Classroom Management: A Necessity To Improve Students Behavior


What is a classroom? The answer is simple, a place where students come to learn and polish their skills to have a healthy professional life. But do you really think that this answer is convincing enough? Well, if you think deeply, then you will come to realise that a classroom is a place where students not only learn about some particular topics but they also learn various things about daily life such as how to behave, how to concentrate on something, and how to work with other people. All these things are something that come handy to a student later in life when they work somewhere. But this sort of learning happens if a teacher knows how to manage a class.


Is classroom lecture dying nowadays?

As a teacher, you have to deal with different students, some students might be quiet, some might be very noisy, and some kids might be sharp minded. All of these students can pose some problems to you by making noise, answering late or not concentrating on the topic that is being discussed. This type of situation could take a toll on your mind, and could result in you taking out the frustration on the kids. But there is no surety of that taking the frustration out on kids will help you. So, as a teacher, its necessary for you to keep patience and try to manage the class by taking the measures that can give them the right impression about you and help them in learning something as well. Those measures could be that you can ask the students to stay quite during the lecture but can try to teach them by adding some humor in between, or you could teach through videos so that students dont get bored and stay focused throughout the lecture. You can also include classroom management rules in the syllabus and can ask students not just to read it but try to follow it in the class as well. Students also feel enthusiastic about doing some teacher work, so you can give them some class responsibility from time to time and could help them in becoming responsible. A bit of strictness is not harmful, but too much of it could make students have negative thoughts about you. So, you need to set a balance between being friendly and strict and help your students in achieving their academic goals.


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