Some Bad Habits that Affect your Mental Health

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Bad habits make student life in many ways. All know very well how bad habits can make us sick. Not doing exercise daily will drag you to laziness and this is the perfect example of bad habits. Additionally eating unhealthy food like pizza, the burger at night and cheesy sausage egg at every morning will drag up your cholesterol level, increase your waistline and it might give you heart disease. As you can see that bad habits can be very harmful to your physical health there are many bad habits that can affect your mental health.

Mental health illness is very harmful to your health. If you did not work on those habits, they have the highest chances of increasing depression. You make me feel more anxious or stressed out. The major problem is that we majorly focus on bad habits like eating junk, food smoking or not exercising daily. We rarely pay attention to what does bad habits can do to our mental health.

Current Scenario

If we talk about the current scenario that in this pandemic, we have gained many good habits. For example, washing hands often, face-covering & social distancing. But at this time we have also acquired some bad habits as well, that can lead to the changes in Mental Health.

Having optimum mental health is much required for the students for better academic performance. You develop good mental health if you show concern for it since the academic days and you can reap the benefits of it in the professional life later on. During school life, some of the students develop some habits that affect their mental health and find it tough to tackle school life problems as a result. Let me share with you a few examples of bad habits that affect your mental health. 

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Always worried about perfectionism

In Japan, it has been seen that people are highly dedicated to their work and try to be the perfectionist to achieve happiness and satisfaction. In other parts of the world, students and all aged people are very conscious about their looks, and it urges them to look good all the times. In doing so, people from Japan and other parts of the world hurting their mental health. So, it would be better not to focus on the perfectionism in all the matters, and there should be an extent for following the perfectionism as well.

Psychologists described perfectionism as positive as well as negative both. It is always important that you should do your best in everything. Positive perfection helps you to do your best. As a perfectionist, you never deliver any incomplete work. You have realistic goals, you let go of failures or mistakes, you always keep anxiety and stress within a healthy boundary and many others.
Then, how does perfectionism deaths to your bad mental health? It includes setting your goals that are beyond your reach, you always get dissatisfied with anything that is not perfect, you always find mistakes that are unworthy. Your negative habit of perfectionism can cause distress, uncertainty and anxiety and you will always be worried about your judgement from the others.

You are a fan of  social gatherings for hours

Social networks are the new hangout places for students in the contemporary world. You spend many hours on these social networks, and you gain various unnecessary ideas from there. It could affect your brain, and you may not be able to focus on academics. So, you should make sure to spend less time on social networks, and your primary focus should be on academics. Spending too much time in noisy places and sitting on a chair for a long time could also affect your mental health. You should avoid both of it and should give much importance to your mental health.

You don’t look after your body

If you simply sit it reduces your symptoms of depression- according to a study published in the journal of behaviour therapy and experimental psychiatry. But according to new research, it suggests that good posture increases positive attitude and it also decreases the self-focus in those people who are in mild to moderate depression.

You feel too lazy to do exercise

If you don’t do regular exercise it can easily affect your mental health. If you don’t exercise regularly or you perform no exercise at all, then, there are always chances of you to increase depression and decrease your body temperature. With no physical activity from your body, you will not be able to cope with life stress in a healthy way.

You are always busy using social media

According to a child mind Institute, it says that overuse of social media is promoting and Society in teenagers. Additionally, it is also lowering their self-esteem. Not only teenagers, but it can also affect others too. The Telegraph in a recent survey reports that out of 1500 adults Facebook and Twitter user, in this 62% of participants reported the feeling of inadequacy and other 60% reported jealousy from comparing themselves to other social media users.
The remaining 30% said using these sites has made them feel lonely. Using social media sites can cause serious illness to your mental health. It can increase the risk of depression and anxiety.

You sleep too much or don’t sleep at all

If you sleep too much you will feel lazy all day. Again, if you sleep too little you will feel irritated all day long. Sleeping has a significant effect on our mood. According to a recent study, it has shown that even one week of poor sleep can increase your chance of depression and anxiety. You will feel sad all the time and will be exhausted.

You always feel guilty

The habit of guilt starts from childhood only. You start to act in a particular way that you will feel if you don’t perform a particular task to your friends or family don’t be proud of you. If you hold onto the guilt, then, you won’t be able to move forward. It will always hold you back to your past.

You are in a toxic relationship

Relationship plays a very important role in a person’s life. A healthy relationship can boost you to achieve everything. But if you are in an unhealthy relationship you will always be in a bad mood. Toxic relationships dismiss a person’s mental health and solely focus on the other person. These types of relationships are filled with sabotage and abuse. It’s not only about face to face, but you can have toxic people on your social media account also.

You are always angry

If you are holding on your guilt then there are high chances that you are always holding on anger with you. If you don’t tackle your anger it will start eating you from inside. You will sabotage your relationships. Additionally, you will make your life more hectic.

You are always dependent on others

If you can’t find yourself to do every task alone or you always rely on someone then it means that you are codependent. If you are codependent on others then their every action will affect you badly. You can not resemble it. This way you will always feel anxious and depressed.

You always say hurtful things to yourself

The best way to keep oneself healthy is self-motivation. If you say yourself the harsh or hurtful things your mind will never be healthy. You always say to yourself about the negative word then you will lack self-motivation.

You never ask for help

It is good that you are independent but if you think you are capable of doing everything. Then you are on the wrong path. We are never perfect and always need help throughout life. If you don’t seek help from others then it means that you are building a wall around yourself and distracting yourself from people.

You always compare yourself or you don’t care at all

Comparison as well as not caring at all both the things are harmful to mental health. When you compare yourself with others then you feel the guilt of not performing a particular task. And if you don’t care with anyone then it means that you are trying to keep up with everything. This will increase the stress in you.

You are always surrounded by peoples

If you are always around people. Either, it’s your kids, family, friends or social gathering. Then you never get any time alone. If you don’t take time for yourself whether it’s 10 minutes or 1 hour then you might increase chances of anxiety and depression in yourself.

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You don’t perform a task

If you don’t do a task because you are too afraid that you might fail then you are procrastinating. Procrastination will never allow you to try something new or complete your task. You cannot tackle your problem on your own.

mental health

I have shared some of the habits that can affect Your mental health.
Let’s be positive.

Hence, here sharing you with the tips to Boost Your mental health.

1-Try to have a proper sleep. 6 to 8 hours sleep is recommended healthy.
2-Start your day with coffee or green tea. Consumption of these drinks is linked with lower rates of depression.
3-Try to gratitude yourself daily for the achievements you made.
4-Perform something you are good at to gain self-confidence, then work on your weakness.
5-Try to have a close and qualitative relationship.
6-Take some time to laugh and relax.
7-Exercise at least 20 minutes daily.
8-If something has been bothering you from a long time then pen down it. It reduces symptoms of depression.
9-Eat healthy food.
10-Give at least 10 minutes in a day to yourself alone and have some positive talk.

And there is the long list of things that you can do to keep yourself healthy. Always remember if you will keep yourself mentally healthy then you will keep others happy. is the student-centric company that helps the student in their academic problems and provide them with solutions. During the academic life, you may not be able to write academic assignments on time. In such a situation, you can try our assignment help online and can get first-class coursework written from us.

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