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How to write a Cover Letter | Importance and its format

We all fill up with mixed feelings when it comes to our first job interview. Being happy for completing the academic life, excitement of entering the professional life, and nervousness of facing the first interview- all these thoughts come together. One needs to work a lot to keep himself/herself calm and composed. It becomes tough for us to focus on the interview properly. There are a few essential things that are necessary to work on, before the interview. The professional etiquettes that should be followed in the interview room, a proper resume along with an impressive COVER LETTER!!

But out of chaos and confusion, we often miss out these things. In most of the cases, candidates tend to ignore its importance. It also happens because most of us do not know much about its usage. Hence, there are many services available online who provide cover letter and assignment help to the students or candidates who are clueless about its format. These services can provide you a well-built cover letter which can land you to the success in your professional life.

Here I am going to introduce you with these things about the cover letter:

  • What is a Cover Letter
  • Importance of a Cover Letter
  • Cover Letter format
  • How to write a Cover Letter for an internship or job application
  • Free sample Cover Letter for job application

What is a Cover Letter?

As the word implies, the cover letter is the letter of introduction, attached as a cover for any document, especially resume or Curriculum vitae. Traditionally it is presented as the front cover of a resume or curriculum vitae, giving details about the document that is attached within. Its content is written while keeping in mind the about the job you are applying. Hence, it highlights those areas, which can prove that you are suitable for the particular designation.


Many times, people confuse cover letter with CV. However, it is quite different from a CV. It is not as much rigid as a CV, and one should always keep in mind to include these things in a cover letter:

  1. Your personal details, including your name, e-mail address and phone number.
  2. Why you are suitable for the job
  3. What you can do for the company
  4. A closing statement with thanksgiving to the recruiter.

A CV is quite short in length, whereas a cover letter should perfectly elaborate your achievements, covering half of the A4 size paper.

Importance of a Cover Letter

Once Bill Gates said:

“A bad strategy will fail no matter how good your information is, and lame execution will stymie a good strategy. If you do enough things poorly, you will go out of business.”

Gates believe that a proper strategy is equally important, as doing things in a proper manner is. This is the only key to success in all the fields. Hence in an interview too, you have to prepare and prove yourself better than others to get the selection. But how can you do so in half an hour interview?

To stand out from the crowd, you need to be different. Apart from a good interview, it is your resume which will act as your first impression before the interviewer. Hence it should be in proper order. The Cover letter acts as a shield for a great interview. It can let the interviewer learn about your personality, your expectation from the job, and your insight about your professional life and achievements. Its primary aim is to let the interviewer know specific things about you, which makes you fit for their company or organization.

Therefore, like a resume, a cover letter has equal importance. It draws the attention of the reader and motivates them to go through your resume as well. This cover letter is surely the first contact which you have with your interviewer.

Cover Letter format


Every formal letter follows some format. To know how to write a good Cover letter, it is important to know the cover letter format. Here are few things which you should include:


The heading of a cover letter is the same as every formal letter. It includes:

  • Name of the candidate
  • His/her email address
  • The contact number of the candidate
  • Present date
  • Name of the manager who is hiring and his professional title
  • Name and address of the organization to which the candidate is applying.

You can add many more things like- your home address, your city resident, etc. However, you should try to keep it professional.


The next step includes a salutation. You should directly address the hiring manager as sir/madam to resume the next steps. It would be more impressive if you include the name of the hiring manager.


Opening paragraph

The role of the opening paragraph is to grab the attention of the hiring manager to read on the whole letter. Hence use the apt language to make it catchier.

Second paragraph

In this paragraph, you have to convince them that you are the perfect candidate for their organization. Show them your capabilities to prove your worth. But make sure that you do not keep on bragging about yourself.

Third paragraph

In the third paragraph, you will have to show them why you want this job, and not any job!! Make them understand about the importance their organization carries for you.

Closing paragraph

In the end, make your offer to them. It should summarize the whole intention of the cover letter.  However, there is a difference in talking about how you can help the organization and coming off needy. You should avoid the latter case.

Formal closing

Now it’s time to wrap up your cover letter with a final formal closing. Sign off the by writing ‘Sincerely, thank you, best regards’ with your full name following it.


Adding a postscript (P.S.) is a perfect way to stand out and distinguish yourself from other candidates. Here you have the privilege to get little informal to add on the interest of the interviewer in you. For instance, let’s say you found out some common things between you and the hiring manager, hence to add up a personal touch you can mention that particular information there.



