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Let’s start with, knowing a bit about this subject, i.e., Psychological Science. It is essential to understand the subject that you want to pursue. But, yes, if you directly want to check out the universities, then you can surely scroll down. But, these facts which I will share in the initial part of this article are worth having a look at. 
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Psychological Science


Have you ever thought, that why people behave in different ways? They may be angry, happy, sad, etc. Fascinating right? There are mood swings. All these things happen inside our mind. Psychological science helps us in the analysis of mental life.

It is a way to find the latest things related to topics like cognitive, social, developmental, health psychology, etc. It also deals with news related to behavioural neuroscience and biopsychology. All these terms are related to human behaviour and mental life.

Let’s now get friendly with these terms, which I have mentioned above and other terms too related to Psychology. You may also say, types of psychology:

i. Cognitive Psychology

It includes cognitive operation and cognitive process. It deals with emphasizing the internal mental process.

ii. Neuropsychology, Physiological Psychology, Psychophysiology

These are the branches of psychology that deals with the physiological bases of psychological processes.

iii. Abnormal psychology, Psychopathology

It is the branch of psychology that take cares of the study of the abnormal behaviour of people.

iv. Association Theory, Associationism

The basic theory is, that association works on the simple principle of mental activity.

v. Applied or Industrial Psychology

Branches of Psychology that looks forward to applying psychological principles to practical problems of education or industry or marketing etc.

vi. Child Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Genetic Psychology

This is that branch of psychology that deals with the study of the social and mental behaviour of children.

vii. Differential Psychology

It is the branch of psychology that deals with the study of measurable differences between individuals.

Other such terms which you might hear on this subject are rehearsal, inhibition, introversion, extroversion, persona, ambiversion, and chunking. All these words are related to the mental levels of a person.

So, now let’s move on to our course that is, Bachelor of Psychological Science. Let’s discuss in short that, what this course is all about and what are the views of the top Australian Universities?

Bachelor Of Psychological Science


  • Gain knowledge about why people (think, feel and behave), when you study psychological science. You will also explore the complexity of human personality and behaviour.
  • Do you ever think, whether listening to angry music just makes people angrier? Such questions are answered, when you study the Bachelor of Psychological Science. You can look into the human mind. In this course, you are taught how to understand the ways people behave, think and feel.
  • Why choose Bachelor of Psychological Science? It is because, you will learn how to apply psychological theories to topics like perceiving, stress, behaviour, etc. This course will teach you, how to evaluate tests that measure behavioural, intellectual and emotional states of a human mind.
  • This program helps students to gain knowledge, accumulate conceptual understandings and develop skills of application. This leads to a better understanding of human behaviour.

Top Australian Universities providing Bachelor of Psychological Science

So, finally, we are here. Following is the list of Australian Universities which provide the course, Bachelor of psychological science. Let’s see, what they have to say.

i. Deakin University, Australia

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Deakin University provides a personalized experience, added on by innovative digital engagement. They say: “We lead by creating opportunities to live and work in a connected, evolving world.” Ranked five stars for world-class facilities, teaching, research, and employability.

Course information

Gain knowledge about why people (think, feel and behave), when you study psychological science. You will also study the complexity of human personality and behaviour. You will be graduating with a flexible degree that helps you pursue a range of different career options.

Entry Requirements

Deakin offers many Admission categories. In all categories of admission, the selection is based on academic merit. Applicants should have completed VCE, or equivalent, including units 3 and 4. The study score should be at least 30 in English(EAL) or 25 in English other than EAL.

Tuition fee

You can calculate your estimated fee depending on the options appearing on the calculator. Currently, only Commonwealth Supported Place(CSP) students are getting the information, regarding the estimated tuition fee. It is around 7,397$ for one yr. Other aspiring students have to check by contacting the respective authorities.

For more information and application procedure, you can directly click on this link to the website: Deakin University

ii. The University Of Queensland, Australia


The University Of Queensland (UQ)is one of Australia’s leading teaching and research institutions. They say: “We strive for excellence through the creation, preservation, transfer, and application of knowledge”. They work with outstanding people who deliver knowledge leadership for a better world. UQ is ranked in the top 50 Universities of the world. They have skilled and motivated teachers, who provide positive teaching and learning outcomes for students.

Course information

For students wanting to pursue this course in 2018, now it’s an honours degree course in UQ, i.e., Bachelor of Psychological Science(Honours)(BPsySc(Hons)). Do you ever think, whether listening to angry music just makes people angrier? Such questions are answered, when you study the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours).

You are able to look into the human mind. In this course, you are taught how to understand the ways people behave, think and feel. You will develop essential skills to take this study further ahead and enter the workplace with full confidence.

This program moulds students for an excellent career in Psychology and postgraduate professional or research training. Students get to choose from a range of areas which includes: Development disorders, psychopathology, counselling psychology and much more.

