Ethical Issues: Its importance In An Organization.

Ethical Issues: Its importance In An Organization

Your company’s ethics and principles are just as important as your business, customers, or products. Employees want a workplace where they feel respected and protected, and stakeholders want to know where you stand. Any decent moral human being is able to choose to act in an ethical manner with another person but maintaining this attitude on a large scale can be difficult. Business ethics and corporate social responsibility are all about taking any corporate decision seriously and ethically.

The concept of ethics is taken for granted even though it is a factor in decision-making. We know the importance of ethics, which are moral precepts that guide our actions and behaviours. But how do these moral principles affect businesses, the economy, and your career?

Let’s read this blog which is curated by AllAssignmenthelp professionals. This blog post focuses on the value of ethics in organizations, how they impact workplace culture, and what the ethical dilemmas are. If you are unsure about the role that ethics plays in organizations, you can find all the information you’re seeking.

What are the Ethical issues in an organization?

Ethical Issues: A business organization operates with the objective of conducting all business operations and processes effectively and ethically. Ethics is one of the key components of success for a business establishment because it formulates the guidelines of services to the various stakeholders of the business entity.

As such, it is indispensable for every business organization irrespective of its sector of operation to abide by the ethical codes of conduct as formulated by the management of the business establishment. Many businesses around the world promote moral business practices, including international organizations like Google, Facebook, Apple, Samsung, and others. These companies have stringent and effective business codes of ethics. This is the reason why these companies remain ethical and fair towards their employees and other stakeholders.

Social media use, privacy issues with technology, the ethics of business travel, the dangers of employee favouritism, and poor leadership behaviour are just a few of the significant ethical issues that can arise in an organization. Let’s discuss every issue one by one.

Use of Social Media

The management of a corporation needs to keep an eye on and regulate social media usage. The content that employees post on the company’s social media pages ought to be subject to some limitations. It is essential for the management to observe the conduct of the employees in terms of what they are posting about the company and its several products and services on the social media pages of the company itself.

Employees sharing offensive content online should be considered disloyal to their employer. Often, many employees post negative comments about their employers on social media pages of the companies which can draw negative reactions from the people visiting the social media page of the company and it has the potential to diminish the public image of the company.

Therefore, it is essential for the management to develop robust and clear guidelines and principles about the liberty of using social media by the employees during working hours and also after official working hours.

Regulations regarding Social Media use

What constitutes a violation of social media laws and regulations should have a clear set of boundaries. An employee should be honest and dedicated enough to take care of this issue and should never post anything negative about the employer on the social media page of the company.

Employees should speak with the managers of the business establishment directly about any problems they are having within the organization. Hence, it is evident that taking care of the social media postings by the employees about their employers is the responsibility of the employees working in an organization.

Personal Ethics of Employees regarding Social Media use

Another issue involving social media within a workplace is using it for personal purposes. These incidents must be discouraged in the workplace. This attitude has the potential to harm the work culture within the business establishment.

Employees should always dedicate their full commitment and sincerity to employers. The employers are compensating them with salaries, bonuses, and several other rewards and recognitions, and therefore it is legitimate and within the rights of the employees to expect some honesty and sincerity on the part of the employees.

So, it is the responsibility of an employee to dedicate all the official working hours to constructive official tasks and not to waste time by spending on social media for the purpose of entertainment. We cannot deny the usefulness of social media in business because social media is one of the most effective marketing tools.

It has become an inevitable part of the lives of the employees. The evolving nature of several means of social media has increased the difficulties in distinguishing between professional and personal sitting on the platform of social media. It is important for business owners to take ample care of potential ethical issues with the help of a set of policies in response to employee social media use.

The policies should be able to cover the ways the social media platform could be used by the workers and employees while they are in that place.

250 business executives and more than 1,000 US consumers participated in a poll to learn more about how people use social media and its effects on businesses. Following a year of rapid transformation, organizations have doubled their use of social media, from boosting investment to using social data to inform opportunities outside of marketing.

The conclusions include

Over the next three years, social media marketing budgets at companies are expected to rise by 94% of executives, with the majority expecting increases of more than 60%.

  • According to 89% of executives, their company’s future main source of business information will be social data.
  • After a favourable experience with a brand on social media, 82% of consumers are more likely to purchase from it, and 87% are going to choose it over a rival.

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Technology & Privacy Concerns

One more ethical issue within an organization is the monitoring of activities of the employees using the computer and internet services. There have been significant developments in digital communication technologies with which it has become possible for employees to monitor the activities of their employees in terms of what activities they are doing on the various electronic devices that are provided by the company for their daily functions.

There are technologies such as electronic surveillance that are implemented for ensuring employee efficiency and productivity but the question arises when such monitoring crosses the line of personal privacy of the employees.

Technology has provided ample resources and utilities to every business organization and their employees. It is very important to understand the privacy concerns in relation to technology. The abilities of securities which the employees should monitor regarding the use of technology by their employees should be enhanced.

