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Computer Animation: how it enhanced our visual experience

Computer animation

We generate digitally animated images with the help of computer animation. And computer-generated imagery (CGI) compile both the scenes whether they are static or dynamic. Whereas computer animation only provides moving images. We can see the use of 3D computer graphics in computer animation. We still use 2D computer graphics for stylistic, low bandwidth and real-time renderings.

Pc animation is basically an advanced successor to the stop motion techniques utilizing 3D models, and traditional animation techniques utilizing outline by-outline liveliness of 2D delineations. PC produced activities are more controllable than other all the more physically based activities, constructing miniatures for developing impacts shots or managing extras for swarm scenes. It helps in developing those images that can not be developed without any other technology

Computer animation in detailed form

With the help of computer animation, we can minimise the production cost. And graphics artists can develop such content with the help of computer animation that will not use any expensive set or artist. With the help of animation technology, we create such an illusion and movement of an image that will be displayed on the computer monitor. And this process is similar to how we can achieve the illusion of movement with the help of television and motion of the picture.

for developing the 3D animation, we built models known as objects on the computer monitor. With the help of virtual skeleton, 3d figures are rigged. But in 2d figure animation, we use separate objects and separate layers. After then we use limbs eye mouth etc. Then we use it as for developing the whole image. If you want to know more about the this topic you should take assignment help from the experts to learn about everything related to your topic in a detailed manner.

History of computer animation

if we talk about the history of animation we can see the first use of computer animation in the sequel of the movie named Westworld. It was a science fiction movie and it showed the life of robots with the human and how they will live in a society in future. After that, we can see the uses of the animation in the movie future world(1976).

It used 3D wireframe imagery. An annual conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques reported each year at SIGGRAPH. It is attended by many computer professionals. We can see the uses of computer animation in videos games and graphics card applications. the first full animated television series was a reboot in September 1994. the film was based on the life of inside the computer. The first full length animated movie was toy story 1995. which was made by PIXER. This movie was all about toys and their owner.

Methods of computer animation

computer animation

In most of the 3d animation system, a creator tries to make a simplified representation of an anatomy character. Which is related to the skeleton. And the animation variable defines the position of each segment of the skeletal modal. the skeletal model corresponds to the actual bones In human and animal characters.

Here are some methods of computer animation are given below;


3D models of the object and programmes are combined by the 3D computer animation. These models are constructed with a coordinate system that uses geometrical vertices, faces and edges. We sculpted the objects much like as real clay or plaster and we work in such manner so that every detail can be represented in a specific form with the help of sculpting tools.

And can deform the CGI modal with the help of a bone joint animation system. We can create animated data by using motion capture or keyframing with the help of human animator. While creating any 3D model, animator contains thousand of control points, for example, woody a character made by using 700 specialized animation controllers. We have many examples of movies and videos in which we can see the example of animation.


we can create computer animation with the help of computer and software of animations. And we can achieve impressive animation. with the help of basic computer programs. The high detailed animation which we use to see on tv and movies and video games made by the developer by using photo-realistic technology.

If you think within the help of home computer you can make high detailed animation you are wrong for creating the animation you need high-speed processors and graphics card they are very powerful and they require high specialised graphics and information for rendering

when a large number of computer work together than it produces a giant computer system. These computer systems are specially designed to produce high graphic animation and the types of equipment they require for that is known as graphics types of equipment. Generally, it takes one to five years for making an animated movie and with the help of these giant computer systems, we use to produce such animated movies the production cost of making the film is very high and it requires very high skill of graphics and animation designing. if still you have some quries related to the topic you can take help from expert writers to know more about this topic.

Facial animation

Computer facial animation is a very complicated field of animation where a large number of the animation variables typically include by the models. If we talk about the history of the facial animation we will get to know the first SIGGRAPH tutorials on the state of the art in facial animation held in 1989 and 1990 proved to be an intail point for facial animation.


