5 Countries that Offer Free or Low Cost Education


In the modern times, education has witnessed many changes. One of these changes are that universities across the world are charging high amount to give you the wealth of education.

However, there are still some countries where you can pursue higher education for free or at low cost. So, let’s try to learn about same countries.

Germany offers free education

Germany is the countries that has emerged as one of the most popular higher education destination among the students. This country has strong economy and has one of the finest education system.

40 universities from Germany rank in the QS World University Rankings. When it comes to the education cost, you don’t have to pay any tuition fee while pursuing an undergraduate degree from the public universities. Furthermore, you have to pay only around $160-265 as university fee to cover the administration cost.

Free and low cost education is available in France

Not most of the students consider France as their higher education destination. However, you could have the thoughts to pursue higher education from this country if you get the idea of the quality of education you could get at an affordable fees.

All you have to pay is $195 as university fees at the undergraduate level. Although most of the courses are taught in French, but French is an easy language to learn. Thus, you could start your undergraduate degree course after learning French.

Greece offers free education to the students from EU/EEA countries

Greece has fine education policies that are much helpful for the students from EU/EEA countries as the as the international ones. Students coming from the EU/EEA countries could study in the public universities for free in Greece. Moreover, you could also get your textbooks for free.

However, you may have to pay fees for some of the master’s degrees. Low cost education is also available for the international students coming from the outside EU countries. The amount you have to spend for this would be around $1600 per year.

Higher education at low cost is possible in India

India is the country where you could find the tuition fee being affordable, living cost won’t bother you much and consumer prices are nominal as well.

You could also get quality education in this country. If we discuss all about education, living cost, etc. in numbers, you have to pay no more than $7,300 per year as an international student. Furthermore, you could find the consumer prices 187% cheaper than in the UK and you could live easily in India with a budget of $5,000 per year.

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Taiwan also offers quality education at an affordable fees

When you could find a Taiwanese university at the joint 68th position in the QA World University Rankings 2016-17, you don’t need to much introduction about the how good experience it could be for you to study in a Taiwanese university.

According the QS Top Universities report, Taiwanese universities charge approximately 3,175-3,900 per year.

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