Ideal Options for the High School Drop Outs

A large number of students opt to drop out of high school in the US every year. Reasons for things turning out like this range from family problems. Additionally, the inability to cope with the demands of academics. Further, this is becoming a reason for widening the gap between the poor and rich. Similarly, high school graduate earned about $10,000 more than the high school drop outs.

The measurement with respect to high school dropouts are terrible sufficient to make any parent uncomfortable. Here is a surveyed article published in the New York Times that says that the normal high school graduate earns 50-100% more than somebody who drops out of the high school. Every parent wants his or her child to become a successful person in their life. However, there are some teens who think that dropping out from the high school is the best decision for them.

If you have also dropped out of high school for some reason. Further, may lose this opportunity to earn this amount of money. So, here, we will discuss some options you can use to continue your studies. After being a high school drop outs there are numerous options that you can pursue for getting successful in your life. 

So, wasting any further let us tell you in knowing the ideal options for the high school drop outs. But, first let us make you aware of the current high school drop outs rates in the US.

High School Drop Outs Statistics (In Context With the US)

As said, high school signals the starting of secondary education. It holds a great significance in students further careers. Hence, victory in high school is often a pioneer for the next quality of life.

So, the question arises, what are the drop outs rates of students in the US? We have discussed the recent high school drop outs rates highlights in points (2019-2021). Just go through them and know more about high school drop outs rates.

  • In 2019 to 2020 15.1 million students attended high school in the US
  • 10% of students are enrolled in private high schools.
  • 3,209,510 students graduated from high school in 2020
  • The gender parity for US high schools is 0.99
  • There are 26,727 high schools in the US and 1.8 million teachers
  • The graduation rate is at an all-time high of 85.3%
  • The dropout rate is at an all-time low of 6% compared to the 15% college drop out rate
  • As of 2021, there are currently 26,727 high schools in the US and out of these, 2,845 are private schools
  • An estimated 16,892,000 students will be enrolled in high school in 2021
  • 15,492,000 of these students will be enrolled in public high schools

The American education system has been improved in the recent times. Thus, in the history of US education, more students are graduating from high schools and fewer are dropping out. Furthermore, American students are increased to be equally literate as students in other different countries.

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Top Ideal Options For High School Drop Outs

Teachers and parents have attempted to persuade their children to remain in school. Still, many find the need to drop out, no matter what their teachers or parents might say. However, succeeding as a high school drop outs is completely possible. It doesn’t matter if you are dropped out a long time ago, it’s never too late to look out for other successful options. This blog will give you a glimpse of the better options that you may follow after being a high school drop out. Check out below.

high school drop outs

High School Drop Outs Can Take GED Test

For high school drop outs, getting GED certification can prove to be a smart move. GED stands for General Educational Development. It is an internationally recognized diploma. This could be the right alternative for you if you have dropped out of high school. However, you don’t have to spend lots of money to take this test. It doesn’t have any prerequisites as well. When it comes to you are high school drop outs, what you have to study to get this diploma, it does not contain any tough subjects. Moreover, you have to study subjects such as science, social science, writing, reading and math.

What is GED?

General educational development test comprises of four tests. These tests measure your proficiency in High School subjects. Besides, anyone is 16 or older and not enrolled in High School. GED test demonstrates your applied knowledge skills that are related to specific situations. If you pass the general educational development test then, you will get a high school equivalency diploma.

Note: A few countries of states may not offer GED tests. Instead, they might offer other elective exams same as the GED that still lead broadly recognized high school equivalency accreditations. Some of them are HISET and TASC exams. 

What does GED have into it?

The GED subtests are of 7 hours total. Specifically, it covers four primary High School subject. The test delivered is on the computer but not online. Paper testing is only available as accommodation. If you want to learn about different testing procedures you can check with your area GED testing centre.

1-Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA)

The four GED section comprises of reasoning through language arts as the first part. The time is given for RLA is 150 minutes. However, there is a total of three sections in this part. In section A you will be given approx 27 minutes. In section B you will be given approx 45 minutes. After section B you will be provided with 10 minutes break. Then at Section C, you will be given 60 minutes.

Note that time in section A and Section C may vary. Overall, you will be given a total time of 150 minutes.

2-Mathematical reasoning

This is the second part of the GED test. It comprises of two sections with a total time of 115 minutes. You will be provided with Total 46 questions. In section A in the first five questions, you cannot use the calculator. Besides for section B, the remaining 41 questions calculator is allowed. 

You can also turn out to a mathematics assignment writing service online to get experts guidance or assistance with this part of GED test. 


Next part consists of science questions. You will be given 90 minutes for this section. The level of the question asked will be of class 10. The GED science tests questions will came across three main topics i.e. space and earth science, life science, and physical science. You need a score set of 145 or higher out of 100-200 to pass this exam. 

Also, there will be data, charts, graphs, and tables on the test. Thus, to pass the test, you need to learn and understand all of them with efficiency.

