Things to Ponder About Human Resource Management


Human resource management has always faced prejudice as a career option. It was seen as a paper pusher role. However, today, every business understands the essential role HRM plays in their organization. Moreover, human resource departments are more dynamic than ever that continuously formulate long-term development strategies. Furthermore, there are several hats HR wears but the aim is always to protect the most valuable asset of the company, its people. Before you start your career in human resource management, there are certain things that you must know.

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What is Human Resource Management?

The practice of hiring, deploying, managing, and recruiting employees in an organization is called human resource management. We often call it human resources in laymen’s language. Moreover, this department creates, executes, and oversees the policies that govern the employees and their relationship with the organization and vice-versa. Furthermore, in the early 1900s, the term human resources were initially used. They view employees as the assets of the company and business. Hence, we can call employees human capital.

In addition to this, the goal is always to bring the best out of the employees with reduced risk and increased return on investment (ROI). Today, we refer to human resources as human capital management. The term is widely used by large and midsized companies.

How Does Human Resource Management Work?

Human resource management is run by dedicated HR professionals. Moreover, they take care of every HR-related activity. Every organization has a human resource department that varies in structure, size, and nature of the positioning of each individual. Furthermore, smaller organizations have fewer HR professionals who take care of a lot of things. However, bigger organizations have more specialized roles within the department. Here, every individual has a dedicated duty to perform such as recruitment, immigration, talent management, compensation, visa handling, and a lot more.

Given below are some of the major human resources job titles:

  • HR Assistant
  • Recruiter
  • HR business partner
  • Recruiting coordinator
  • Sourcer
  • HR manager
  • Compensation specialist/manager
  • Benefits specialist/manager
  • Talent management specialist/manager
  • Recruiting manager
  • Immigration specialist
  • LoA and accommodation specialist
  • HR technology/process project program manager
  • Learning and development specialist/manager
  • HR analytics specialist/manager

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Significant Purpose of Human Resource Development

The key reason why every organization put an HRD framework is to make the skills and knowledge of the employees working there better. The mission starts right when the company hire a new employee and continues as the employee keeps on learning for the company during their work tenure.

 As an employee, human resource development has benefits for you. When you enter an organization, your skills are almost basic levels and you enter as a junior. However, with proper training and development, you train yourself to perform your tasks effectively. Moreover, if you enter an organization at the mid or senior level, then too, the process is essential for you and for the company’s progress. Furthermore, it helps you in aligning with the culture of the company and industrial gains.

Therefore, we can say that human resource development makes sure that every employee is trained well and they are effectively contributing to the growth of the company. The more they will learn, the better they will perform. Furthermore, if every team receives ideal training then the system will run more smoothly and the company will be successful.

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Why You Must Study Human Resource Management?

When you study a management course, you will surely study human resource management. It might sound easy but it is a complex role to play. Moreover, several management courses nowadays, teach about the evolution of the HR role in the past few years alongside its impact on business. Therefore, you should study human resource management to be able to understand the same. With the help of human resource management, you can discover a unique style of managing people. Now, let us read about some reasons why you must study human resource management.

It can be applied to every geography and business

The principles, concepts, and people process you learn in human resource is universal. This means you can apply the foundational knowledge anywhere in different geographies and businesses. Undoubtedly, there are some business challenges that we need to contextualize. Otherwise, most of the principles on the base and broad level remain the same.

You can understand all stakeholders with human resource management

Human resource management is not only bounded to the workplace or employees, it is beyond that. You might not know but you can apply HRM to stakeholder management. Here, the leadership teams and HR teams work in sync. Moreover, here you can also learn about things that you can apply to external partners from a policy point of view. In addition to this, in campuses where organizations are the employer, HRM manages relationships with the campuses. Therefore, if you wish to attain all of this knowledge, you must enrol yourself to a management course.

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Provides you insights into the most significant competitive advantage

In the upcoming years, we will see how people have become the differentiator and biggest competitive advantage for any business. Moreover, you cannot learn about the power of this resource through any other functional area.

So, you must study human resource management for the above-mentioned reasons.

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Career Scope in Human Resource Management

As we have studied, by now we know how significant a role human resource management plays in a business alongside the range of functions it performs, from SWOT to situation analysis. Moreover, if you wish to know about the discipline, subdiscipline, and entire scope of HRM comprehensively then you must enrol yourself to a credible HRM course. Here, you will not only learn about the human resources theories but their application as well. Furthermore, given below are some roles that you can perform when you effectively complete your degree.

  • Chief HR officer/Vice president of human resources
  • Human resources director
  • Human resources manager
  • Compensation and benefits manager
  • Training and development manager
  • Employment, recruitment, and placement manager
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • Employment Specialist
  • Human resources coordinator
  • Human resources specialist
  • Full-time recruiter
  • Human resources generalist
  • Employee relations manager
  • Director of employee relations
  • Labour relations specialist
  • Director of Human Resources

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Now, we hope with the help of this blog you are now clear on the concept of human resource management. You can think of this information as building blocks for you. Further, with study, you can prepare yourself to be a strong management professional who can successfully contribute to the organization. All you need is skills and certifications in management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: 1 What are the three significant things in human resource management?
Answer: 1 People management, change management, and administration are the three significant things in human resource management.
Question: 2 What are the 3 Cs of human resources?
Answer: 2 Three Cs of human resources that also impact employee retention are career path, compensation, and culture.