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Types of University Assignments


There are many types of assignments you could be asked to write during academic life. You need to have the right idea of these assignment types to write it effectively.

Thus, as an assignment help provider, in this article, we will discuss the types of college assignments.


The essay is the type of assignment that you must be already familiar with. It is the write-up in which you have to answer a question and have to present your argument by supporting it with facts. The main audience of an essay is your classmates and academic community.

Case study

The purpose of writing a case study is to investigate a situation, take a look at the positives as well as negatives of something and to recommend something on the basis of the facts shown in the case study. Your audience comprises of professionals, politicians, and public. Instad of academic people always.

Lab or practical report

Lab or practical report is also an assignment that you have to do if you are a science student. In this assignment, you have to explain what you have done in the lab practical and what is your final opinion on the topic. You write it for the fellow students and researchers thinking of doing the same practice could also take inspiration from you.

Literature review

A literature review is an academic paper that holds much importance in academics. In the literature review writing process, you have to find out the key ideas from the literature and give a thought to the current thinking. People like academicians, researchers, and other authors will be your audience.

Review of an article

The main purpose of writing a review of an article is to criticize the data, the research methods, and the results. The audience of the review of an article comprises of your classmates and the people who are interested in the same.

Annotated bibliography

An annotated bibliography is a task in which you have to find the most important items of a topic, have to assess how useful are these items in relating to the topic. Your annotated bibliography is meant for the academicians, researchers and fellow professionals.

Reflective journal

One of the type of assignment you could be asked to write at the university level is a reflective journal. Here, you have to realize whats your understanding and have to reflect on your own thinking. With that, you have to show what and how you have learned something. You are your own audience in the reflective journal.

So, these are the types of assignments you have to work on during academic life. Hope you find it useful.

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