4-Social Studies

This is the last part of your test. 70 minutes of time will be provided to you to answer this section. The questions asked will be related to social science. This part of the GED tests is planned to analyze your knowledge of history, economics, geography, and government. Furthermore, these are separated up within the following ways i.e. civics and government ( 50% of the segment) and U.S history (20%), Economics (15%), and Geography and the World (15%). 

Your GED score will be based on the number of points you will earn in each section. Not on the number of questions you will mark correct.

Your final GED transcript will include your standard score and your percentile ranking. It might also include how your school compared to high school students who are graduating. To receive an equal diploma you must get an average score of 60% or higher.

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High School Drop Outs Can Take Adult Diploma Programs

Taking the GED test means you can complete the high school in the fastest way without attending lectures. If you are high school drop outs and you are interested in learning through lectures even after dropping out of high school, then the adult diploma programs could be the right option for you.

These courses are offered in many states throughout the US and you can study high school subject at an accelerated pace. In some of the programs, you may have to take a GED test at the completion of the program. In others, you can get the diploma based on the grades and the coursework completion.

This diploma provides new job training and a new pathway. If you are serious about learning High School Diploma and industry credentials then you can opt for this program.

You can earn a high school diploma in online classes. You can study online at your home, at your own place or anywhere. The adult diploma program is an individualized competency-based program that helps the student to achieve academic and vocational experiences into a personalized learning plan.

You can refer to different programs available online. Also if you want to Pay Someone To Take My Online Class- Online Class Helpers Service, you can choose it too.

High School Drop Outs Can Refer To Vocational Training

It is possible that you may be looking for a chance to pursue a course in the field of your interest. A vocational course or training at a tech school could be the wise choice for you in achieving that. 

Vocational courses are an educational discipline that helps the individual to acquire skills that are necessary for a specific trade. These courses are not academic and completely related to a specific trade, occupation or vocation. Student after class 10th can opt for short and long term course. These courses can include a diploma or degree. There are various courses available you can choose from. These courses often include Healthcare. Creative fields of these courses include graphic and web designing. Additional it includes Food Technology cosmetology.

Some common vocational courses are listed below for your more knowledge:

Proper vocational courses

Numerous students don’t want to study further and decide to do a specialized or professional course after dropping out from high school. For such students, there are several long-tem vocational courses have designed. The proper and long-term vocational courses include hotel management. It also includes a diploma in graphic designer and web designing. Additionally, it includes a diploma course in acting for Film and Television.

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Other diploma courses

There are many other diploma courses available as well. For example, electrical engineering, telecommunication, computer science, fashion designing, electrical engineering tourism, event management, beauty care, catering management, lifestyle products, English communication and presentation skills, etc.

However, you can know about the vocational training institutions in your area by contacting your state department of education. Indeed, check whether your vocational training school is accredited or not before enrolling in a course.

You may often encounter some tough assignment tasks while pursuing these courses. You can try our Assignment Help in such a situation and we will provide you with well-written coursework. 

List of Some High Paying Jobs for High School Drop Outs

There are several jobs options with decent salary available for the students who are high school drop outs. Here is a list of a few high paying jobs that one can grab with a high school diploma:

  • Storage, distribution, or transportation management: $94,560
  • First-line supervision of police officers: $91,090
  • Power dispatch or distribution: $90,700
  • Commercial piloting: $86,080
  • Criminal investigation: $83,170
  • Elevator repair or installation: $84,990
  • Power plant operation: $81,990

There is an advantage if you do get your high school diploma then some additional career opportunities will open up for you. Also, it is not necessary that to become a successful person, you need to first complete your education. However, there are many options available that you can choose from to pursue if you are a high school dropout.

Know Some Of The Most Well-Known High School Drop Outs

You might be running with a question in your mind that “do successful high school drop outs exists”? The answer is YES. To justify the answer we have listed some of the well-known high school drop outs below:

  • David Karp, the multimillionaire founder of Tumblr
  • Music stars such as 50 Cent, Jay-Z, and Billy Joel
  • Hollywood actors like Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, and Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • Award-winning filmmakers such as Quentin Tarantino and Peter Jackson
  • Several other millionaires from the worlds of business, sports, and entertainment

The conclusion is that it merely requires your high school passing confirmation to do something in life, but your way may be become more challenging if you don’t acquire it. However, there are many options that you can look out for after being a high school drop out.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What are the advantages of having a certificate of high school equivalency?
The advantage of having a certificate of high school equivalency is that you will be qualified for numerous more occupations, college programs, and other money-related earning options will also open up.
Q: Can a dropout of high school go to college without having a GED?
Yes, a dropout of high school can go to college (even without a GED). One can also go to a trade school without a diploma or GED. But for that, first, you need to look for colleges or trade schools that offer students to take an Ability to Benefit (ATB) test.
Q: Why is ATB (Ability to Benefit Test) used for a high school dropout?
ATB test is used to assess the current academic skills of potential students who haven’t completed high school education. Via this test, a school wants to know that the student has at least a minimum amount of ability in areas like math, reading, and writing in order to benefit from their courses of study.

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