A Comprehensive Guide on Diploma of Nursing in Australia!


Hey folks. I hope you’re having a great time. In this blog post, I am to going to talk about Diploma of Nursing. Nursing in Australia has evolved since the 19th century. Nurses are essential to society. A career in nursing is very gratifying as it involves serving people. However, Nursing can be challenging too. The modern nurse’s role is not limited only to assist the doctor in procedures. Present-day nurses take on the partnership role with both doctor and the patient. Nurses work as a caregiver, teacher, case manager and counselor.

There are many ways to become a nurse in Australia. But how do you get started? Studying nursing in Australia begins with TAFE courses. In Australia, TAFE institutes provide various vocational courses. But the real story starts when you get into one of the nursing courses. Here, you’ll need to complete piles of assignments within given deadlines. A pile of assignments can seem daunting, but it’s doable by taking online nursing assignment help. So, let’s chat about diploma of nursing in depth.

In this blog post, I am going to talk about the following significant points:

  • Benefits of Studying Nursing
  • Why study Diploma of Nursing in Australia?
  • Entry Requirements for Diploma of Nursing
  • Where to Pursue Diploma of Nursing in Australia?

Benefits of Studying Nursing



Nurses are at the forefront of any Healthcare system. Nurses are crucial in delivering cost-effective and good quality healthcare. A career in Nursing can truly make a difference to the lives of people. Below are some of the benefits of studying diploma of nursing.

1. Improve and Save Lives

Nurses improve and save lives. This is the key reason why most of the nurses have high job satisfaction. Nurses maintain patience that are needed to improve and save lives. A person’s chances of survival often grow through the efforts of a nurse.

If you have passion to improve people’s well being, then nursing is for you. A Nurse helps to bring a new life into the world. As a nurse, you will derive the satisfaction which is not there in other jobs.

2. Part of an in-demand Profession

There is an estimate that there will be a shortage of nurses in Australia. It means that Nurses will be in high demand in coming years. The increased need for nurses is due to high dependence on the healthcare system. With growing illnesses, there is a growing need for nurses.

3. Learn a Wide Range of Skills

Think again, if you believe nursing is about checking BP and sticking needles. First of all, a nurse take a lot of expertise. They are well aware of spanning science and technology. Modern day nurses are work ready critical thinkers.

4. Part of Challenging and fast-paced Environment

If you like tedious and easy work, then nursing is not for you. Situations can change fast in healthcare sector. One day you might be doing regular check-ups. While on the other day, you might be handling the emergency case. This profession demands agility and attention to details. Nursing is challenging job due to high paced and sometimes random work. If you like challenges and a job that keeps on your toes, then nursing is for you.

5. Nurses are Well Respected

Nursing is the noble and altruistic profession. Our society values nursing profession. Nurses help and serve invalids during needy hours. We all like people who help other people. Nurses are one who helps needy people at the cost of their discomfort.

6. Nurses are Nation Builders

The profession of nursing is the backbone of any healthcare system. Nurses play a vital role in all aspects of healthcare. Nurses do much more except their typical role. A nurse provide midwives services to community education. Nurses are genuinely nation builders. For example, a nurse who helps a person to fight serious illness, is a nation builder. Above all, they play a vital role in achievement of health care goals.

Why Study Diploma of Nursing in Australia?



In Australia, diploma of nursing helps you to become a enrolled nurse. While in diploma of nursing, a enrolled nurse has to compete 18 months of training. This duration is lesser if we compare it to other countries. A enrolled nurse work under the supervision of a  RN (registered nurse). An RN holds bachelor’s degree in nursing. RN has licence in nursing while a enrolled nurse doesn’t. In diploma of nursing, you will learn from registered nurse. This is not possible in other courses. You will get so much exposure and learning experience. Registered nurse (RN) have in-depth knowledge and skills of nursing. Working under their supervision is like learning while experiencing.

