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The UK is majorly known for the English language, cricket and source of the highest-ranked universities in the world. The UK is the choice for thousands of youths to study for. Every year thousands of international students get enrolled in the UK university. With the vast range of Institutions present in the country, sometimes it becomes difficult for a student to know the higher education pattern of the country. So, you don’t need to worry further. will provide you with all the information regarding your higher education in the UK. Consequently, you will get the concept clear and understand the education system in a better manner.

Different types of Institutions for higher education

There are two different types of Higher Education bodies in the UK. The first body is of degree-awarding, those are recognised bodies such as universities and colleges. Besides, other bodies are non-degree programs that are the listed body. So, before applying you should be confirmed about the exact nature and details of the prospective course you are applying for. You should gather all the essential information required for your institution.

Recognised bodies – universities and colleges for higher education

While talking about degree-awarding institutions in the UK those are the Universities and colleges. There is a total of 160 Universities and colleges across the UK. These Universities and colleges offer almost every study programs in all the fields. Further, they offer courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate level. The recognised bodies are permitted to award the students to bachelors, masters or doctoral degree qualification. Additionally, the Other selected higher education award depending on the nature of the institution can also be awarded.

Listed bodies and other institutions for higher education

When we talk about the listed bodies then you should know that this institution does not have the power to award degrees. These institutions offer different vocationally- oriented and other bridging programs. The programs offered by the Institutions may directly lead to employment or a degree program. Further, it may also focus on developing as a specific, technical skillset.


These are different numbers of qualification that are offered in the UK as undergraduate programs. In addition, these programs may include bachelors, degree Foundation degree, diploma of Higher Education, certificate of Higher Education and Higher National Diploma.

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Bachelor’s degree in Higher Education

A bachelor’s degree is usually a three years study program for a full-time student. Firstly, in the bachelor’s degree program students complete the program in their general area of study. After, they Select specialisation in their focus area of study. The area of focus in higher education is called majors or honours. For example, a normal bachelor’s degree will be called Bachelor of Science (BSc) whereas, in majors, a subject will be awarded as honours. For example, BSc(Honours).
If you are studying in Scotland then, an honours degree takes the time of 4 years to complete the study than an ordinary 3 years course.

Foundation degree for Higher Education

Foundation degree is that field of academic that comprises of academic course work with practicals. Besides, it also comprises of work-based learning with an employer. To summarize, it is taken as a program in itself.

Diploma courses for Higher Education

There are different diploma courses available for the students. They may opt for a diploma of Higher Education or higher National Diploma programs. Also, these programs can be used as the qualification for entry into the third year of degree programs. Meanwhile, Diploma in higher education programs are usually academic but they are mostly linked towards a specific profession. For example, nursing or social work. However, higher National Diploma program offers studies in more general areas.

Higher education certificate

Students with a certificate of Higher Education are considered with the most basic qualification at the undergraduate level. Indeed, students with this award can take entry in to the University, Foundation degree, diploma in higher education, or full Honours degree.


Just like undergraduate, there is a number of postgraduate programmes that are offered for the students studying in the UK. The students pursuing the post-graduation programs can choose masters degree, doctorate program. Moreover, they can also choose between the different number of postgraduate diploma, professional and vocational qualifications. Apart from this, there is a number of conversion courses.

Master’s degree for higher education

Master degree programs are either taught or research-based program. However, The programs are of typically one-year duration.

Postgraduate certificate and diploma for Higher Education

The postgraduate certificate and diploma act as bridging qualifications for the master’s degree. Moreover, they might also be served to build upon skills and knowledge gained in the undergraduate study. Then, there are different professional and vocational programs offered. These programs are based on improving practical, employment-based skills required for specific jobs.

Conversion courses for Higher Education

These are the vocational programs. These programs allow graduates to change their area of study. Above all, The programs allow gaining knowledge required for the workplace or entry into another program of study.

PhD and pre PhD courses

PhD is the highest qualification offered by the UK institution. It may take up to seven years to complete a doctorate program.
Pre PhD courses are offered by very limited institutions. Besides, it offers the international students for the comprehensive preparation for those who are pursuing PhD or doctoral degree in the UK.

Academic culture at the UK Higher Education

The academic culture in the UK gives importance to the initiative. It expects the students to follow their Course work and manage their academic progress independently.
Moreover, there are different classes that involve both lecture and seminar component. Later, the professors set weekly readings and assignments task that have the intention to check the students command over the subject or topic. These assignments are graded. In addition, the assignments may vary. Consequently, they can be of research essays or extended investigations.
Some of the universities have an internet study portal. As well, through these portals, students have to attend their online classes and submit their assignment. Students can opt according to their choice.

Grading system


70% + first-class marks
60-69.99 upper second class marks
50-59.99 lower second class marks
40-49.99 3rd class maths
0-39.99 fail


70%+ distinction
60-69% merit
40-59% pass
0-39 fail

I don’t think there is any complication regarding the higher education system in the UK. Then start browsing for Top UK universities to study for the best future.

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