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Do’s and Don’ts of Writing an Argumentative Essay


Are you going to start writing an argumentative essay? Well, you may have a fair idea of writing it, but learning some more could prove only helpful for you in writing a compelling argumentative essay.

Thus, as an assignment help online provider, we will try to teach you the do’s and don’ts of argumentative essay writing. So, read on!

Do’s of argumentative essay writing

Make sure to follow university guidelines

It has been seen that students often write excellent essays. However, they mar its quality because they fail to follow the instructions given by the university. For example, you include only one or two references in the assignment, instead of including five, which was instructed by the university. So, you should make sure to follow the instructions while writing an essay.

Give importance to referencing style

References are something that are a must for your argumentative essay as it is helpful for you in proving the authenticity of your essay. Thus, you should add references in the assignment keeping the required style in mind.

Your essay should be well-organized

One more thing you need to do while attempting an essay is to organize it well. You should write the assignment in such a way that the flow of information should be right and it must not be repetitive.

Don’ts of argumentative essay writing

Dont use phrases to preface a statement

You can easily understand that if a person starts a sentence with the phrases such as “i think,” or “i believe” it shows that person is not sure about his or her statement. Thus, if you use such phrases in the assignment, then you do the same and your thesis statement may not be able to interest the readers.

Signposting is not a good idea

Signposting could be a good idea for speech classes, where you tell the audience what you just said and what you are going to say next. But its not ideal for argumentative essay writing. So, you should make sure to avoid signposting and should just write what you want to say in a section.

Your essay conclusion must not be abruptive

Your essy conclusion is the section that is readed most by the readers. It is the section where you sum up your assignment and try to convince the readers to agree with your opinion. Thus, it is a must for you to make it compelling and clear, instead of making it abruptive.

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