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Don’t miss the newspaper!

History of newspaper is quite interesting.  In ancient Rome era, government announcement were engraved on metal and stones in public places. Later China used silk fabric as the material for the news printing, however all these methods were not the classical method of news printing and these were targeted for the specific group of people.  Real emergence of print media took place in late 17th Century in Europe.  Since then we have seen the continuous improvement in the print media and it has become ubiquitous over the last decade. You might have realized how interesting the history of newspaper is. Newspaper is finally developed after so much effort and people do not even pick it up to read the stories taking place around the world.


College student education help

Reading newspaper is the first advice that I would give to the college students. They usually complain that they don’t have time to read the newspaper because of the academics pressure, however it is not true. Most of the students weigh their thoughts on scanning a newspaper , since it’s not hassle free, and they are not aware if it is worth spending time on reading the newspaper.

I would like to put forward few pointers that will prove the worth of newspaper reading on daily basis. It is not at all the waste of time and the benefits that students can reap are much more that what they learn from their course work at university.

1. Strike a conversation

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where few people are discussing some news and you are not able to contribute? You might have found yourself in trouble speaking about the political drama taking place in your own country. This is where newspaper can make your life easy. It is handy to read newspaper daily and it makes you enlightened about the activities and events taking place in your country and across the globe. You can eventually strike a conversation or can contribute to a conversation to keep it rolling. I am sure you will feel the change in your personality.

2. Improve your interpretation skills:

If you read a lot , you will notice a significant improvement  in your eye span. Moreover, you will also see an improvement in the way you interpret a writing.  Information in newspaper is organized in a much better way as compared to the textbooks. You can develop and idea about the entire news article  just after scanning the title.  The  information is presented with subtitles, arranged in columns and split into smaller paragraphs. This increased the readability of the newspapers. There are many critique reviews that require a high level of logical reasoning. If you develop a habit of daily news reading , your logical reasoning and interpretation skills will improve. As a result you can easily comprehend your textbooks and courses at university.

3. Get a job

Have you seen people working in the administration of any government. If you meet any of then you will see why they are different. They are updated about all the news. This makes their life easy and job better. They need to take important decisions and it can only be done, if one is aware of the current scenario. Secondly, it is not just limited to the administration. You can see lots of people walking on the street of london or New York walking with a newspaper in their hand. You will find people reading news specific to their domain. Few people read news related to Finance, few read news related to the development in technical sector and many more. If you are aware of so many things and economics of the country, you might land into some very good job.

4. Improve your Vocabulary

Well, this is the easiest way to improve your vocabulary. I am not suggesting you to read newspaper just to keep yourself updated about the words that are being used in the newspaper, but you should read it for your interest. Vocabulary building is a derivative that you get from the newspaper slice.


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