How to write the best 300 word essay


Most of the time professors and teachers assign 300 word essay writing work to students to quantify their research skills, opinions, and knowledge. While 300 word essay seems to an easy task, however, that is not the case. Essay writing gets tough when you have a limit over the word count. You all know that an essay should be well researched and present the argument along with evidence. But when you get a short essay of 300 word, you need to have a skill of presenting your thoughts and ideas in a condensed manner.

A short essay is a big challenge for most of the students.  Students have to present their opinions within a limit of 300 to 350 words. Such types of essays require a proper plan and deep research on the topic. You cannot write it vaguely, there should be precision in the essay writing work. There are some tips one can follow to build an excellent 300 word essay.

Tips to write a world-class 300 word essay


Understand the essay prompt first

The first thing before doing anything is to read your essay prompt or question carefully. One cannot write any type of essay, if not aware of the prompt completely. Half knowledge will surely get you 50 percent marks in essays. Therefore, read complete essay prompt before starting any research on the essay.

Initiate a research

Now, once you are done with the essay prompt understanding part, move on to the research part for the essay. Conduct research from reliable sources. On any given topic, you will find thousands of websites. But all are not good in terms of quality content. You need to be spot on when searching for quality information over the internet. To get the best research articles and journals you can visit websites such as Jstor, springer, Khan academy, etc. 

Don’t rush with the things

If you want to write a short 300 word essay in the correct manner, then you need to be patient. Writing a short essay will not take much time but before that, you need to plan well for it. You need to pay attention to the format of the essay. Most of the time professors just let you know the topic and rest is up to you. When you have a limit of 300 words, then plan out each section of the essay. How many paragraphs you want to assign to different sections. For example. One can write the introduction within 50 words, body in 20 words and conclusion again in the 50 words. Before drafting the final copy of the essay, make a detailed outline.

Proofread your essay

Once you are done with the final copy of your essay, read it several times and remove the errors related to the grammar, punctuations, and sentence errors. You can get your essay proofread by the online proofreading and editing services as well. They have professional proofreaders who will edit your essays and keep a check over the university format as well.

300 word essay outline for college and high school students

If you are not having any interest in writing an essay or still waiting to explore your creative writing skills, no need to worry then. Here you can see what should be the perfect outline for a well-crafted essay.

The outline will work as a guide in your essay writing work. It is like a skeleton to which all your ideas and arguments get attached and make the whole essay. Before start writing the essay you should know the parts of the essays. An essay consists of four parts namely, Title, Introduction, Body and the Conclusion. Let us read more about these paragraphs in detail


Most of the time you will get the title from the professor itself, but at times you may need to make your own title. If you are on the unlucky side of not having the title then pick a good one for yourself. Choose a topic that suits your taste and knowledge. Your title should be related to your strong area in the subject. You will get the benefit of this during the research. If you are not able to get any topic then do a bit of online research and take online essay help from 


As you are aware that you have to complete your essay within 300 words. Therefore, your introduction should be brief and looks appealing to readers. You want to grab the attention of your reader, and for that, you have to spell the magic within 50 words. To do that you have to focus on these two things

Hook statement

Most of the essay writers take the help of hook statement while writing the introduction. A hook statement captures the mind of the reader along with that helps in serving the theme of the essay. An impressive hook statement would be a popular proverb or an intriguing question. For example:

“Action speaks louder than words”

“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”

Thesis statement

Now the second most important part of the introduction is the thesis statement. A thesis statement is one or two-line statement that carries the central argument of the essay. It helps in introducing the reader with the central idea of the essay.

The body

It is a 300 word essay therefore, you cannot write the body in more than 2 to 3 paragraphs. Your body of the essay should be completed within 200 words. Each of your paragraphs should range from 75 to 100 words. 

While writing the body of the essay you need to condense all your arguments and evidence. Present them in a concise manner and only mention those which are of high importance. Remember, all arguments should point towards the thesis statement. See how you will write the body paragraphs.

Paragraph 1

  • Most important argument and supportive evidence
  • 1 or 2 Examples 
  • Explanation
  • A small conclusion
  • Transition phrase for the next paragraph

Paragraph 2

  • An important point along with evidence
  • Example
  • Explanation
  • A brief conclusion
  • Transition phrase for the next section

Conclusion of the essay

In this section of your essay, you have to provide a good summary of your essay. This has to be done within 50 words. The conclusion will carry 3 to 4 sentences. Though it is a 50-word conclusion, it will be divided into several parts.

  • Restating of thesis statement
  • Essay summary
  • Ending statement

Technical aspects of essay writing 

In the above blog, you have got the information regarding the 300 word essay. Now, there are things that are common in all types of essay writing irrespective of words and subjects. These things will remain the same to a large extent in all types of essays. So, here are a few things you should know while writing an essay for academic or non-academic purposes.


Words are of great importance. They have the power to create an impact on people. While you are writing an essay, you are not present in front of that person. Therefore, you should use words that can express the ideas distinctly. While writing the essay one should use: 

Linking words

These are the transition words that help in bridging the sentences from the previous statement or sentence. Use them wisely. Read more about it here: Megalinking words list to use in an essay.

Expression Words

Smart words are the essay words and phrases that are significant in an essay. They help in expressing your thoughts and ideas. You can read more about it here: What are the common words to use in an essay


An essay format is what you have to look after. Although, essays follow a set pattern that is introduction, body, and conclusion. But, the way you present information in these three sections differ greatly. Moreover, you have to put your essay in the format as per your university demand. Some universities prefer APA writing style, some ask for MLA formatting style. You should stick to it.

Information type

While writing an academic essay, the main focus should be on research and information. While writing a non-academic, such as a college application essay, your focus should be on self-reflection and not on research. This type of essay is completely different from an academic essay and has a bit different format. Get professional help with a college application essay from

Sentence structure

Words make sentences and sentences convey the right meaning of the essay. While writing an essay put attention on the length of your sentences. Avoid verbiage and try to keep the sentences in the active form.


Grammar also plays a crucial role in your essay. If you want to impress your reader with your writing, then you must have good hands-on grammar. You should know the proper usage of it while making the sentences.

Keep it authentic

An essay or any piece of writing brings a good result only when it is original and not copied. No one would like to read someone else information with your name. Plagiarised work will surely hurt the reader’s sentiments and trust in the writer. Therefore, try to write the essay as originally as possible.

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