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Know About the Victoria University (VU), Melbourne, Australia

Victoria University is a famous university in Australia. It is just not popular among Australian students but students from other countries also want to study at Victoria University. Victoria University is one of the oldest universities in Australia as it is established in 1916. But it achieved university status in 1990. It means VU is 104 years old and it celebrated the 30th anniversary as a university in 2020.

History of Victoria University

VU’s main goal is to provide technical skills and knowledge to the students. So, VU started its first school named Footscray Technical School in 1910. That time Footscary had space only for 220 students and 9 teachers. “Charles Archibald Hoadley” was the founder of Footscray School. Gradually, foot scary earned a name in different fields like arts, sports, etc.  And in 1990, it converted into University as a Victoria University of Technology. Further VU had a tie-up with Western Melbourne Institute of TAFE in 1998. Finally, with the amendment act 2005, Victoria University of Technology changed its name. Now it is known as Victoria University.

Why does Victoria University attract students toward it across the world?

There is not only one reason to look for VU; it gives thousand of reasons to the students to take place at Victoria University. Charles Archibald opened this university with the purpose of education for all. Keep this thing in mind their successor tie-up with TAFE Technical and Further Education. TAFE is a government-oriented program is funded by the government so the fee of TAFE keeps always low. The biggest benefit of TAFE is it provides vocational education to the students. Hence, the students who pursuing VU also get vocational training along with their studies.

Few unique features of VU

VU was the first university that allowed women to enroll in day diploma courses. This remarkable journey of Victoria University proves that VU has a vision of education for all and somewhere it successfully fulfilled its dream by giving better education to the students.

No wonder why VU is the first choice of millions of students. Other than this there are many other reasons for the popularity of VU. Let’s go through it:

Other reasons for VU’s popularity among students

  • It constantly recorded its name in the Australian Ranking Index.
  • Victoria University encourages research programs for both national and international students. It has six research institutes and seven research centers. Thus, students get a chance to explore the subject in deep and it helps them to make a bright career.
  • All students are equally treated whether they are local or international students. Ragging, sexual harassment, and any other evil activities are strictly prohibited on the campuses. Even Victoria University declared a zero-tolerance policy toward sexual harassment.
  • VU provides the best infrastructure and learning facilities. Students get the skills and knowledge required in the workplace.
  • Professors or teachers are highly qualified. Also, students learn in an environment where they easily interact with their professors.

These are the reasons to choose Victoria University for your higher studies. You will certainly have a bright career further. And, our online assignment makers Melbourne can help you with your Victoria University assignment.

Courses offered by the Victoria University

Victoria University offers various courses for graduates or postgraduates students. Almost every course you will get here. Let’s overview the few important courses provided by the Victoria University:


Engineering Course

If you want to pursue engineering then VU can be the best option to study engineering. It offers a wide range of engineering courses such as construction and building, software engineering, environmental engineering, etc. Even VU secured the position among the state’s best universities in respective engineering subjects. And, you can ask us to do your homework for engineering. We will assist you with the best assignment help Australia.

Course of law

VU offers a law course at graduation and post-graduation level as well. If you want to complete your course early then you can go for a TAFE degree at VU. VU provides criminal and civilian law education. You can easily avail of the course from VU.


If you are a sporty person and also want to make your career in the field of sport then, you can go to the VU sport’s course. You will have a chance to make your name in sports at the international level.

Science and Health

VU offers a wide range of the subject you can study about mental health, psychology, nursing, etc. If you are interested in serving people then it is meant for you. You can seek help for your assignment writing from the assignment help website. We also provide numerous medical assignment help like nursing assignment help.

Other than this, VU provides many essential courses. You can visit the VU’s website or ask from our writing experts in Australia. They will give you every important detail about the course. help you with your assignments

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