Do you support to grade your teacher?


What do you think, if you have a chance to grade your teacher? Is it a good idea? Every time your teacher evaluate your marks and grades. So is it necessary to rating your teacher, according to their teaching styles and all other factors? Education is a process which is intricate for both students and teachers. It is because the students have to effort hard in order to increase their knowledge and the teachers are liable for the development of the success of this process.

Grade your teacher

Nobody is perfect and everyone knows about his or her own strong and weak points in the education process. Like students, every teacher is also special and advises his or her own ways of education which can be accepted by students in different manners. Students know that education is not a cup of tea and its quality purely depends upon the teachers. There are different kind of faculties. The fresher faculties become experienced once they pass any certain period of teaching. So it is quite essential to rate these teachers by students to drag into picture their abilities unless the supporters support it. Examinations remark the performance of a student. Like this teacher also should know about their merits and drawbacks. Now the question is how many are the supporters and how many are the opponents?

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Let’s begin this conversation. Faculties cannot grade themselves on their own. For that, pupils have to evaluate them as they know the qualities of their teachers. This evaluation should be confidential so that no faculty can take revenge on it.

Advantages of rating of a teacher

  • A student can mention the mistakes of a teacher for the inefficiency in teaching and cannot systematize the educational process properly. In this situation, it is judicious to give the teacher with the piece of advice regarding about the ways of studying and approach towards the procedure of teaching.
  • Secondly, regular ranking is a motivation for a teacher to develop the knowledge and proficiency skills. As he or she has to be controlled by the students, so they start to dig more knowledge on the subject all the time empowering the quality of the classes with motivating material.
  • Feedback by the student can help the teacher to know where he or she needs to improve. Furthermore, students remarks can help teachers to understand the effectiveness of teaching as well as the emotional and social impact on students. Creating an emotional link with students is important for a teacher. It helps in creating a more comfortable atmosphere among students and teacher.
  • When you grade your teacher, things get in the teacher’s favour. A teacher will recognize his/her strengths and weakness. Such a grade can be a stepping stone for a new teacher. A new teacher can learn the aspects where they need assistance from the senior and how to tackle the problems of students.
  • When you grade your teacher, you are providing comment on his or her teaching style. Some students directly tell the teacher the ways in which they should teach them. Some provide written feedback.
  • When you grade your teacher, it helps the teacher to know how much work has to be assigned. Students often take college homework help from experts to overcome the homework burden. But, proper feedback may help in negotiating with the work.
  • Most of the colleges and universities keep feedback or grades anonymous. When you grade your teacher or professor, no one will find your name. Therefore, students can keep their concerns forward without being afraid of anyone. 
  • When you grade your teacher, organization/ institution also gets the benefits. Your grades help management to get aware of the teacher’s performance as well as student’s liking towards a teacher. Your grades can be a decisive factor when it comes to the increment of the teacher. Moreover, Your grades also help in the rating of the college as well.

    As you can see there are various benefits of grading a teacher. Therefore, if you get a chance to grade your teacher, grade him or her on her talent without having any prejudice.

What are the drawbacks of grading your teacher

  • However, the coin has two sides. This also has its own drawbacks. For example, if a student is not so much more knowledgeable to be able to appraise the teaching style of the teacher efficiently. One cannot evaluate a faculty higher in a level without the possession of suitable acquaintance and skills.
  • Secondly, many students will misuse this system to rank for their individual profit by evaluating the work of a teacher as “poor”.  Just because he or she is tough and strict as each student dreams to effort a few and score high marks in the examinations. Therefore, this system increases the chances of unfair grading. This can create a lot of trouble for a teacher. As many students just rank a teacher to take revenge from him or her. For instance, a students get low marks in an assignment, and to take revenge on the teacher, that student will mark a poor grade for her/him.
  • A teacher may get offended with your grades. Though chances of you getting caught are extremely rare as information is always kept hidden. But, to take revenge from students, a teacher may not show much interest in teaching or give you additional homework. Sometime, teacher can mark you less in internal examination as well.
  • When you grade your teacher, if it is not a good grade, then it may take away his/her confidence. Teaching is a profession that requires a lot of skills, knowledge and confidence. An underconfident person cannot get success in this profession. Your poor grade can trouble a teacher a lot. That is why it is advisable to provide a fair grade without having any resentment in mind.

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