Different Learning Disabilities


There are lots of students who suffer from different types of learning disabilities around the world. These disabilities do not occur because of some physical problem but occur because of some neurological problem. Students who have this kind of difficulty can have problem in reading, writing or in solving math equations. These students can also find it hard to manage time, have problem in abstract reasoning and can also have difficulty with long or short-term memory. These are the learning disabilities that affect many kids academics. So, lets have a thorough look at these disabilities to get a better understanding of it.


 Its a learning disability in which a student finds it tough to understand various concepts related to math. The student suffering from the learning disability may not be able to understand various math symbols, might find it hard to memorize or organize numbers and can also have difficulty in counting or telling time.


 A student suffering from this problem has trouble in handwriting and other motor skills. If a kid cant write well, leaves wide or small spaces between the words, makes spelling errors often and finds it tough to think and write at the same time, then he or she might have this learning disability.


 It is one of the most common learning disability that students suffer from. A kid who has this learning disability have difficulty in reading and his or her related language-based processing skills get affected as well. This problem may differ with every student and students can find it tough to read fluently, decode the words, recalling and can have speech problems as well.

 Visual perceptual or visual motor deficit

 It’s a disorder in which the sufferer finds it tough to get the hang of the information he or she sees and can have difficulty in drawing or copying. A student can also find it hard to hold a pencil in the right way such as holding pencil too tightly and might not have good eye-hand coordination.

 Non-verbal learning disabilities

A student having this learning disability might have problem in understanding the nonverbal cues such as body language or facial expressions and might also not have the right coordination.

So, it was a writing piece from us to give you a bit of idea about various learning disabilities that kids face during the academics. Hope it was helpful. You can read more such write-ups here on our blog if you are interested.

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