Animation makes each frame look like photorealistic, realism shows the scene is rendered to resemble for making a photograph and character. Computer animation can be realistic with or without the use of photo-realistic animation.

Web animations

Whatever we see over the web related to the animation are made by the web animation applications. Web animation enhances the user’s experience and they provide better visualisation to the users. Web animation is a wide field of technology itself and it also provides a better career opportunity for the students. Web animation is a field of animation in which it enhances our visual experience over the web. While searching any content you may have seen some graphical videos or animation that look very interesting and people use to like them.

Uses of Animation in Various Industries

we can see the uses of the animation in several fields of technology. We can see the areas of media and entertainment which widely use animation. But here we have most of the areas which use a variety of animation and we can easily see this;


as the science states and it is scientifically proven too that the things which we use to see in the form of images and videos are easily rememberable as co0mprte to text and audio. In the education sector, using animation technology brings a lot of advantages and give a new way of learning. By using animation in education we can learn new things easily and can know more details of the subjects. We can easily use computer animation technology for educational purpose as they are widely using technology and we can easily lean the things in a new way.


As we can see this topic is all about animation so how this could be possible not to talk about the entertainment industry. As we all know whatever the animation what we use to see over the web or television is made by the animation industries and the entertainment industry related to the animation is growing day by day we are getting more interested about such things. Animated movies and videos are getting more popular nowadays and its always been a priority of the mass amount of the audience. High visual graphics and amazing VFX are given by computer animations. We all love animated movies and high visual graphics in the movies and this is how computer animation enhance our visual experience.


For making the advertising more interesting and making it more impactful the use of animation for advertising is getting high day by day. Animation makes the advertising more interesting and it gains the attention of the viewer. Now a day uses of animation videos for the promotion of the product is getting high and people find it more interesting as compare to older advertising


Marketing is the most important factor for the successful execution of any plan or product. Using animation in the marketing make it more informative and interesting for the viewer and with the help of an animation, we can follow a better marketing strategy. Nowadays using animation for marketing has become very common and it is widely used marketing strategy. Before implementing anything its necessary to work on its virtual farmwork and once you are done with your virtual strategy you can go for the real world implementation

In Scientific Visualization

For getting a more specific detail and accurate visualization scientist use animation for making the modal of the object it gives them accurate information about the projects and helps to understand the things in a better way. Using animation technology for scientific purpose help them to know whether the thing can be implemented practically or not. With the help of computer animation, we use to design a virtual modal of the experiment and try to understand this. Once the virtual modal is successful we use to implement this in real life as it minimises the chance of failure.


We can see the uses of computer animation in the field of medical these days. This allows students to visualise the details of the human body so that they could effectively understand the body of the human. And the uses of computer animation is increasing in the field of medical is day by day. Professors use to teach their students with the help of computer animation and tell them in detail about the human body. 3D technology conveys more information about the body and related diseases to the students. And in the coming time, the use of computer animation technology will be increased.

Architecture and Engineering

We can see the widespread use of computer animation in the field of architecture and engineering. While big construction and for creating any constructional modal the computer animation takes a major part and it helps to make a perfect design for the constructional purpose. In current time uses of the computer animation for construction purpose is mandatory to know about the basic details of the construction. And with the help of these computer animations successfully execute the process.


With the help of computer animation, we use to construct some virtual modal of various products. And with the help of these constructional web animation, we can have the exact idea of the development cost of the whole process. They can save our money also. By using the computer animation and graphics manufacture sector make a virtual modal of the product and work on the basic details of the modal that improve the production process.


now we can see how computer animation brought revolutionary changes in the world of technology. Today we can see the uses of the computer application in every field of life and we easily see the application of computer animation. Computer animation increases our interest and with the help of this, we can easily learn new things and improve our visualisation. If you want further assistance regarding the topic, go for online assignment help from the experts and get information about the intricate areas of this topic.