A Parent’s Guide on Teaching the Kids about Winning and Losing


Winning and losing is the part of everyone’s life. Nobody could escape it and nothing could be gained by showing some negative behavior if you lose or win.

As an adult, it is easy for you to understand, however, you may not find your young kid on the same page when it comes to dealing with the winning and losing. It could give you a headache and could harm yours as well as your child’s social image. Keeping the seriousness of this thing in mind, here we will try to give you some tips on teaching the kids about winning and losing.

Boost your kid’s confidence

Some children think themselves as incompetent or inferior if they lose a game. This type of behavior could hurt your kid’s academics as well as professional life.

The best you can do for your kid is to make him or her believe that he or she is good at that game or task. You have to tell him or her that loss does not describe your strengths and winning and losing is the part of life.

Tell the child to learn from the loss

All the successful people have a story behind them where they found themselves losing something. However, the thing that makes them different is they did not give up.

They tried to learn from the mistakes they made. They focused on working on their strengths accordingly and ultimately achieved success. You should tell your child to take inspiration from those people.

Ask them to say no to gloating

Gloating is very common among the young kids. Dwelling on the own’s success and taunting others on their loss is called gloating. You need to teach your child to be a gentleman.

You could encourage your kid to celebrate the success with all the teammates. Moreover, you should ask them to shake hands with the opponents after the game.

You should be by your kid’s side most of the time when they compete with their peers. You should try to instill positive aggression in them and should tell them how negative behavior and mindset could decrease his or her chances of winning.

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