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What type of person am I? This question has various answers depending upon the person who is asking this. Today I am going to talk about some personality traits possessed by different students around the world. Being a student, one should be aware of his/her own self. We as a human, easily judge the person sitting next to us but are not conscious about self.

Self-awareness is vital for every human. Be it a school student, college student or an adult earning money. Most of the people reading this blog may think that they know the answer to this question. But do you really know the answer to the question, What type of person am I? Let us find out how much you are self-aware. The blog will discuss everything about human personality. You will read all about personality and personality traits. Further, you will see some questions which you need to ask yourself to find the answer to the question, “What type of person am I

What is personality?

First things first, What is personality? We all must be having our own definition for the personality. Some of us relate it with physical appearance and others think it as the behaviour of a person in different environments. Let’s find out what psychology has to say about personality. According to psychology, personality can be defined as a unique combination of different patterns that has an impact on behaviour, thought, emotion and motivation in humans.

The word “personality” has its roots in Latin. It is a Latin word which means, Persona. Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician was the one who first studied personality. You will be amazed to know that he divided the personality traits into four temperaments. He associated each temperament with a body fluid. Yellow bile is for grumpy, Black bile is for melancholy, Phlegm is for calm and Blood is for cheer. These body fluids were collectively named as humors. Are you feeling disgusted with the name of juices? It is quite normal. This theory was disregarded by later psychologists. But provided a path for various discoveries on human personality. 

Students who are pursuing a psychology degree program may be aware of the things I am going to discuss in this blog. If they want further help, take psychology assignment help online.

Various approaches to study Personality

There are various theories and approaches by famous psychologists that study the personality. I will not go deep into this. You just need to have a helicopter view of all these theories to get an idea about it.

Psychodynamic theory: Proposed by Sigmund Freud. This theory states that human behaviour is a result of the three mind components known as Id, Ego and Superego.

Neo Freudian: Theorists such as Adler, Erikson, Jung, and Horney took up Freud’s approach and worked on it and proposed that social and cultural environment also has a role in developing the personality of a human.

Learning theories: Behaviorism is a theory that comes under this. This theory states that an individual’s actions are responses of the external stimuli. Another theory under learning theories is the social learning theory. According to it, the behaviour is determined through the cognitive abilities of an individual for the world around him or her.

Humanistic theory: This theory states that free will has a role in determining the behaviour of an individual

Biological theories: These theories imply that genetics and the brain has a role in shaping personality.

So, these are the main theories based on personality. I hope you have got the idea of personality. To read about these theories in detail, refer apa.org. Students who are engaged in any psychology course should read this blog further, it may help them a lot. 

Here you need to understand one thing that your personality is the sum of environment, society and culture. All three things differ from country to country. Therefore, What type of a person you are also depending on these three factors as well.

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Self-awareness – a key to understanding your own personality

What type of person am I? The answer to this question depends upon self-awareness. Those who are aware of self they are aware of their personality. A person who is self-aware knows about his or her weaknesses and strengths, emotions, motivations, beliefs, and thoughts. people who are self-aware easily understand other people and have empathy for them.

Now the question arises how and why self-awareness is important for students. First of all, students who are reading this blog should know that self-awareness leads to a positive attitude in life. You will make good choices if you are having self-awareness. There are some reasons that explain how self-awareness is a determining factor of personality.

Students who are overwhelmed with the school activities and daily life, give up more easily. They develop a habit of procrastination and put scarce efforts while performing any academic task. If you are having such a negative attitude, you need a change and for that, you must be aware of self.

Lack of self-awareness results in poor personality. students often don’t have an idea of their complete potential. They tend to be less confident and perform poorly in academics. If you become self-aware and know your positive and negative points then you might end up being a confident person in life.

Self-awareness helps in the sharpening of skills. Some students might have good writing skills and lack of verbal skills. If you are aware of your personality and self, then you can work on your weak points to make them better.

