Year-Round Schooling: Pros and Cons


Year round schooling is something that has been the topic of many debates in the past. Its a schooling system in that children go to school for same number of days as the students from a traditional school. But there is one difference, that is a year round school runs throughout the year, although students get frequent breaks in between but these breaks are not like traditional 10 to 12 week summer break, these are small breaks that last for two to three weeks after two or three months of schooling. Thats why educationists and parents havent been able to decide whether this system is good for the kids of not but this debate doesnt seem to end. So, lets have a look at the pros and cons of YRS system and try to know why this debate is getting longer.

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Pros of year-round schooling

 No summer break means less chances of losing learning

 Summer break is something in which students get the chance to have fun with their family and friends for a longer period of time while studying in a traditional school. But there are also chances that kids can forget what they learnt throughout the year and teachers have to work hard with them again to help them in getting to the same level. However, its not same in year round schooling as children attend school all year and learn daily without any long break.

 No need of summer school programs

 It has been seen that some traditional schools come up with summer school programs during summer to keep the students familiar with the whatever they learnt during the classes. So, that they move to the next class without losing the concepts they have learnt. On the flip side, there is no need for such programs with year round schooling as students learn throughout the year.

 Regular breaks allow teachers and students feel refreshed

 The third major point that goes in the favor of YRS system is that teachers and students dont get bored and tired of school as they get regular breaks to enjoy their hobbies and do some other work and come back to school with a fresh mind.

 Cons of year round schooling

 Not ideal for the students who find it hard to concentrate

 The first disadvantage of YRS system is that its not suitable for the students who face problem in attending lectures of long hours due to some disability or lack of interest. The main reason of extended classes is to give students more time for learning but if a student is not ready then its just useless.

 Unsurety about child care

 In the year round schooling system, there is no surety that a kid will get the chance to spend time with family as there is a possibility that kids holidays dont match with the parents holiday and kid could miss the right childcare and quality family time.

 It could affect family budget

 Last disadvantage of YRS system is that when kids get frequent breaks at school, their parents also have to take holidays from work. Sometimes, some parents take the services of childcare solution providers if they dont have relatives or friends to watch over their kids. This way spending increase and affects family budget. In addition, an older student cant do job like the traditional school students do during summer because its obvious that year round school goers wont get much time to do a full-time job.

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