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Having nightmares every night due to exams? Don’t worry, You’re not alone!


Hi Everyone! I hope you all are doing well. In this blog post, I am going to talk about something which haunts almost every student. Yes, you got it right. I am talking about experiencing nightmares every night due to exams. But, there is no need to worry as this is a part of every students life during academic years. Many students also have nightmares every night due to pending assignments. There is an instant solution to vanish such nightmares, and that is to take assignment help. There are experts available online who will help you with your assignments.

We all know that we feel a bit of anxiety before exams. This anxiety sometimes appears itself in the form of a dream. Indeed, this is the real cause for experiencing nightmares every night before our exams. This could sometimes, cause unwanted stress in our mind. Exam nightmares are so real that we actually wake up convinced we just failed an exam. Or sometimes, we are to complete pending assignments, and the deadlines haunt us. When exams approach faster, it’s natural to have nightmares every night. Are they causing you insignificant stress? Or are they interrupting your sleep on a regular basis? If so, it’s crucial to dig more into the subject.

In this blog, I am going to shed light upon following points:

  • What are Nightmares?
  • What do exams related nightmares mean?
  • Types of nightmares every night related to exams
  • How to stop having nightmares?

What are Nightmares?

A nightmare is a disturbing dream associated with negative feeling. This feeling includes anxiety or fear that awakens you. We often associate nightmares with bad dreams. But this is not the case. Nightmares are often more intense and evocative than bad dreams. Nightmares are usually accompanied by discomfort and physical panic. After a nightmare, a person usually wakes up from sleep. After that, he/she could not go back to sleep. Though there are many reasons behind experiencing nightmares every night. But, I will be talking about it in the context of academics.

Exams related nightmares are associated with a person being afraid of something unwelcome aspect of upcoming exams. In the context of exams, it usually happens that a person conjures up adverse outcomes. Then, he tries to escape these thoughts by suppression. Also, many a time, we could not perform up to the mark. Or things don’t turn up according to our desire or wish. This is the very potential cause of nightmares. As a famous neurologist, Sigmund Freud said: “Unfulfilled and suppressed desires or wishes manifest themselves in dreams.”

Nightmares are directly correlated with the stress in our life. The fear of being failed, of getting poor grades, humiliation, etc. All such thoughts produce nightmares.

What do exams related nightmares mean?

If you have a nightmare related to exams, you know what exactly it is. Almost every student go through some bitter experiences of exams nightmare.

It’s not a single but a cycle of nightmares every night. Those who have such nightmares, they continue even decades after formal education. But such nightmares occur at times when they’re facing scrutiny by others. In our society, exams are the primary factor through we judged or evaluated. This thing persists as our dreams shorthand for further performance and competence.

Some people don’t care about academic performance. But might have interest in theater or music from a young age. For such individuals, nightmares are likely to take the form of “audition dream.” Or learned the wrong part of a script.

How common are exams related nightmares?

We often experience nightmares every night just before our exams. Many research studies have shown that many people have at least one exam nightmare. It varies from people to people. This depends on a person’s age. Though exams related nightmares are very common among students, the affect they produce vary from person to person. Exams often signify the fear of negative thoughts.

Can someone do anything to prevent themselves from dreaming about exams in their future?

One has to think about nightmares every night. The next step is to decide that they are unnecessary anxiety. One thing that can influence is bedtime suggestion. You can tell yourself that “I have prepared well for the exams,” “Everything will going to be fine,” “These are unnecessary self-doubts” Or “Even if dream occurs, I will dream about acing the exam.” Such thoughts can indeed wake you up empowered.

However, you can try and work out why are you currently worried. Just work out the waking issues. I think this will cease the nightmare itself.

Are these nightmares helpful or unhelpful?

Nightmares every night about exams may reflect insecurity and unnecessary worries. It’s worth thinking that is there anything you are neglecting. Or if there is any way you could better avoid those worries.These nightmares could be helpful if you reflect back on them. Try to understand the cause behind these nightmares.

Are these nightmares ever severe?

Obviously, nightmares related to the exam are flagrantly unpleasant. However, they are not much frequent or terrifying enough to be a severe problem. If you are facing significant stress by such dreams, then some general anxiety treatment or stress reduction may benefit you.

Reasons of these nightmares



When your teacher lets you down

This could be really stressful. Some students are of introvert personality. They wonder what if their teacher ask them to speak in front of a class. They afraid of being humiliated. This constant anxiety in mind could take a form of nightmares. And indeed such nightmare can haunt anyone to a great extent.

