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Tips To Craft A Problem Solution Essay.

Problem Solution Essay

For writing a problem-solving essay you must have good writing ability and you should have the capability to convince the reader that the existing problem actually needs a solution. You should also explain why your solution proposal is the best solution to the existing problem. 

As we all know in academics we need to deal with different kinds of essays and each essay has slightly different purpose and approach. Problem solution essay is one of the most popular formats of essay writing where you need to identify a problem and offer a solution for it

Today in this blog post we will discuss how you should proceed with problem-solution essays and make them impressive and effective in every possible manner. We as an academic help provider assist students with their academic need for writing and provide custom essay help.

We also assist students to have a better understanding of the subjects. In this blog post, we will discuss steps to write a problem solution essay. And how you can find a good essay topic to decide the best solution and write excellent quality of an essay.

let’s get started…

How to choose the problem-solution topic? 

problem solution essay

First of all, you should try to think about the things that bother you or problems that are not suitable for your solution. Once you will have thought like “I can easily proceed with this essay solution” then you can have a great idea for your paper

Step 1: Make a list of issues 

Find out about the things or group that belong to the problem. Make a list of issues and try to eliminate them from your solution one by one. Once you eliminate all the things that bother you then you can easily proceed with your essay topics. 

Step 2: Make a strategy 

Once you have a list of all the problems that you may encounter during your writer up. Now make a proper strategy or plan for the solution. This strategy will help you to find out the best possible solution for your essay writer. Always remember the problem doesn’t have to be a big one but you must have the capability to convince other people that it needs to be solved or at least made better

Step 3: Problem solution essay topic list

Always choose a topic in which you have some previous knowledge by doing this you can easily proceed with your essay topic. And you will feel more comfortable while conducting research for it. 

If you are struggling to find a great topic? Go through the lists below to find out the areas on which your essay topics can be related and according to your preference you can pick a relevant topic form the desired area. Still, if you are unable to choose a relevant topic for your essay in such a situation you can buy essay papers online. And get professional assistance for your requirements

1. Relationships

2. Social Issues

3. Sports

4. College Life

5. Education

6. Family Life

7. Driving and Transportation

Step 4: Proceed with your essay writeup

Once you are done with your topic now you should proceed with the planned strategy and try to collect relevant information from the reliable sources for your essay writeup.

Finding a solution

The major purpose of the problem-solving essay is to find out the perfect solution for the problem. Your solution must have the following qualities

  • It must be implemented easily
  • The solution must be effective at the solving of the problem
  • It must be cost-efficient 
  • It should be feasible

Problem solution essay outline

While working with your essay you must organise every aspect of your essay carefully. It should not lack information or divert from the main theme of the essay. 

Following are some main goal of your essay writing that must be included in your writeup

  1. Your essay must have the capability to gain the attention of the reader
  2. You should try to convince your reader that the problem is important and it needs to be solved
  3. Your explanation for the solution must be concise and clear
  4. Represent your solution in front of the reader in such a way so that he could find it cost-effective and feasible
  5. Convince your reader that your solution is better than other solutions


In the introduction, you should try to describe the problem and its explanation clearly. You should also work on its detailing about why it needs to be solved and then you should provide your thesis statement

Things that you should add while working with your introduction are listed below:

  • If the problem is unknown you should try to explain it in a better way with a complete explanation
  • If the problem is familiar then you should try to paint a vivid picture
  • Always remember you are required to convince the reader in both the situation. So it is quite necessary for you that your essay introduction must be concise and clear


Once you have done with your introduction now you can ask your thesis question. And provide your solution ideas in  the thesis statement

Here are some tips

  • Always try to state your solution in a single sentence
  • Your thesis statement should come after you explain the problem

Body of the essay: Problem solution essay structure

Generally, the body of the essay has three or more paragraph and they must include a proper explanation for your solution. It should give detail about how this solution can provide a relevant result for the given problem.

It also must explain how it will be charged and how you can get funds for it. Provide proper evidence that your solution will definitely be going to work for the given problem and it has the capability to bring positive outcomes

The body of your essay  will also seek to argue that your solution

  • Will solve the problem
  • It is cost-efficient
  • It is feasible to implement
  • Provide the most reasonable solution to the problem
  • It can stand up to possible objections
  • It is better than other solutions

So if you want to make your argument convincing you should always consider the above objectives in your arguments. 

Writing the conclusion

Usually, the conclusion has one or two paragraphs. If you want to have an excellent ending then your argument should convince your reader that you have provided the best possible solution for the given problem.

Here are some effective ideas

  • Explain to the reader what should happen for the given problem
  • Describe how the solution will change if your plan is adopted
  • Make an initial framework  that will showcase the theme of your arguments about the solution and how it will work
  • Provide a real-life example of a scenario for sowing reliability of your arguments
  • Cite convincing facts, statistics, testimony on the solution or the problem

Effective writing tips that you should follow while working with any essay

  • Tone: It is the most important element that decides whether the reader will find your arguments convincing or not. 
  • Point of view: Because you are trying to convince your reader there is always another person’s point of view who will show his disagreement with your points. And at that moment you should respect his opinion. Try to convince him by showing some real facts and figures
  • Audience: You should always consider the reaction of your reader and it is quite necessary for any kind of essay writing. You need to address the reader who can implement your proposal. And then you should work on the points that can convince the reader about your opinion. The reader has the power to act on your suggestion. So always try to deliver something that could be convinced by the audience. 

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