Entry Requirements

Prerequisites: Cleared year 12 or equivalent English

For other such course-related details, you can visit the main website of QN. The link is above, in the About section.

iii. Griffith University, Australia


Griffith University believes that they work with remarkable people who gain remarkable experiences. They want their students to gain such experiences too which will change their future forever. At Griffith, remarkable is a normal thing. Griffith ranks in the top 3% of universities, worldwide. Their teaching and research spans over five campuses in South East Queensland in all disciplines and they have more than 200,000 graduates extended all over the world. Griffith is rated as 5 stars for graduate employability.

Course Information

Duration: 3 Years full-time, 6 Years part-time
You will learn how to apply psychological theories to various topics like thinking, stress, health, etc. You will learn how to check and understand tests that measure intellectual, emotional and behavioural states. This course will help you develop skills, to understand the core areas of psychology. You will learn to help people with personal skills, health, social and vocational difficulties. It will provide you with the opportunity to undertake professional practice placement to improve your skills.

Entry Requirements

Prerequisites: English (4SA)
Students who have scored an OP 1-6 or equivalent and who meet the prerequisites subject are guaranteed to get a seat in this program.

Tuition Fee

Year: 2018
Fee category/ Band: Fee Band 25.5
Fee per CP: 318.75 $
Tuition fee 80 cp : 25,500.00 $

For more information regarding this course, kindly visit the main website of Griffith.

iv. The University Of Adelaide, Australia

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The University of Adelaide is a world-class university that focuses on: Discovering new knowledge, pursuing innovation. It also focuses on preparing the best educational leaders who are creative thinkers, independent and who have an international perspective. Their main focus is on three primary areas, i.e., learning and teaching, research and engagement. The University of Adelaide is ranked in the top 1% of the world’s universities. It is known as the leading research university.

Course Information

Psychology is an interesting area of study that offers a unique insight into human behaviour. The Bachelor of Psychological Science is good for students who are creative and enjoy facts and figures. This course offers a choice of more than 35 majors and electives from various disciplines across the University. Innovative teaching methods and interactive classes provide various opportunities for students to learn and grow. Graduates with a Bachelor of Psychological Science are well suited to opt from a variety of jobs and sectors. They can further study to become a qualified psychologist.

Entry Requirements

Prerequisites: Cleared Year 12 successfully
If you have done any course after Year 12 then: It should not be more than two years.
For more detailed information, kindly visit their official website.

v. University of New England, Australia

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University of New England was formed in 1938 as the New England University College which came under the University of Sydney. The college got fully independent in 1954 and became a university as a whole. UNE is known for providing distance and online education.

UNE offers more than 200 courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree research levels. Online Study Australia has ranked UNE Australia’s #1 online university. UNE has been getting a 5-star rating for the overall experience, for the last 12 years and it is still the same. Following are the five reasons to choose UNE: Ultimate student experience, Flexible study options, Affordable living, History and Tradition and Great support.

Course Information

The Bachelor of Psychological Science gives a detailed knowledge of psychology. The degree includes Social Psychology(the study of human social behaviour), Biopsychology( the study of the brain), Psychopathology( the study of mental illness) and Psychological Assessment(conducting tests of human abilities and skills).

Excellent career opportunities are connected with the completion of this course. You can apply for employment positions that use psychological knowledge. There is a wide range of public, private and non-profit settings. Examples: counselling services, personal management, etc.

Entry Requirements

Following are the requirements:

  • You should be qualified for admission. Visit these websites for full details: Coursework rule, Coursework procedures.
  • You should be holding an AQF Level 7 Bachelor degree from a recognised university in any discipline.
  • Assumed knowledge in any two units in English.

For more details and other detailed information, go to the website of UNE.

vi. University of Wollongong Australia


University of Wollongong , Australia is recognized for its capability, quality and success in the global workplace. It is a young and vibrant university with undiminished ambitions. UOW value their research capacity to work on complex interdisciplinary problems. UOW is counted amongst the top 1% of the world’s universities. The Psychology clinic offers a wide range of assessment, intervention and counselling services for children, adolescents and adults.

Course Information

The Bachelor of Psychological Science is a three-year undergraduate degree course. You will study the foundations of psychology and learn about research methods and statistics. You will also touch the following areas while studying this course: personality, cognition and perception, biological psychology and learning, the psychology of abnormality and development and social psychology.

Career Opportunities

  • Human Recourses
  • Personal Services
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Industrial Relations
  • Government Agencies or Private Enterprise
  • Data Analyst
  • Life Coach
  • Brand Management
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Educational Officer
  • Developmental Officer
  • Community or Social Services

Some of the other top Australian Universities, which you can refer for The Bachelor of Psychological Science are:

  • So, guys, these were the top Australian Universities that you can refer, if you are looking to pursue The Bachelor of Psychological Science. This course is fascinating as I have discussed above with you. You will get to learn many things about the human mind and its behaviour.

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