Common Reasons why Children Show Indecent Behavior

In the recent times, there has been a significant increase in the number of student fights happening, especially at school level. It has raised the questions about the safety of the kids within the school premises. With that, there is one more question that could come into your mind that are the parents doing their efforts in teaching appropriate social skills to the kids?

Well, all these questions are quite valid and much needed to be answered. But we need to find out the reasons why student show indecent behavior during their academic life and what parents can do to improve their behavior. So, lets discuss the same in the article.

To influence other kids

In this world where everyone is hunting for the power in their own way, kids choose their own way to do the same. In simple words, when the kids see that they can get something by using power, then they dont hesitate in practicing it and get in fight or bully other kids to get something or to influence them. So, its the necessity of the hour that parents and teachers give emphasis to teaching some social skills to them so that the kids hunt for satisfaction rather than power.

They want their back patted by the teachers

These are the times when competition is on the rise. Everyone need to make huge efforts in order to get recognition of the people. This urge of getting famous or acknowledgment is something that starts at an early age. So, when a kid sees other kids getting their back patted by the teachers for performing well in the academics, they also seek the same. But due to the lack of understanding the fact that they can get the same thing by doing well in the studies, they get frustrated sometimes and end up fighting with their peers. So, you already know what needed to be done to improve their behavior.

Money and toys matter

Money and many other things have been the cause of people fighting each other since a long time. So, when kids see other children possessing more money than they do or playing with some cool toy. They feel the urge of getting their hands on the same as well, or they might get jealous and get indulge in a fight with others to take out their frustration or to get these things. So, its a must for the parents to teach the kids that having a friend is better than possessing money and stuff like toys.

They also want a beautiful girlfriend

In the modern times, kids get mature so early and it seems like that the most basic need of youngster’s life has become like this, money, bike and girlfriend. (although I have same thoughts, but I want one more thing, by the way, lets focus back on the topic, I am not here to tell you my life story). So, if the two boys like one girl from their class, then there are chances that they will come face to face because the girl can choose only one of them.

So, it was a small effort from us to give you an idea of why children show indecent behavior during their school and college life. Hope it was helpful.

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