Tips And Tricks To Write A Perfect Cover Letter


In present times, it has been difficult to get a job which you love. Adding on your trouble, it is even harder to express your potential in an interview where you have to prove yourself out of many candidates. An employer tries to select a candidate who can be capable of adding assets to the organization. Hence, to stand out from the crowd, it is essential for you to get everything appropriate in the interview. From a better presentation to excellent communication skills, you have everything. But to arouse the interest of the interviewer you need to submit an awesome Cover Letter along with your Resume. Writing a cover letter is always a tough challenge for most candidates. Hence most of them seek assignment help online to present a cover letter for a resume.

People are now acknowledging the importance of a Cover letter for a Resume. But still are many people who do not know the proper way of writing a cover letter. The improper presentation of a cover letter can show the pitfalls of your career, and it can block your way to success.

In this blog post, I am hereby going to discuss the following things:

  1. Cover letter definition and meaning
  2. What to put in a cover letter
  3. Common mistakes while writing a Cover letter
  4. Cover letter tips to avoid mistakes

Cover letter definition and meaning

Once Steve Jobs said in an interview:

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

According to him, if the organization hires some smart people, the employees should be clear and confident about the direction they want to give to the company. However, this clear approach can only be found in the employee who is very clear about their goal- one who knows how their skill can be beneficial for the organization. This is what you have to prove in your cover letter as well. It should clearly mention your potential and skills, and how they are beneficial to the organization.

How do you think an employer can judge you on the basis of half an hour interview? It is the cover letter that serves as the mirror of your personality. It tells your personal motif which you want to satisfy in the organization and also describes how fulfilling this motif can be a reward for them.

A cover letter is a formal letter which is attached with the resume, in order to explain the reason for the job application. It allows you to highlight certain areas or traits of your personality, which you feel would make you the appropriate candidate for the position. Traditionally it acts as a front letter for the recruiter. Although it carries vast importance during the interview, it is the most underrated of the whole application process. It is also because many of us are not sure about it.

What to put in a cover letter

One can often observe how the Cover letter template of assignment help experts looks very presentable and perfect in format. But as soon as we try to make one similar to them, we fail to do so. It is all due to the lack of experience that we fail to bring quality like the online experts.

Hence it is very essential to know what to put in a cover letter so that we could be able to make a perfect cover letter sample. The cover letter format can easily be followed by looking into some cover letter samples. In order to learn writing a cover letter, you should know about its content. After researching on cover letter example, I came to know about few cover letter tips, which we should know about the contents of a cover letter.

  1. Why you are competent for the required position
  2. How you can add value to the organization
  3. Why you want to work with them
  4. Which quality sets you different from the other candidates, and that could be beneficial for the employers

These are the common questions which you should prepare before you attend the interview. These are the general queries which every employer wants to satisfy from a candidate. So it would be better if you answer all these questions in your cover letter as well.

Common mistakes while writing a Cover letter

Although we read a lot about the ways of writing a cover letter, we often tend to make mistakes on it. These mistakes though seems small, can be fatal for our career. Hence one should be careful about these mistakes.

After viewing many cover letter samples, I observed a few common mistakes that most people do in a cover letter. I am mentioning below the list of those mistakes which are common and detectable:


1. Using a weak opening line

The opening line carries vast importance. It has the ability to tempt the readers to go through the whole cover letter if the content is catchy and interesting. Hence, you should avoid and weak opening. Do not start with your name, like- “My Name is Will Smith…”

Unless you are a famous personality, your name is not too important, to begin with. Moreover, your name is general information that will be already available in your resume as well as in other parts of the application form.

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2. Making it too long and boring

There is a standard length that you must follow in a cover letter sample. The length should exceed from more than a page. This letter is written in a conversational form where you discuss your aims and opportunities. But make sure that it does not exceed to a length that the recruiter loses his/her interest.

3. Forgetting to sign the letter

This is the very basic thing to notice. Hence it is evident that it miss our attention. Make sure that you are aware of the small details important in your cover letter. Put your Signature at the end of your letter.

4. Talking too much about yourself

The worst mistake that most candidates do is giving a long list of their soft skills in the cover letter, rather than talking about the job-related skills.

It is true that in a cover letter, you are advised to describe your achievements and skills, but try to focus more on giving reasons on why you are more competent for the vacant position. Do not stretch it to a level, where the recruiters find you exaggerating and boastful. Don’t include your personal life details. Yes, you have to express yourself, but do it as you might do it in an academic personal essay.

5. Using a generic Cover letter template

In the pretext of presenting a perfect format, candidates usually copy-paste the same template while writing a cover letter for any company. However, it is hard to escape the eyes of the recruiters. They can easily detect the copied content, and this can adversely affect your interview. Instead of this, try to research a bit, and work on making a cover letter perfect for the company you are applying. I am sure your hard work will surely give you success!!

Cover letter tips to avoid mistakes

In the above section, I discussed the common mistakes in a cover letter. However, to avoid these mistakes, you must follow some cover letter tips. Following these tips, you can easily present an intact and strongly built cover letter. Read below to know these tips:


1. It is advisable to go for thorough research before you join the interview for a company. Find out every detail about the company that you should know to feed in the Cover letter template. You should be careful about the spelling, names, and titles of the person you are addressing in your cover letter template.

If you are unsure about any details about the organization such as- the name of the hiring manager, or contact details, you should better contact the concerned person to ask for more details.

2. A cover letter is quite different from a resume. You narrate your part of the story in cover later. But keep in mind that the language should be intact and precise. It should not exceed more than one page. No employer will be interested to read a whole 4-5 pages on your capabilities or your potential.

Hence, keep it short and informative so that one can get to know about your personality by reading the cover letter in 10 seconds.

3.  It is advisable to start your cover letter with a great opening. The opening lines should be strong enough to hold up the readers to go through the whole content of your Cover letter. It should be able to grab their attention, hence try to start it with some specific thing about you. It should be such that from the beginning line, they may get an idea of your whereabouts.

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For instance, you can start writing a cover letter sample as- ‘Hi, I am an SEO Executive, with five years of experience from a reputed multinational company….’ With this line, the recruiters get a general background knowledge about you. This creates an interest in them, and they proceed with the whole Cover letter.

4. The language used in a cover letter is often conversational, to connect the interest of the interviewer with you. However, you should vary your tone keeping in mind the company you are applying for. For instance, for the new and fresh startups, you can get a little casual in your tone. However, if it is a large organization, you should better use a more serious tone to show your concern and sincerity.

To avoid any grammatical errors or sentence structure, you should better proofread your Cover letter template again and again. Check out if your tone in the cover letter is abusive or rude. You should work on it.

5. Numbers and statistics always work!! Try to show up the power of numbers to avoid any vague statements. Describe the profit percentage and progress rate of the previous company with which you worked with. Your contribution to the growth of the business in the previous company will assure them of your potential, and they will be sure about your performance.

The employer of any company would love to select a candidate who is focused and knows his/her work well. The statistical growth of the previous company will assure them about your capabilities.

Hence, you can see how cover letter template can help you to convince the recruiter to believe that you are the right person for the vacant role. Hope this blog helped you to get a new insight into the importance of cover letter and the related things you should know about it. In any confusion, you can contact the online cover letter service to get intact and professionally build cover letter for yourself.

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