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A literary analysis essay is quite a different form of essay writing work. In schools and colleges, students are assigned analytical essay writing work in order to enhance reading, understanding and analytical skills. Once you learn the skill of writing a literary analysis essay, you will understand how to write a text with intense meaning and analyse other’s work judiciously. If you want to become a pro essay writer, do not skip any line of this article. You might get great help from this article.

How to define a literary analysis essay?

These types of essays consist of an argumentative analysis of a literary work. The work of a writer is to analyze the drama, novels, fiction or non-fiction work. The analyses of character, event, place, tone, writing style, etc. This type of essay widens the questioning ability of students. For example, when a student writes a literary analysis essay, he/she will put up questions such as Why the writer has used a certain style while writing this novel? What is the purpose of using such symbols in the novel?

Therefore, one can define this type of essay as a piece of writing that deeply looks into different sections of literature work to uncover how they relate or affect the whole work.

Literary analysis essay outline

You might have a question, how to write a literary analysis essay. The answer to this question you will get in this section of the article. All the essays whether they are literary analysis essays or other types follow a similar pattern. They have an introduction, a body of the essay and a conclusion. But the structure of the information differs from one essay type to another. Let us have a look at the outline and how to put information in it.


Firstly, include the full name of the author. Then mention the title of which you are doing the analysis. Secondly, work on your thesis statement. Thesis Statement needs to be in the introduction part. The thesis statement delivers the whole idea of the essay. Therefore, work on it and make it as perfect as you can. Thirdly, remember to use questioning sentences in the essay. You can also take an online analytical essay help to get complete essay assistance for literary analysis essays.

Body of the essay

Every paragraph should start with an argument relatable to your thesis statement. Every paragraph should contain the same point of view. Further, remember to explain everything in detail. Don’t just simply write the narrative technique. Explain it in your words and with your understanding. End every paragraph with a hook statement that explains your point of view in a better way. In order to make the body of essay longer, you can use mega linking words.


Write a conclusion that starts by restating the thesis statement. Remember, you must not write the thesis statement word by word again. Just explain it. Then write the ideas and concepts which you have used in the essays. Explain your viewpoint again in a convincing manner and end your essay. You may take help from websites like Owlcation to get the idea of writing such essays.

Different types of literary analysis

Literary analysis is not limited to one type, you will find several types of analysis. What type of literary analysis you will use depends completely on the assignment. Below, I have mentioned literary analysis types along with an explanation. Have a look at them.

Close reading analysis

Close reading is defined as reading a specific piece of literary work and paying complete attention to every minute detail. For instance, the use of specific sounds or words in the text, usage of specific lines repeatedly, etc. This will allow you to understand the author’s psyche and give insight into his/her mind.

Theoretical analysis

Here the writer has to use various literary theories while analyzing the literary work. Theories could be used to compare and contrast or separately. The example of this type of technique, while analyzing the work of Marry Wollstonecraft, one can use different theories of feminism.

Comparative analysis

As the name suggests, this type of analysis includes a comparison between the two literary texts. For instance, while doing an analysis of gothic literature, essayist may do a comparative study of different gothic literature to find and study the techniques used in such type of literature.

Historical analysis

Here the essayist works upon the historical background of the literature or contemporary society. A close reading of both things leads to a perfect analysis. This form of analysis may require you to carry out extensive research.

These are the types of analysis one has to do while framing an analytical essay of literature. You might find them difficult. Therefore, it is recommended to at least see one sample literary analysis essay. It will provide you with a better understanding of it.

Examples of literary analysis essay topics

Choosing a topic for this type of essay is quite a difficult task. Therefore, I have written some topics for you as an example.

  • Misogyny in Hamlet
  • A fatal flaw in hamlet and other works of Shakespeare.
  • Deaths in Hamlet
  • Comparative studies of Tragedies by Shakespeare
  • The concept of love in Romeo and Juliet
  • Analysis of women’s condition during the victorian era
  • White man’s burden, A responsibility or exploitation in disguise
  • Significance of Horror, horror in the Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.
  • Treatment of blacks in America
  • Role of fate in Romeo and Juliet
  • Witchcraft in Macbeth
  • Role of time in Romeo and Juliet
  • Comparative study of Jane Austen’s work
  • Intense study of commonwealth literature.

Get more examples of literary analysis essays from an online website such as EverNote.


What is a literary analysis essay?

It is an essay that examines the work of literature closely. It focuses on every aspect of that literary text. Such essays help in describing the theme, motifs and related things of the literary work. Check out the sample literary analysis essay to learn more about it.

What is the purpose of a literary analysis essay?

The purpose of such essays is to develop the analytical skills of the students and make them more research-oriented. 

What is the best definition of a literary analysis essay

There is no best definition of this type of essay. You will find different variations of a single definition everywhere. Therefore, it is up to the student, which definition is providing more clarity to him.

How to start a literary analysis essay

You can start a literary analysis essay with the introduction. In this part, you have to write a topic as well as a good thesis statement. Students need to be very careful while writing such essays.

What must a literary analysis essay include

The focus while writing a literary analysis essay is should be on bringing the questions in the essays. A writer must generate questions while writing such essays.

What is the purpose of citing textual evidence in a literary analysis essay?

Citing textual evidence in a literary analysis essay allows the readers to know the source of the text. They can check it easily by scrolling at the end of the paper. 

How to write a literary analysis essay outline?

While writing the literary analysis essay, you should start first with an introduction, then the body of the essay and at last the conclusion. The format of this essay will be the same as the classical form of essays.

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