Why UK Universities are Worth for International Students?


Now, the United Kingdom becomes an education hub for international students irrespective of its size. It is the second largest hub for students after the United States – according to the Institute of International Education’s Project Atlas. 480,000 international students have come to the UK during 2012-2013 from China, India and the US also.

Below I am going to explain some eventual facts international students should know about the universities of the country.

  1. Students who know what they want to study – The U.K. is a good place to choose.In the US, students can take sundry of courses before taking a decision for major subject. But in the UK, students need to take a deep dive into their subject from the beginning. Many students who come to the UK to study a particular subject and they spend their entire undergraduate career focusing on that particular subject.

So the consequence is students always apply for a particular subject at the university, rather than to the university usually. But if a student wishes to change to another different subject to that which he or she applied before, they have to apply again for the new subject and we at AllAssignmenthelp provide the best support for their different subjects to get a best results .

  1. Students can anticipate a common application system.

Both domestic students and students from overseas can apply through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, called UCAS of the UK. A very exceptional speciality of the UK universities is, some universities allow a common application to apply for the education in both the UK and USA at the same time, yet some allow to apply the UK universities only.

All applications of UCAS will need some details like grades and a personal statement explaining a student’s goal for selecting his or her subject. The British Council is an organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities that bring foreign students with information about studying in the UK universities have minimum stipulations for English language ability, and some will specify an extra exam or interviews for students’ selection.

  1. Save your money and time by studying in the UK.

Tuition fees in the UK from 9,000 pounds to 15,000 pounds while in the US it varies about $14,000 to about $24,000 – per year, depending on the college and excluding room and board. It also varies from university to university means the figure can be less than at many private U.S. schools.

Another leverage of many programs in the UK is, with the exception of Scotland, certification of bachelor’s degrees after three years, which means students from overseas can save a year’s of tuition fee.

  1. Students from overseas can work while studying.

International students can work part time or full time on holidays who study a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate degree course at a recognized university. They are allowed to work part time up to 20 hours a week and full-time on a student visa.

And unlike in the US, where foreign students face severe guidelines governing when it’s allowable to work off campus, in the UK they can work anywhere and can find a job.

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