Education System

Australia is the 3rd most popular destination for overseas students. Surprising? Huh? Seven universities of Australia rank among 100 top in the world. Australian government has developed nursing programs thoroughly. These programs are able to provide both conceptual and practical skills.

Innovative facilities

How would you feel to hone your skills in the state-of-the-art hospitals? Undoubtedly, you will feel awesome. Using such ultra-modern technology will definitely help you. This is because you will access to latest technology. Due to which, you will be able to meet modern healthcare challenges in efficient way.


The Australian government provides a wide range of scholarships. Both local, as well as overseas students, can avail of these scholarships. The reason for giving scholarships is to promote education.

Nursing Jobs in High-Demand

There is an ever-growing demand for qualified nurses. The population is aging, and more treatment options are developing. There is a need for more and more nurses to satisfy the high requirements. Due to which, nursing jobs are likely to grow. There are no dearth of nursing jobs. We know that hospitals will never going to shut down. This means nurses need not worry about their jobs. Nursing jobs provide high level of stability.

Career Diversity

There is huge diversity in nursing jobs. Nursing jobs are available in almost every sector. To get a nursing job, you should gain some experience. Moreover, a nurse has options to have flexible work hours. I have assembled few career options in different fields:

  • Aged Care
  • Education
  • Neonatal Care
  • Community Health
  • Hospital/Medical Facilities

Degrees and Courses

Students are able to choose courses offered by various institutions around Australia. A few of the courses are:

  • Diploma of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Master of Science (Nursing)
  • Ph.D. (Nursing)

Entry Requirements for Diploma in Nursing

On finishing year 12 in Australia, you are eligible for this course. You can apply at TAFE and other diploma providers in Australia. However, in some cases, nursing courses require mature age entry. It means you must complete 18 years of age to gain entry in diploma of nursing. In some cases, you should have completed year 12 with mathematics as a subject.

English Language Requirements

If you have not studied in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, South Africa or the USA, you are required to provide English language test results.

  • You must complete IELTS within the last two years (from the year you are applying). You must achieve a minimum of 7.0 across all bands.
  • In Occupational English Test, you must achieve a minimum score of B. This grade of B should be across all bands.
  • You must complete PTE with a minimum overall score of 65. Moreover, you need to score a minimum of 65 in all four bands. They include listening, reading, writing and speaking.
  • In TOEFL iBT, you must achieve a minimum score of 94. Also, you must achieve the following score in each section of the test.
    Listening – 24
    Reading – 24
    Writing – 27
    Speaking – 23

Where to Pursue Diploma of Nursing in Australia?

There are various institutions that offers Diploma in Nursing. Here, I am going to provide major institutes in major cities of Australia. While pursuing nursing, you’ll need to write medical documents and assignments. Writing such things can be a headache. To ease your burden, you can take online assignment help. Following are the cities in Australia from where you can get your diploma of nursing:

Diploma of Nursing Melbourne

From TAFE institutes to universities, the doors are open if you seek to enroll yourself in Diploma of nursing. I am providing a list of institutions that offer diploma of nursing in Melbourne.

1. Victoria University (VU)

If you want to pursue Diploma in nursing in Melbourne, Victoria University is the right place for you. VU provides dynamic learning with state-of-the-art facilities. You will learn to provide care to patients under the direct supervision of a RN. VU Polytechnic offers this course.

Delivery mode: Blended, Face to Face, Online, and Workplace

Location: Industry, St Albans, Werribee

Duration: 2 years full time

On completion, you will be eligible for registration with AHPRA. AHPRA is Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

About: VU has three Nursing labs and an in-hospital simulation lab. You will undergo ten weeks of training at Werribee Mercy hospital. .Here, you will have the chance to have the first-hand experience of nursing practice.

2. Kangan Institute

Kangan Institute is TAFE courses provider located in Melbourne. If you enjoy nursing people back to good health, then look no further than Diploma of nursing in Kangan Institute. This diploma will help you to become the best nurse you can be.