The issue regarding the privacy and confidentiality of an employee at an expected level should be devised by the company regulations and norms. Every employee has to use different technological devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and computers.

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Ethical issues in connection to Business Travels

There are certain businesses which need both employees and leadership to travel because of several organizational requirements. One of the crucial components of business travel must be ethics. It is highly important for the ultimate outcome of business travel. Ethical issues can have several impacts when an individual tries to take advantage of the policies of business travel.

For example, we can consider an employee who wants to purchase alcohol during business travel which is not permitted should be monitored effectively. It can also happen that an employee uses his or her personal credit card to make bookings for business travels so that rewards and loyalty points can be obtained on his or her personal account. These actions are actually not illegal but beyond the ethical aspects of business organizations.

Hence, it is very important for the management of business organizations to take ample care of business travel ethics. There should be proper training, facilitation of information, and education for the employees. This will help them become aware of the ethical guidelines of the organizations. Employers and owners should pay attention to the ethical actions of their employees, even on the grounds of business travel.

Ethical issues in relation to employee favouritism

Employee favoritism is another important aspect. It is one of the ethical issues or challenges in an organization. We can see that some organizational owners prefer some employees to work on some projects more than others. Few employees get undue chances or opportunities over the others.  This situation can give rise to ethical issues.

If influential personnel of the organization show favouritism to a particular employee without any proper reasoning behind it, then it can impact valuable employees’ morale. The organizations can also lose some of the valuable employees who remain deprived of their work because of favouritism. We should be careful about the difference between sexual harassment and favouritism. Sexual harassment is not only an ethical issue but also an illegal action. This needs legal interference and intervention on an immediate and priority basis.

Favouritism can impact the ethical conduct of business organizations. By giving preferences to some particular employees, the management of the business owners can lead to employee conflicts and can give some particular employees a platform where they can do whatever they feel like. It is again an ethical issue is again.

You can learn more about the ethical standards followed by a company. You just need to enrol in an online course, there are many online courses available to gain knowledge and enhance your skills. If you encounter any difficulties while completing such courses, you may seek out online class help from professionals who will support you and make things simpler for you.

Unethical behaviour of the leaders

Leadership behaviour is one of the important aspects of any business organization and its employees. It is not always true to say that employees exhibit any kind of unethical conduct or behaviour but not the leaders. The owners of the business organizations or the heads of the organizations could also exhibit unethical conduct.

It is very important and ethical for every business organization to keep their employees satisfied and motivated in their workplace. The workplace environment should foster an ethical culture in the first place. The role of a leader in enhancing ethical conduct and behaviours is highly significant. A leader should always motivate by preaching and keeping his or her ethical behaviours so that the employees can also learn from them and practice the same.

Organizations must take some action if they see such kind of behaviour towards a particular employee from the senior authority. These concerns are something you must be aware of if you planning to make your career in the corporate sector. You are able to succeed effectively if you have a strong understanding of the norms of ethics and how the management of the organization works. Getting management assignment help can be a terrific way to get the most out of your reading because it frees you up to study and learn more about the industry while the team of experts work on your assignment.

Ethical Issues in Accounting

In a business organization conducting any kind of unethical accounting practice is one of the major ethical issues. In private organizations also accounting-related unethical behaviours or practices can result in severe consequences.

We have heard about various examples of accounting-related unethical issues which could include inaccurate reporting of financial statements or producing wrong financial statements by the auditors.

Business organizations face several consequences from unethical accounting issues. The organizations have to undergo huge penalties and legal formalities. The result could also bring adverse impacts on employee morale. Several employees also leave organizations where unethical accounting practices are undertaken. Government organizations are responsive to ethical practices in every aspect of business and operations.

There should be some mandatory knowledge regarding financial reporting requirements. This knowledge will benefit not only the organizational members but also the customers. Unethical practices of business organizations impact the customers’ mindset and trust to a great extent. Investors, clients, and stakeholders find it difficult to believe in organizations that use any type of unethical accounting practices.

Ethical issues in relation to harassment and discrimination

Sexual harassment racial discrimination and inequality are highly expensive ethical issues which employees and employers encounter on a regular basis. As per the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission report, discrimination and harassment can lead to a loss of 372 million dollars. In 2013, the results of this report were made public.

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What are the principles of ethics?
The most popular definition of “ethics” is that it refers to standards of behaviour that discriminate between right and wrong actions. Most people pick up moral principles via their families, their schools, and other social institutions.
What is a business ethics curriculum?
This curriculum is created to assist employees in leveraging their purpose, ethics, and passion to develop an ethical framework for business decision-making and successfully lead businesses using socially responsible business practices.
Do morality and ethics have a connection?
There are connections between the concepts of ethics and morality. Where earlier it would have been more correct to speak of moral judgements or moral principles, the terms “ethical judgments” or “ethical principles” are now frequently used. These uses expand upon the definition of ethics.