“What kind of person am I?” Based on personality traits

Knowing yourself will let you know what personality traits match with your personality. There are mainly five big personality traits. You need to know about them.

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Openness to experience

A person having this type of personality helps them to experience a broad range of activities and interests. Such people are willing to try to most unusual things. People having such qualities are having an intellectual mind, sensitive to beauty.

  • Creative people with great ideas.
  • Try new things without having any second thought.
  • Tackle challenges quite easily.
  • Think in a different manner.


Those students who are having this trait are thoughtful and goal-directed. They have a dutiful nature and have good control over themselves. People who are having a high level of conscientiousness are organized and keen observers. Such students have good planning abilities and look at how their behaviour affects others.

  • Do a lot of preparing, take time for making plans.
  • Focused on finishing tasks as quickly as possible.
  • Attentive towards minute details.
  • They have a set schedule for each task.


Such students are highly energetic or I should say get energy when they are into the external world. People with this personality trait have enthusiasm and action taking a person. These people are social and talkative and represent emotions quite well.

  • Loves to be a centre of attention.
  • Confident in meeting new people.
  • Initiate new conversations.
  • Make new friends with ease.
  • A big circle of friends and family.
  • Always energetic even with strangers.
  • Impulsive even while they speak, never think twice.


These people are trustworthy, kind and helpful. They are considerate towards others feelings and generous too. You will find these types of people to have a compromising nature. They will compromise their interests for others.

  • Shows interest in other people.
  • Caring and empathy towards others.
  • Always find happiness in helping others. 
  • Find happiness in social works.
  • Always ready to help those who are in need.


This trait represents sadness, moodiness, and emotional instability in a person. Most of the students develop this trait due to peer pressure or because of unsuccessful relationships with friends or family. Such people remain anxious, irritated most of the time.

  • Experience distress most of the time.
  • Always anxious about various things.
  • Paranoid about various acts.
  • Quick mood shifts.
  • Gets upset easily.

These are the five big personality traits. You will see various people having one of these traits. Some people do possess a mixture of these traits. Now I guess you will get the answer to the question, “What type of person am I?”. 

What type of person am I? Take a test now

Students are curious to know about their personality. They are eager to explore themselves more. But even after reading the above personality traits, most of the students won’t be able to figure out their personality. That is quite normal. No need to worry about it. There are various types of personality tests available online which you can take to find out the answers to the question What type of person am I?

Following types of questions, one will find when they take online what type of person am I quiz.
  • What do you think about yourself?
  • What will you do when you see a person you know but don’t like?
  • Decide your favourite film genre.
  • what will you do when your mom will say to go and do something?
  • Whom do you love the most?
  • What you hate the most?
  • Who is your best friend?
  • What will you do if someone betrays you?
  • What would you like to eat, liver or cow guts?
  • Why don’t you have a male/female best friend?
  • What would you say in reply when someone says Hello to you?
  • What are your views about yourself?
  • Which career will suit you the best?
  • What will you love to do in the times when you get bored?
  • Which flower attracts you the most?
  • From whom you get the inspiration?
  • Your favourite type of body workout.
  • Name your zodiac sign.
  • what is your favourite fruit? Why do you like it the most?

With the help of these questions you can have the better idea of your personlity.

Benefits of knowing the answer of, “What type of person am I?”

Knowing about one’s personality will lead to a better life. Following are the benefits one can have after knowing the self.

Identify emotions 

Self-awareness of emotions is very important. if you can recognize your own emotions then you can control it well.

Correct self-perception

You need to have a good self-perception. Self-perception leads to reality. To have a better self-perception be open for feedback.

Know your strength

When you know your personality, you will have a good idea of your strengths as well as weaknesses. Students who are aware of these two things will achieve great success in their life.


When you are having a good idea of strengths and weaknesses, you will be having amazing self-confidence. Self-confidence will lead to better career opportunities for students.

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