Advent and Impact of the Internet

Is it possible for you to stay away from internet? Most probably, your answer will be a “No”. This clearly shows that the internet has now became an inseparable part of modern day lives. Would not it be fun and enriching to know the advent and impact of internet? If you want to know how internet came into existence and how it steadily changed the world, stay glued to the brief information coming ahead.

Impact of Internet
Advent and Impact of Internet

29th October every year is marked as International internet Day. The day is historic in the field of telecommunication and technology. On this date back in 1969, the first long-distance electronic message was sent from one computer to another.

Do you know that the current name Internet was firstly named as Arpanet? It is a short name for the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. It was designed by the United States Department of Defense. When the Arpanet was created, it connected 5 websites. UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, University of Utah, Stanford, and BBN Technologies.

Leonard Kleinrock was the first person who sent the message through the internet. L and O was the first message transmitted.

Facts about the Internet in 2020

  • Presently, in the world right now, there are more devices connected to the internet than the total population. The total population of the world accounts for 7.8 billion. Out of which 4.5 billion are connected with the Internet.
  • Asia has the highest internet users in the world. 50.3% of Asia’s population is having internet access. With 560 million users, India is the second-largest Internet consumer in the world.
  • It is interesting to know that out of 4.5 billion internet users, 4.18 billion uses the internet on mobile. When it comes to speed, South Korea has the highest mobile internet connectivity with 52.4 Mbps.

How has the Internet shaped our lives?

The Internet and Google – A story goes hand in hand

Google is one of the most liked search engine having a 92.07% search activity on it. It entertains 40,000 search queries every second.

Google play store holds a plethora of Apps. It has 25,70,000 apps. On average, a mobile user spends 90% of mobile usage time on mobile apps.

Domains and the internet

You all are aware of the domains. But what was the name of the first domain? is the first domain, registered in 1985.

The most popular domain worldwide is .com. There are 145.4 million domains that lie in this category.

The total number of registered domains is 362.3 million and China is the country having the highest record of registered domains.

93% of web traffic is generated through search engines. According to a survey, there will be 50% of voice-based searches by the end of 2020.

The Internet has paved the way for social media

More than 3.8 billion people globally are active on different social media platforms. And as per the research data, impact of internet is so profound that 2 hours 24 minutes is the time people spend on social media on average.

Facebook and Youtube are two of the highly popular social media platforms around the world. Interestingly, more than 1 bn stories are shared by people every day on Facebook.

The Internet has helped in taking businesses to new heights

Social media platforms have become the simplest route to take your business to the customers. Social media ads are the first choice of advertising, display ads, and paid search marketing to come next to it.

Google search ads are helping businesses a lot. For every expenditure of $1, a business earns $8 in return through Google Search Ads.

Growth of E-commerce

Online shopping has become a new trend. More than 2.05 billion people shop online. This helping in the growth of E-commerce with a rate of 23% every year.

The numbers are really good in the field of E-commerce. 47% of retail sales are through online markets out of which 28% are via mobile devices (during Q1, 2019).

Downwards side of the web world

One can easily see the benefits brought by the internet globally. However, it is impossible to eliminate the risk of using the internet at the same time.

Hacking is a serious threat to businesses. In every 39 seconds a hacker attacks and most of the time on small businesses. In 2020, the average cost of data breach is more than $150 million.

Whopping $1 trillion economy got affected by Cybercrimes globally. By 2021, $6 trillion dollars will be utilized for Cybersecurity.

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