How to write a comparative essay with perfection

comparative essay example

Are you trying to draft an essay as perfect as the comparative essay example shown by your professor? Or is it being too confusing to write an ideal comparative essay? If you nodding your head in “yes”, relax. Go through this article to know the basics of a comparative essay. Here is everything you will get to know.

  • Meaning of comparative essay
  • Definition of comparative essay
  • How to write a comparative essay
  • Main methods of constructing a comparative essay

It is very important to know a comparative essay exactly before trying to write one. Basically, these essays are the composition of several paragraphs which aims at explaining how two things or topics are the same or different than each other. As the name suggests, comparative essays revolve around a comparison of different aspects of topics in question. There is no limitation to particular topics. They can be written over any subject present on this earth. The only requirement is that the subjects which need to be compared should have some relation.

What is a comparative essay?

Although you have just read what is a comparative essay, still I want you to go through a short definition. This will make the concept of such essays more clear and you will remember it longer.
The word comparative means the one which is brought into focus to judge or measure subjects on their differences or similarities or both. Thus, a comparative essay is a type of essay which generally demands the writer to bring a comparison between two subjects in question which have some relation in terms of differences and similarities.

How to write a perfect comparative essay example

Now you know what does comparative essay mean. However, before actually writing one on your own, it is better to go through some good comparative essay example pdf or other sources. It happens a lot that beginners write an essay with strong opinions but they cannot make it to the final answers. This is something you should surely learn to deal with. Every essay involves questions and you must present their answer to your readers. It is, therefore, a wise decision to go through an example of a comparative essay. Go through the below-listed tips to master essay writing.

Figure out the base/basis of comparison

This is the first thing you need to do if want to write an essay as good as comparative essay example showed by your teacher. Before writing you must develop a clear basis of comparison. Generally, the question gives the basis of comparison. However, in some cases, the writer has to develop them.

You can understand this through examples:
Suppose a question asks you to compare between marxism and socialism. This type of questions holds a crystal clear objective. With such questions, you will not have to do an extra effort and develop a base of comparison.
On the other side, if you have to compare any two social issues. In this case, you will have to select two social issues. Here you will have to develop the basis of comparison.
In order to remember points which you can choose as a basis of comparison for your essay, you can go for wise writing platforms. You can use Diaro, Evernote and other similar platforms to organize the elements of your essay.

Write down the content of the essay

At this stage, you will have to figure out the elements you need to feature in your essay. You will need to spot the differences and similarities between the subjects of comparison. To get a clear picture you can refer to comparative literature essay example. Develop a list explaining how the subjects in question are similar and different from one another. This is needed to make a perfect plan for the essay.
Make sure to evaluate it completely. It will help you to keep only the major points of comparison for final writing. If you have ever come across a good comparative essay example introduction, this is how you can also achieve the same perfection.
In case you are facing issues in writing down your essay, have a look at expert-written comparative essay examples. There are many online essay helpers who guide students and learners when they face issues in essay writing. You can take help from them as well.

Develop a perfect thesis

Ever wondered what attracts your attention to comparative rhetorical analysis essay example? If not, then just focus a little more on their thesis statement. Always remember that every essay should have a clear thesis statement which can guide the writer. With the help of the thesis, the writer can easily stick to the main essence of the essay. To develop a perfect thesis, get back to the list you made to explain all the points of comparison. Have a quick read and decide whether they are more similar or more different than each other. On the basis of this decision, you can easily develop a thesis statement. If it is being tough for you to write a thesis statement, consider taking a thesis statement help from essay help experts.

Prepare the right structure and proofread well

A comparative essay should be also framed in the right structure. You must organize it in a way that the reader can easily go through the comparisons made in an essay.
Other than structuring you must focus at proofreading your essay. It is very normal to commit mistakes, but, it is not okay to leave them as it is. Make sure you remove all errors. You can use Grammarly for doing so.

Methods of structuring a comparative essay

Alternating method

Under the alternating method, the aspect of comparison is totally based in one paragraph. It offers a detailed overview of the items in comparison. This approach makes it very easy for the writer to handle two completely different subjects in questions. Also, it generates a highly integrated and perfectly-analyzed paper.

Mixed paragraph method

In the mixed paragraph method, a single paragraph is focused on describing how the subjects in question are compared on the basis of one aspect. Here, you will have to start by handling one topic at a time. The perks of using mixed paragraph method are that the readers can easily identify the comparison factor. Also, it offers equal weight to different subjects in term of comparison.

Block method

The block method is one of the easiest methods. However, it can be dangerous as well. Because in a way it challenges the reader to relate the subjects. Under this method, the main aim is to categorise the essay into two parts. This method should be used only while dealing with short essays and multiple subjects.


How to write a comparative essay example

Start from outlining your comparative essay example in the following steps:

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraph
  • Conclusion

Do not forget to do a quick revision of your essay.

How to start a comparative essay example?

To give a right start to your essay you must write an attention-grabbing sentence which can attract your readers. Present the main point of your essay in the first paragraph itself. Outline the structure of your essays include your thesis statement and set an appropriate tone.