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Should UK universities change their education system for international students?


As we all know the UK is one of the most demanded hubs of education of international students. Especially from Asia, some countries like China and India have been supplying potential students to the UK universities. So what does make the educational system of this country advanced? The reasons are – the growth which has always been an indispensable part of its standing, and the important factor of demand is the protection of traditional values and teaching methods.

Difficulties Faced by International Students

The United Kingdom is the mother place of English language and unfortunately, students from overseas are not capable to reach the high standards of the schools they are admitted to. The first challenge is the English language. Most of the times international students have not mastered in English grammar and vocabulary, which creates major problems to express themselves, understand the lectures, and write significant papers according to stern academic standards.

Though they attend language support classes, but they are not efficient sufficiently as they don’t concentrate on some specific terminology. Also adjustment to an absolutely changed culture is another confronts that foreign students face.

These are the major questions that why should the British educational system be adapted to the requirements of overseas students.

Why should the universities of the UK acclimatize to the requirements of international students?

The advanced culture for education in the UK allures thousands of international students. But their native countries are not also far away from the skills and knowledge that they obtain in the UK. Thus, the compulsory requirement for changes, many British universities are building a “pathway” year that attracts foreign students to get extra support in order to surpass language, cultural, and academic barriers. It is a promising initiating point that can convey better results.

On the other hand, the objective of making overseas students experience comfort in the UK universities is not accomplished entirely with this noteworthy change. It becomes more imperative for the universities to motivate social adjustment and engagement through various activities that unite all the cultures together. Social networks, as an essential part of students’ lives and also it can become part of the efforts to aid students adjust to the new surroundings.

In spite of that these steps bring changes in terms of social adaptation, students from foreign countries still have barriers to adjust with the high academic standards of the UK universities. It leads us to another significant issue: should there be course adaptation for overseas students?

Certain things that should not be changed in the UK educational systems.

Students from other countries have to undergo certain tests that calculate their capabilities before taking admission in a UK university. In addition to that most of them get support with language and socialization upon their entrance. Nevertheless, they still face barriers with the courses as the gap between the new educational standards and the system they belong to is too great to exceed.

Universities should offer all required support to foreign students, but they must never lesser their academic standards.

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