Delivery mode: 3 days face to face study (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday)

Location: Moonee Ponds

Duration: 2 years full time

On completion, you will be eligible for registration with AHPRA. AHPRA is Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

About: Throughout your course, industry experts will guide you. You will be studying this course at Moonee Ponds campus. The campus has superior training rooms, equipment, and facilities for health as well as nursing.

3. Diploma of Nursing ACU

Australian Catholic University (ACU) is one of the best in Melbourne. It offers diploma in nursing, with a view to equipping you with essential nursing knowledge and skills.

Delivery mode: Face to face classes

Location: Melbourne campus (Fitzroy), Ballarat Campus (Lake Wendouree) and Ararat hospital.

Duration: Full time – 18 months and Part-time – 27 months

On completion, you will be eligible for registration with AHPRA. AHPRA is Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

About: This course focuses on person-centered care and holistic nursing practice. This course is the pathway into ACU bachelor of nursing. This course includes 400 hours of Professional Experience Placement (PEP). PEP included aged care, sub-acute and acute care settings.

4. Diploma of nursing RMIT University

At RMIT, you will build nursing knowledge and skills in a practical environment. You will learn to work with patients of all ages. But the primary focus is on aged care, community, and mental health.

Delivery Mode: Face to face classes and Online Delivery

Location: Melbourne City and Bundoora

Duration: 2 years full time

On completion, you will be eligible for registration with AHPRA. AHPRA is Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

About: You will gain a lot from the technology-enhanced learning experience. RMIT has web-based simulation experience that is available online any time.

5. Diploma of Nursing Holmesglen

Holmesglen institute is a tertiary level institute in Melbourne. Diploma of nursing holmesglen teaches you important skills and knowledge to be a competent nurse. Holmesglen diploma allows you to build confidence in nursing.

Delivery Mode: Holmesglen TAFE offers face to face classes from Monday to Friday. Students can choose one non-attendance day each week.

Location: Holmesglen Moorabbin campus

Duration: 2 Years

Holmesglen register all students with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). If you maintain average credit throughout the course, you can apply for advanced standing in bachelor of nursing,

About: Holmesglen has Simulated Hospital Environment and Immersive Learning Centre. This diploma of nursing holmesglen also includes clinical placement. This will be arranged for you during the semester breaks. You must be available during this period.

Diploma of Nursing Brisbane

Brisbane has multi-campus colleges and other institutes. Among them are Australia’s top-rated institutions. Below is the best institute which provides diploma of nursing in Brisbane.

1. TAFE Queensland

TAFE Queensland’s nursing course is more about online study. Take your nursing career to the next level with this diploma. When you study at TAFE Queensland, you will have access to many positive learning outcomes. From purpose-building training facilities and experienced teachers to placements, you will get everything.

Delivery Mode: Face to face and Online.

Location: There are different locations which provide diploma of Nursing in Queensland.

Duration: Duration varies from different locations. The overall period is 1.5 years, two years and three years.

On completion, you will be eligible for registration with AHPRA. AHPRA is Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

About: This is the unique chance where you can complete online study and attend residential school. Also, you will be offered clinical placement within Ramsay Health Care facility.

Diploma of Nursing Sydney


TAFE NSW is a premier option that provides diploma of nursing. To complete this course, students have to complete 400 hours of unpaid experience. TAFE NSW maintains expert and up-to-date knowledge for roles related to nursing.

Delivery Mode: Full time and Part time

Location: This course is offered at 16 locations across NSW. For details, you may check TAFE NSW official website.

Duration: Duration varies from location to location. You may check TAFE NSW official website for complete details.

On completion, you will be eligible for registration with AHPRA. AHPRA is Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

About: TAFE NSW meets the demands of every kind of students. TAFE NSW offers this diploma at differen locations across NSW. Moreover, it offers flexible study module. NSW nursing diploma is a fantastic option.

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