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Is classroom lecture dying nowadays?


The web has webbed the human being from the last decade and people are so obsessed with it that they cannot even imagine the lifestyle without it. In view of the fact that the internet began its certain and unyielding control of so many aspects of our lives and thus dozens of industries have given way to its power. Including newspapers, books, music, movies, travel planning and holiday rentals, taxis and now, slowly, it helps the university lecture is about to meet the same destination.

Now some universities like University of Adelaide and ANU have declared plans to phase out lectures in their undergraduate courses. The reason is very simple because it turns out attendance at most is depressing, which is 50% or around there – according to ANU. What is astounding that it’s taken this long. We have experts to solve their  Assignment writing problems.

The fact is that classroom lectures are nothing, but an amazing way to learn. It is because one expert stands in front of a classroom of 25 or 250 or 1,000 students and preaches for an hour or more on a topic It depends that whether students take interest in or look outside the window, take notes or play hangman with their mates. Teachers can take notes how to drag the attention of students in the classroom:

Performance commitment

Teachers can expect one thing from this rule. Rarely, a professor with the streak of a performer uses the lecture hall for its true reason: teach to students. This anticipation takes great concern in writing, rehearsing, and performing their lectures, using them to put up narratives, suspense, even conspiracy, thereby holding the attention of students and cheering them to attend the classroom lectures.

Awaiting the beginning of online video, these performances were mainly disappeared into the world. They were hardly ever videoed, and distributing them was difficult and costly. Now, not only the students in NSW, Canberra, and every other location in Australia gaze at these brilliant performers, they can also judge them to their too often tedious, local live performances.

Change is the only truth and learn to adapt it

It has been seen that from hundreds of years, lectures were at the base of how universities have been spreading their knowledge to their students. They have been showing their miracle at the time, even when books were very infrequent and costly, and only a priest or professor would plainly read to students.

Now, universities have to accept the fact that the place of the lecture is speedily vanishing, and even their most talented lecturers are likely to preserve their students only when they are present both online and in the classrooms. Online classes provide students a comfort zone. They think that it would be better to pay someone to take my online class rather than going in the classroom to get lecture. Commuting takes a lot of time and students prefer to save it for other purposes as well.

But no one can deny the truth that classroom lectures have their own charm as an expert shares his knowledge in front of hundreds of students, interact with them, assign task to them and engage with them as a friend outside the classroom.

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