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Ten Commenly Confused Words


There are many words in English that sound or look similar. For example, advice and advise. Both of these words sound same and has almost same spelling as well. It leads to many people getting confused and using the same word while writing about different situation or things.

These small mistakes could prove much harmful for you in the academics and could also mar your reputation in the professional life. Thus, as an assignment help online provider, here, we will discuss the ten words that we often get confused about.

Accept and Except

Accept is the word that is used to show agreement, or to receive or do something.

Except gets used for something that is not included. People often mistake it to the word accept.

Complement and Compliment

These are the two words even i get confused of often. A small mistake in writing a letter could change the whole meaning of the word.

The word complement gets used to refer to an addition that improves something.

When it comes to the other word compliment, it is a remark that is used to admire something.

Cue and Queue

Although cue is not the word that is popular in use, however, you might make a mistake while writing this word. Thus, it is a must for you to understand these words.

Cue is the word that is used to a show a signal for action.

Queue is the word you must be familiar with, it refers to a line of the people or vehicles.

Desert and Dessert

It is also a pair of word that you may get confused about much often.

Desert means a waterless or empty area. You can also use it to refer to something that is abandoned.

Dessert means the sweets that you eat after a meal.

Discreet and Discrete

Discreet is the word that is used to refer to a person who is careful of not to get attention.

On the other side, discrete means something that is distinct.

Dual and Duel

Dual is the word that is used to refer something that has two parts. For example, a dual sim phone.

You can use duel for a fight or contest between two people.

Exercise and Exorcise

Exercise is the word that gets used to refer to the physical workout we do in the gym.

Exorcise has the different meaning from exercise just like the spelling and it means to take out an evil spirit.

Lose and Loose

Lose is a verb that means to not being able to find something.

If you add one more “o” in the word lose, it becomes loose and it is used to refer to something that is not tight.

Principal and Principle

The first word principal is used to refer to the head of the school that you use in everyday life.

The other principle refers to a fundamental belief or rule.

Stationery and Stationary

You use the word stationery to refer to the writing materials.

And stationary can be used to refer to something that is not moving.

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