How I got First Class Honor at University of Melbourne?

University of Melbourne

Sam Xiang is a student from the University of Melbourne. He got first class honor in the recent university exams. It is something that makes Sam a role model for thousands of students who aspire to get to first class honors. What makes Sam’s story even more inspiring and interesting is that he is from Hong kong. It means he is unfamiliar with what University of Melbourne offers to the students. So, through this write-up, let’s learn about Sam’s journey of getting Australian Visa to getting a first class honor.

Sam Xiang

Hi folks! I had this dream of studying in an Australian university since childhood. Maybe it is because my mother is from Australia. So, yeah, the love for Australia is in my genes. But, it is clear that having an Australian mom and having love for this country was never going to help me. So, I just did what a smart person would have done, and that is efforts! Now, after achieving first class honor in the university of Melbourne, I feel a sense of satisfaction.

So, if you are interested, you can read my story from being an Australian fanboy to an Australian university topper here. Oh, forgot to mention my subject and year! I am an amateur writer indeed. Well, coming back to the point, I am a first-year biology student at the University of Melbourne.

Journey of my visa application to reaching Australia

I applied for my course as soon as the applications were opened at the University of Melbourne. Much to my happiness, my application was accepted. After that, I got the acceptance letter from the university. What’s next? I applied for Visa. Visa was granted as I had fulfilled all the requirements related to it from financial to health requirements. Furthermore, my English was good as well.

University of Melbourne

After that, I took the flight to Australia, and in around nine hours I found myself flying over Melbourne. Next, I went to my aunt’s place in Melbourne who was responsible for helping me find a place to live. They did a great job and still support me whenever I am in trouble.

Faculty and the difficulty of the studies

You are aware that Australian universities are not short of the highly qualified faculty. Infrastructure also meets the global standards. So, I would say the same when it comes to the faculty at the University of Melbourne. I am glad to say that I am learning from the teachers who have years of experience. They also don’t laze around and stay ready to help the students.

One of the things that I like about University of Melbourne is its calm and cool environment. Students are friendly here, and I find the libraries peaceful enough to study. University management has done well in providing the students with the best in everything.

Studying in Australia is fairly difficult as it is famous for providing quality education. However, you have excellent faculty, fine infrastructure, and assignment writing helpers to help you in the study. So, all you need to do is efforts, and you will find it easy.

What techniques did I use for my exam preparation?

University of Melbourne

My routine around two weeks before exams

  • First of all, I ensured that I had the complete idea of the exam dates and time. I also started making efforts to collect the reliable study material. Furthermore, I found my stationary was also intact before the exams.
  • As it was my first university exam (Australian university exam to be precise), I was focused on to find the types of questions I have to answers in the exams. My efforts were also on to find out which topics and chapters may come in the exams. Old exam papers could give me an idea of the same. So, I didn’t bother to wait for anything. I just gathered the exam papers from the previous years.
  • It is right that I have had studied whole year. But, I recognized the exam revision lectures were most crucial for me to deal with the exams. It helped me a lot as I got to quick review what I had studied the whole year. I also made sure that my notes were complete and ready to feed in my mind.
  • One of my plans was to practice answering the exams questions before the exams. I wanted to do it because it is helpful in learning to complete an answer on time. I am glad did it successfully.

What did I do during the Swat Voc?

Swat Voc is the time that I wanted to use effectively. Reason? It is the time when I am free from university and get 24 hours to prepare for the exams. But, of course, I didn’t study 24 hours to get first class honor in the University of Melbourne. All I did is:

  1. Made a timetable and did revisions sticking to it
  2. At times, I studied alone to study efficiently, and when I found myself bored or lacking motivation, then I joined my friend circle for the group study. Both of these methods helped me a lot.
  3. I also had it in mind not to take too much stress of the exams. For that, I already had the idea that worrying will not do anything (I am a master of philosophy, contact me to attend my sessions, LOL). Along with that, I gave proper attention to my diet. I avoided junk food for at least ten days during the exams, and my intake was healthy and light food only.
  4. Moreover, I exercised every morning after taking at least 7 hours sleep each night.
  5. Drinking lots of water was also my mission. I completed that successfully.

How was the night before the exam for me? Horrific or wow it’s a fine night!

Well, neither that night terrified me, nor it was too cool. You are already aware that I am cooler than cucumber mates! So, what I did the night before the exam? Learn below:

  • I recited the main points of each topic. Also, I checked my recall against the notes.
  • I ensured not to cram any topic. An expert had suggested me not to do that as it may affect my memory of what I learned in the past few days.
  • Next, I had a good dinner, packed my bag and fell asleep without worrying anything.

What worked for me during the reading time in the exam day?

  1. First of all, I did a complete overview of the question paper right after getting it. I read the questions carefully and did the same for the instructions.
  2.  Next, I focused on to calculate the time I need to spend attempting each question. For example, I planned to spend around 30 minutes on the 20 marks questions. Also, I wanted around 15 minutes time to review the answer paper at the end of the exam. I am glad that everything went as per my plan.
  3. I went with the general rule when it comes to selecting which questions to answers first. In other words, I planned to answer such questions first which I found easy and most important.

What are the best tips to attempt the exam?

So after reading time comes writing time. What could be the right way to deal with the question when you are ready for writing? Let me give you some tips in this section of the assignment.

University of Melbourne

  • Firstly attempt the questions that seem piece of cake for you. It will allow you to work fast in the initial stage of the exam. The result would be, you will get lots of time to attempt the tough question. It is the trick that I used effectively.
  • Why would I write 200 words for an answer when I can sum it up in 100 words? Well, I will get my marks cut for that. Yes! So, don’t be over-smart! Stick to the rules, write according to the word limit and you can get a first class honor like me.
  • One of the things I gave most importance to while writing is to answer all parts of the question. For example, if the question is, how and why modern cricket is different from the old times, then you should describe both how and why in the answer.
  • Good handwriting also plays key role fetching you high grades. My handwriting already a gem, so I did not cause difficulty for the examiners.
  • One more thing I would suggest you is to draw the diagrams right if you have a subject like me (read biology or math). Furthermore, you should make sure your calculations and use of formula are correct.

How I got my assignments completed on time

One of the things that gave me a headache during the exam preparation is the assignments. I don’t know whether the professors all over the world have a grudge with the students. But, when they assign the writing tasks at the exam time, it seems like they have. In my case, I had to complete my assignment in two days. Although, I am a smart student, but I am still a human.

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So, it was my story from joining University of Melbourne to getting first class honor. Hope you enjoyed it. If you have better idea of how to crack the University of Melbourne exams, then you can share it with us in the comments. I would like to learn from you!