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Exploratory essay topics for students


Exploratory essays are completely different from other types of essays which you have written during your school or college days. They are not meant to convince the reader with your thesis rather, it explores the problem and tries to reach the conclusion. Another thing about exploratory essays is that they are reflective in nature. Such essays reflect the cognitive ability of the writer as you have to lead a problem to a conclusion. For generating an appealing exploratory essay, you have to be contemplative and able to articulate your ideas clearly. Today with the help of this blog I am going to provide you with various exploratory essay topics on which you can write quality exploratory essays. But before jumping on to the topics let us first have a quick look at the format of the exploratory essays.

Exploratory essay format

Similar to other essays, exploratory essays also follow the below-mentioned pattern:


In the introduction part of the exploratory essay, you have to outline your problem. You will write about the problem that you have explored and the purpose behind it. After that, you will write the possible causes of the problem. At last, discuss the solutions to the problem.

The body of the essay

In the body of the essay, you have to write the process you adopted while doing the research. The body consists of several paragraphs and they should discuss the following things:

  1. Provide the introduction of the source materials. You have to mention the reason for selecting it and how it helped you in preparing for the research.
  2. Secondly, mention all the vital information that you have come across while doing the research for your exploratory essays. Let your audience know why this information is crucial and have a significant role in your essay.
  3. Provide your opinion on the problem and how the sources helped you to think in a completely different manner. Tell your viewpoint as well.


Often students take the conclusion lightly and end up by summarizing the whole essay. This approach will lead you to failure for sure. I would suggest you change your approach. Restate your problem and write potential solutions to the problem. You again have to provide your opinions here in the conclusion. You can end your essay by opening the opportunity of discourse over the problem.

Now I am going to discuss various good topics for exploratory essays for different academic levels. All who are having problems in finding a topic for the essay can take help from the list of exploratory essays topics for college students mentioned below in this article.

Exploratory essay topics at the bachelor’s level


When you step into college, you are unaware of various things related to academics. An exploratory essay might sound new to you. For such students, selecting topics get really difficult. You can see the list of topics below and select the most appropriate topic for yourself.

1. What are the after-effects of early marriages on females?

2. How is handling job and child is a tough task for parents? Raising children and doing a job at the same time.

3. Is adoption a good alternative for parents who are facing issues in conceiving a child.

4. Steps that should be taken by the first world for providing better health care facilities to third world countries.

5. Can the renewable source of energy provide enough energy to the whole world?

6. Impact of tablets and phones on the eyesight of children. 

7. Discuss the negative and positive effects of technology over children.

8. Can computers replace the teacher? Is technology taking over the human race?

9. Is modern technology a reliable source to get educational information?

10. Modern technology: boon or bane for the humankind.

11. Detecting racial background through DNA testing. Should it be legalized?

12. How are reality shows harming the societies?

13. How are recycling awareness programs creating an impact over society? Are they making a significant contribution to society?

14. What measures people around the world can take to reduce the carbon emissions at the personal level. 

15. Small contributions make a big change. Discuss the individual efforts in making the world cleaner and greener.

16. Discuss the morality behind gene screening. Is it ethical or should it be banned?

17. How much use of technology is the right use of technology? Explore the areas of technology that are benefitting humans and exploiting humans.

18. Discuss why human cloning is unethical. Elaborate report on the pros and cons of cloning.

19. Online shopping is an easy way to get your demands done. Discuss the merits and demerits of online shopping.

20. Is the world is ready to adapt to the challenges it is creating? How humans are becoming the reason for their own destruction? 

21. How is internet damaging the kids and society?

22. Nanotechnology: Discussion on the advantages of nanotechnology and how it is changing the world around us.

23. Brain cancer and cell phones. The risk associated with radiation exhibits by cell phones.

24. How social media is circulating hoax all over the world? How to check the fact and myth circulated by social networking apps.

25. Comparative study between traditional learning methods and modern learning methods. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both types of learning?

26. Discuss whether dictatorship is as bad as portrayed by the west.

27. How relationships nowadays affected by social media.

28. Goods and bads of consuming genetically modified fruits and vegetables. Are they good for health?

29. What are the problems arrived in long-distance relationships?

30. Are electric cars really beneficial for the environment? Discussion the issues created by the chemicals emitted by the batteries.

These are the exploratory essay topics students can go through with. FOr quality information, you can take help from various online academic websites such as Khan Academy, Udemy etc. 

Exploratory essay topics at master’s and PHD level


At the master’s or PHD level you do not want to take a risk with your academics. You have to make every assignment with perfection. When you get the task of writing the essay, you need to be sure about its quality. Therefore, without risking your marks, you can choose a number of exploratory essay topics from the below-mentioned list.

1. Role of governments in worsening terrorism all over the world.

2. How obesity is taking over the youth. Discuss the effects of obesity on the younger generation.

3. What women and men want in a relationship. Differences and similarities in their needs.

4. How can one have a successful relationship? Discuss the role of mutual understanding in a relationship.

5. Discuss the growth of feminism through different ages.

6. Men being the pursuers in a romantic relationship. How much is it correct. Take historical examples to describe it.

7. Will Tesla and Google be able to develop electrical cars? Will it give rise to self-driving?

8. Uses of Artificial intelligence in passenger planes. Is it good to rely on AI completely?

9. Discuss how people react to premarital sex. Why people are not open about it?

10. How technology has changed the education system. What are the new methods adopted by schools that are based on technological advancements?

11. Elaborate research on the use of supplements by bodybuilders. How supplements are playing a negative role in the long term.

12. What are the harmful effects of chemical drugs? Discuss how drugs alter the central nervous system.

13. Should we limit political advertisements? Will it make any impact over the political parties.

14. Fight between ideology and truth. Who will win and who will lose?

15. Should schools use digital books and content rather than using traditional methods?

16. Who is more powerful in terms of technological advancement, the US or Japan? Discuss the technology used by Japan and the US.

17. Should weapons be allowed without a licence? How crime can be stopped with this approach.

18. Should women athletes get equal wages as male athletes are getting?

19. Role of carbohydrates in living a healthy life. Do carbs make people fat?

20. Do fast-food chains are the leading cause in the growth of obesity in teenagers.

21. How many hours of sleep is necessary for the human body? Does a change in sleeping pattern affect the functioning of the brain?

22. What are the areas of the central nervous system responsible for the reflex actions? Discuss the role of the central nervous system in humans.

23. How China has worked in becoming a global superpower? Discuss in detail the international policies of China.

24. How and what difference one can find the Laws of 18th century and modern times. Discuss the differences and similarities of the policies of the two different eras.

25. Time management and the need for it in academic life. How students should manage the time while preparing for the exams.

26. How the world has changed after the attack of 9/11? Explore the hidden facts behind it.

27. Global warming is a global phenomenon that requires a contribution from every person. Discuss in detail.

28. Should schools focus more on practical learning rather than theoretical knowledge?

29. Addiction due to caffeine. Is it really addictive or have false claims?

30. Effects of caffeine on women’s health who are pregnant. Draw a conclusive study based on medical reports.

After choosing a topic you need to make sure that you will write a perfect essay on it. For writing a perfect essay you can refer, tips to write good essays. Learn the art of writing essays quickly.

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