastronomy, and culinary arts. Although you need to have an idea from such areas also. Food science helps you in understanding why it is important to maintain freshness of food and how you can do it. You will learn about the packaging, and preserving of food and how to keep them in good quality for a longer duration. Understanding the science behind food will further help you to maintain a healthy life style and keeping yourself fit. According to a report, food poisoning causes illness to 76 million people worldwide every year.

As we all know the food is the basic necessity for survival. There are many institutes and universities offering many courses related to food in which students can make a career. Food science study will help you to understand the nature of foods, what causes deterioration in food? and how to improve food quality? If you are doing food science and need academic related help or want assignments, then go for online assignment help and get expertly written assignments on time.

Food science and use of technology in it

It is a science that is completely dedicated to the study of food. According to the Institute of food technologists, food science involves various disciplines such as engineering, physical sciences, and biological science. These disciplines study the food nature, why food gets deteriorate, improvement in food consumption and different principles of food processing. One can also define food science as the study of physical, biochemical and chemical nature of food.

Food science technology is about the development of new and enhanced quality of food, different food processes to produce modified food, materials required to pack food, shelf life, sensory evaluation, consumer and chemical testing of food. Scientists associated with the food industry are known as food scientists. They make a report and study food products and its changing properties. Food science includes multiple scientific disciplines and concepts like chemistry, physiology, microbiology, biochemistry, chemical engineering. Food science helps in developing methods and ways by which food can be produced for the growing population and prevented from perishing.

Why is food safety important?

Nowadays people are aware of a healthy diet, and they have a good understanding of healthy food and unhealthy food. There are foods that are high in MSG value like noodles. Consumption of such food products can lead to food poisoning and other health related issues. Food science keeps a check over the chemical compositions of such food through testing and providing fitness certificate.

Food safety is vital to focus on the safety of food or else it can be harmful to the consumers. Food safety saves consumers from various health issues such as allergy, and death. Unsafe food can be a disaster for both consumers as well as producers. Consumers can get health issues where producers can face financial loss. Unsafe food production if gets reported or caught by food safety authority can lead to a hefty penalty.

Food safety can be ensured by proper monitoring over the food production houses. Food safety departments do an inspection and check the sanitation condition, food manufacturing practices, and the environment in which food is kept.

Different branches of food science

different banches of food science

There are various roles a food scientist can do while doing food service. Below in this blog, you can read about different areas where a food scientist can achieve expertise.

1. Food Microbiology

It is a study of organisms which are interacting with foods. This area of food science focuses on bacteria, yeast, fungi, molds, and viruses. Food safety in this field deals with the prevention pathogens that are present in food products. You all know that you cannot completely eradicate the microorganisms from the food, but in this field, researchers come up with new and improved ideas to stop or reduce the growth of harmful micro-organisms from food.

Researchers work day and night and develop techniques which find pathogens and toxins in the food products. They also look out in the area like packaging and food processing which further reduces the growth of organisms. It is important to understand that all microorganisms are not harmful or toxic; there are good bacteria as well as bad. Removal of bad bacteria is necessary to prevent the spoilage of food items. So the question comes how one can control the spoilage of food, it is simple. Kill all the harmful bacteria without killing the good ones. Scientists find out the ways by which they can carry out the above mentioned process.

2. Food Engineering & Processing

Food engineering helps in the development of processing of food. They take care of food processing and how it should be done in order to maintain the flavor, color, safety and shelf life of the food product. For instance HPP, it is high pressure processing. This process is used in fruits and vegetable juice industries. HPP is a cold pasteurization process. This process allows juice to be produced without getting damaged through thermal treatments. The color, taste, and texture will remain the same with the help of HPP. Also, nutrition in juices will also remain the same. 

Now industries can produce natural healthy and full of flavor juices in surplus amount without damaging the nutritional value of the product. All thanks to food engineering, because of innovations and new ideas this get possible. Even restaurants are using HPP process for cleaning sea foods from bad microorganism within a minute.

3. Food Chemistry & Biochemistry

All foods are biochemicals because in most cases foods or their raw ingredients are or were living entities. Understanding biochemistry can be of vital importance to a product developer. Take the activity of disaccharide lactose enzymes. Adding the enzyme lactase to milk cuts into its individual components galactose and glucose, making it more digestible. This opens up a whole spectrum of products for the lactose-intolerant. But the enzyme has an optimal activity at a specific pH and temperature—it won’t survive certain types of processing. Grounding in biochemistry provides the knowledge to develop a product that takes advantage of such compounds.

4. Nutrition

Nutrition is also an emerging branch in food science. In this branch, food developers have to develop food products that are having low in calories but good in taste. Food scientists put efforts in identifying the biological effects of nutraceuticals and functional foods. Food researchers use bio active compounds into new products to improve the functions of the food products.

5. Sensory Analysis

Sensory analysis of food is done in order to describe the flavors, appearance, taste, and texture of food. In a sensory test of food consumer test also takes place. This helps in knowing whether the food product is in demand and accepted by the customer or not. There is also a qualitative descriptive analysis. In this, a focus group helps in defining the sensory features of a product.

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What will you get when you study food science?

benefits of food science

A diverse range of environment

Working in the food industry will bring you tons of opportunities. Your job will not be limited to desk work or lab work. There are lots of departments in food science jobs such as marketing, sales, manufacturing, and teaching. So having a food science degree will provide you a versatile environment for your career.

Dedication and focus

If someone is working with food companies, then hard work and dedication should be the utmost priority. You need to maintain an atmosphere where you can encourage each other to work together and help each other. Food quality associated with thousands of life, only dedication and focused working can ensure food safety of food that is producing. This can be only achieved by maintaining personal hygiene and good environment.

Food for testing

Working in a food factory will bring lots of enjoyment in your life. You have to test new food products; you have to research on them. You will get various food products for home purpose. There are chances you will learn new recipes and techniques to create new food dishes. So you can see there are a lot of experimentation and discoveries in this field.


Moving towards the conclusion, I would like to sum up all the things which have been discussed in this blog above. Firstly, I have discussed Food science through definition, what food science is all about. Secondly the use of technology in food science. In this topic, you will learn about how scientific and technical development leads to more food safety and invention of storage for food. Thirdly you will read about why food safety is important and how a lack of hygiene will lead to food poisoning. The fourth topic in this blog is about different branches of food science. In this section, you can see five branches of food science in a detailed manner. The fifth section talks about the perks of making a career in food science.

I hope all the sections I have written in this blog are easy to understand. Please provide feedback about the blog. Your feedback will encourage me to write more.

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