Hence this is the format of a cover letter, you can find in any free sample cover letter for job application. However, if you are afraid of taking any risk, you must consult professional cover letter experts who can present your cover letter in a professional way. The expert’s hands will surely do justice to your cover letter.


How to write a Cover Letter for an internship or Job application

In the above-mentioned section, we already discussed the resume cover letter template that should be followed. However, those are the basic information about the information that should be included in a cover letter template. But the real art is presenting the facts in a beautiful manner, which makes the difference between a good cover letter and a bad one. So I am giving a few tips on how to write a cover letter that can impress the interviewer in an instant:


Get the appropriate voice and tone

The right tone and voice can impress the organization. You must be conversational, keeping in mind the right tone you are using for the company you are applying with. For instance, you can get a little casual with a fresh start-up company, while your tone should be more serious and professional for a larger organization.


Make sure that your grammar and your sentence structure are spot-on.

A strong opener always works

The opening lines of your cover letter should be strong enough to grab the attention of the interviewer. Begin your cover letter with the specific fact about yourself that you think they need to know about you. For instance- “Hi, I am a Sales Executive, with 10 years of experience…” From this line, they will learn something about you, compelling them to read the whole Cover Letter.

Show off your research skills

Your cover letter must show off your research skills. It should highlight the points which indicate why you are not looking for any job, but this particular one.


The company will admire it if you will be successful in convincing them that you researched a lot about the company and the profile you are looking for is suitable for you. It will show that you care about the company’s reputation, making you the one out of the crowd.

Show how you can add value to the company

It is evident that the interviewer will select a candidate who can bring fast outputs to their company, making their work easier. Hence, you cover letter must be clear about your potential and capabilities that can benefit the company in the long run.


Use some numbers

To avoid any vague statements, you must show the number game to the company. It will add value to your cover letter if you include the statistics on how your performance has had a positive impact on the companies you have been working in the past. The employers would love to select an employee who could be beneficial for the company in the future. With your statistics, not only you will show your value to the employers, but it will also assure them for your performance.

End up with a call to action

At the end of the letter, you should be pretty clear about your reason to contact them. Nonetheless, the call of action should be polite, and open-ended. It should represent how excited you are to be the part of the company. But you should be careful with your words to not to represent yourself as a needy one.


Whether it is an internship or job application, these tips are relevant for both types of cover letter. Students are often told to include it whenever they apply for an internship application. Such cover letter template follows the same format as the sample cover letter for job application. However, for an internship letter, your tone should be more serious (formal) and not colloquial.

It is tough for the students to make an intact cover letter, as compared to the professionals. Hence it is advisable to seek online assignment help who are the experts in this field. It will lessen the burden and stress of the students.

Free sample Cover Letter for job application

The best cover letter is the one, which shows the employer that you care about doing something out of the box.

The cover letter for the students applying for an internship is a bit different in structure from the professional cover letters. On the one hand the professional cover letter highlights their experience and achievements in the past company, and on the other hand, students rely on the highlighting their coursework to persuade the employer. The students must include examples from their academic and extracurricular experiences.

Here I am presenting a free sample cover letter for job application as well as for internship:


Candidate’s name

Address of the candidate

Candidate’s City State Zip code

Candidate’s Phone number

e-mail address of the candidate



Job title



City State Zip

Dear (Hiring Manager’s name)

First paragraph (a “hook” and a reason why you are suitable for this internship)

Second paragraph (The offer, what you can do for the organization)

Third paragraph (the call to action)

Closing paragraph (Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.)


Your Name and signature

This was the cover letter format. Hereby I am presenting sample cover letter for job application:




After all this research and analysis, a cover letter is still a puzzle for the newbies. Hence, to avoid any kind of mistakes, they should seek the help of cover letter writing service available in the online market. Not only it saves their time, but the professional writers strictly follow the format, giving it an impressive and professional touch.


A good cover letter lets you stand out of the crowd in this competitive world. Hence to grab the job you wish you must seek assignment help online who are experts in making perfect cover letters as well. These services are professional and knowledgeable about the format that should be followed for cover letter template.

A perfect cover letter will compel the reader to go through your resume. An intact format can introduce enough things about you to the interviewer in a half an hour session. This half an hour can really make the difference if you are well aware of its proper usage. Hence it is well known to you now that a perfect cover letter is equally important as a perfect resume.

A little research, a compact built-up format, and a proper usage of tone and language can get you the best in your professional life.

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