When you’ve got no time left

They say time flies when you have fun, but there is no fun sitting in an exam. Sometimes, nightmares could take this form. You wake up with pounding heart and sweat all over the body. You may be in a deep sleep when such dreams occur. Sitting in an exam when you come to know that you’ve got no time left. Such thoughts are really frightful.

When you look at the exam and recoil in fear

No one is really aware of the questions in real exam. Such thoughts haunt us all. This may take the shape of a nightmare. You could be sleeping when you see all blank faces while turning over their test papers. And realized that they had not prepared at all. Or if you prepared, there is still which you don’t know. You cannot change the way you dream. But surely, you can change things in real life. Whatever you do, don’t panic.

When you get sick during exam time

It’s frustrating to get a dream about falling ill during exams. During exams time, students have many sorts of anxieties. Going through such nightmares can wake us up in the middle of the night. But if such thing happens in real life, you don’t have time to waste. Just write down all your assignments and reading. Read them in the order of importance. You can choose specific topics to skim.

When you can’t sleep

Dreaming about unable to sleep due to exams are really stressful. However, you should remember that  good sleep is a key to doing well on exams. A good sleep improves memory and the ability to concentrate. If any such dream occurs to you, don’t panic! But try and change the situation in real life. To maximize your performance, try to get  8 hours of sleep before exams.

When you have piles of assignments

Sometimes, you may get a nightmare about pending assignments. You could dream about submitting assignments before the due date. But you have not completed them yet. If such thing happens in real life, there is no need to worry. In such situations, you can opt to take assignment help online.

How to prevent exam nightmares?




Nightmares are very frightful no matter to whom it is related. Nightmares can affect the quality of your sleep. It’s important to understand the causes of nightmares before you can begin to treat them.

Treat any underlying disorders

Many a time, nightmares occur due to some severe medical conditions. If so, go to the doctor and diagnose the real problem. You should receive treatment to prevent nightmares.

A drug known as Prazosin is often prescribed to alleviate nightmares. However, it’s essential that you consult a doctor before taking any such medication.

Avoid eating before bed

Eating just before going to bed can trigger exams nightmares. Food speeds up the process of metabolism. It sends the signal to your mind to become more active. Therefore, it’s a good idea to avoid any food before bed, especially during exams.

Reduce Stress

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness techniques can help us manage nightmares well. These techniques help our mind to calm. Nightmares usually occur due to uneasiness or anxieties in our mind. But slowing down and pause for some minutes can help you to get things back on track. Also, they can help you to be more productive at handling things which bothers you. You can do yoga before you sleep. This will help you to unwind and put your mind at ease. These techniques are also better for your health and sleep cycle.

Taking a bath before bed can help you to unwind. Try to make this a routine. I am sure you will not regret this habit.

Improve your sleep

Though nightmares can cause sleep deprivation, sleep deprivations can also cause nightmares. Following are the few steps which you can take to improve the quality of your sleep

Make your bedroom a relaxing environment

Organized everything in your bedroom. Keep it neat and tidy. Make sure your bed is comfortable. Try and make your room noise free. Continuous noise can cause the disturbance in your mind. This disturbance could later manifest itself into nightmares. Reserve your bedroom for sleeping only. Working and doing other activities in your bedroom may cause you to associate it with stress.

Get more physical exercise

Go ahead and do some exercise. Make yourself tire enough that you fall asleep just after lying down on a bed. Exercise is a great way to improve your sleep. However, you can find any enjoyable activity. It could be anything. From dancing, running, painting to spending time in your hobby.

Cut caffeine, alcohol and nicotine intake

These things can interfere with your quality of sleep. They directly affect your mind. So it’s a good idea to cut them out. Try avoiding drinking, smoking at least less than 3 hours before bedtime.

Think happy thoughts

As you go to sleep, try to think positive thoughts. Try and consider all the positives that come to you during the day. Think that whatever you have learned, it will retain in memory. Try and imagine yourself passing an exam with good grades. Also, you can imagine getting your dream job. This will also motivate you to work harder to achieve your goals. Before you sleep, try to visualize positive thoughts. This would help to get positives dreams.

Final words

It’s very common to experience nightmares every night during exams time. But I have mentioned some useful information to manage and overcome such horrors. The best way to deal with exams nightmares is to accept that they don’t exist in real world. They are just in dreams. Try and understand that in the real world, things are in your control. You can study thoroughly and happily overcome the fear and anxiety that such nightmares produce. In case, you are having nightmares due to your projects, unending assignments or incomplete homework, you can choose to take online assignment help. In case you have any doubt regarding anything, you can directly contact us on our website or you can take help from our expert writers. Thanks for reading!

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