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How can parents assist their children with their homework?


Parents helping their children with their school homework is nothing new. We come across many cases in our daily lives where parents are struggling to take care of the child school needs. Hence, a tips for parents to help kids with homework can be handy to deal with the daily stress.

Going back to traditional days, assignments were considered as a parameter to measure the ability of a student. There are many questions that whether it should be added in the school curriculum or not, whether students are wasting time on it or it is useful for them – so many questions. Yet this system continues till date. In order to help students, parents often become involved in their child’s education.

Home assignments can have many advantages for kids. They can interact with their parents, can create good habit of study and cultivate positive attitudes towards school.

In this article we will discuss about the parental involvement in their kids homework help.

What is the Purpose of Homework?

The main goal of homework is to practice what they have taught in school. They can do brain exercise to learn new concepts they are learning. Many teachers assign homework not just for practice but to pioneer a new concept before they teach it to their students. For example, before you start the topic on evolution to your class, you should assign them first to read a brief summary about this. Or, before you start discussing the impact of technology in the 21st century, you may ask your students to try out a few pieces of technology on their own.

How Much Time your kid should spend on doing homework?

Homework should be assigned but not in excess quantity. So how much homework is sufficient which is a burning question.

Ideally teachers should follow these  homework guidelines which are given below:

  • Grade 1-3 = 20 minutes of homework per night.
  • Grade 4-6 = 20 to 40 minutes of homework per night.
  • Grade 7-12 = 60-90 minutes of homework per night.

Another principle which some teachers go after is using this simple formula: Grade level x 10.

  • Grade 2 x 10 = 20 minutes of homework per night.
  • Grade 3 x 10 = 30 minutes of homework per night.
  • Grade 4 x 10 = 40 minutes of homework per night.
  • Grade 5 x 10 = 50 minutes of homework per night.

The only way that the above formulae would work is if all teachers collaborate with one another.

What Role Should Parents Play in Assisting their Kids?

This topic has been in discussion among teachers for a long time now. Some teachers support it and some don’t or against it. On the other hand, there are a few suggestions regarding the role of parents in their child’s’ assignments which are given below:

  • Parents can guide their kids that how homework is imperative and valued at home by providing a special space for it. Make sure that your children have all of their stuff needed and electronics are shut off.
  • Check assignments and assist them when necessary.
  • You should be active and take an interest in your kid’s homework to assist them to finish their tasks.

There is a special role of teachers in helping parents to become actively and efficiently involved in your child’s assignments. Being a parent If you have any query, then you can contact teachers of your child or contact for effective advices.

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