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Student Engagement model for teachers in the classroom


Do your students love to attend your classes or lectures? It is a very sensitive question to be asked and mostly teachers. Unfortunately, it happens in most of the traditional classrooms. A survey says,  less than 50% of students attend the classes and more accurately only 10% of students actively engage in the classroom which is even more annoying.

It is imperative to break this norm and provide them a truly valuable learning experience. The basic principle is how to engage students in the classroom, which encourage them to be involved in their own learning process. I am going to explain how to construct the way with four pillars for your students’ engagement in the classrooms.

The 4 Pillars of Student Engagement

  1. Customised education:Every student has their own needs so it is necessary to apply different methods to make them engaged in your lectures. In order to make a track, identify their weaknesses and strengths. That will create a customised learning experience for you and your students also.
  2. No time limits for learning:There should be a system for learning without time limit. Why concise learning in the classroom in traditional way like from 10am to 11am? Students no more like limits or any boundaries on their way. It is a continuous process which should not have any boundaries – at least no time limits.
  3. Create interests among students: Though students should be responsible for their own learning and success, teachers have responsibility to create interest among their students by doing some extra-ordinary activities and help them to accomplish their goal.
  4. Competency-Based Learning:Execution is more important because there is no point if a student cannot solve the problem after memorizing the formula. There is no point actually! Education should have different stages with external factors like competition, which affect the learning process of students.

Student Engagement Schedule

The above pillars have been designed specially by expert faculties so always taken into consideration for the specific subject, the class level and of course the targeted students.

There are various tools and websites which help students to make their study environment effective. Joining different forums, social media platform or community, they can create a study group where faculties can also take part. There they can start discussions with each other, post polls and share resources.

Various types of study materials can be shared to give students the capability to discover different learning methods. These study materials can even be shared with a particular student for a more personalized learning.

These are really very interesting for students as there is no time limit for study. They can start discussions at any time with other students and teachers. As a consequence, student engagement mission will be accomplished. They will be interested in their study and even the classroom will be interesting for them. A friendly environment can solve the problem of a teacher and 100% attendance will become a norm in the classes. Hope these ideas will be effective and if you have any suggestion, then share with us

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