Role of Chronology in Writing.

Spatial order refers to the method of organization in the writing work. In spatial order, details are explained as per their physical location. A writer has to arrange the ideas of the content or story so that it can create a visual sequence in the reader’s mind.

While writing the essay, story or any narration, we often put emphasis on things like content quality, grammar, usage of vocabulary, length of the sentence, etc. But we tend to ignore the significance of spatial order. But, it is of vital importance for the whole plot. If you are describing a scenario in a story, you need to describe all the elements as per their specific order. In this way, it becomes easy for readers to understand the scene. Thus, you can see how spatial order has a significant role in most of the writing work.

Spatial order helps in organizing the content, All the details are according to the order of their location in space. The usual order is from left to right and top to bottom. The readers get good help in comprehending the story. 

Today through this article, I would like to throw some light on different aspects of Spatial order. 

You will read the following things in this blog:
  • How to write a spatial order essay?
  • What is a chronology in literature and writing
  • Different types of chronology
  • Things to remember while writing a spatial order essay
  • What are spatial order signal words?

If you are looking forward to writing an impressive high school essay or college academic paper, you need to work specifically on the logical organization of the content. For this, you have to work on your thought process. You have to work on your ideas that are booming in your mind. For instance, while writing a story, thousands of thoughts can come in your mind. Some could be absurd or never follow any order. Therefore, you need to write down all the thoughts on paper first. Once you have all ideas and thoughts in front of you, work on organization. To create an appealing and awestruck story, you need to arrange all scenes in a sequence first. By doing this, you will help the readers to get a proper understanding of the scene.

Thus, spatial order is used mostly in descriptive writing. The purpose of using spatial order or organizing the information as per the location in spaces is to convey the exact scene as it was observed when appeared. 

How to write a spatial order essay?


Uses of spatial order are not limited to storytelling only. It is also used in writing an essay as well. Here I am going to write about how beginners can work on spatial order essays.

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Brainstorming for ideas

The first thing to do is brainstorming. You must ask a few questions from yourself. What do you want to write? What is the purpose of writing this? Questions can also be related to the description as well. For example, you have to describe a garden, talk about the position of the bench in the garden, the number of trees, describe the colours you are seeing.

Use references

First-time writers may need assistance before writing a spatial order essay. You can take an online essay help to get assistance in such essays. Other types of references you can take from any magazines, photos, or scenery. References help in guiding you. They will keep you on the right track and you will get various things to write upon.

Outlining the essay

Again creating the outline of the essay will help you to make it more organized. An outline will bring flow in the essay. While creating the outline be specific which location you want to keep for the essay. If you are describing an event from past to present, keep it that way. Digressions will lead to confusion and loss of spatial order.

Write your essay

Once you are done with the outline, start writing the essay. Never use a vocabulary that is tough for you. Keep things simple initially. After completing the writing work, read your essay and edit if required.

What is a chronology in literature and writing?

The word chronology signifies arrangement. It is the arrangement of various events as per their timeline. In literature, most of the writers prefer to describe the stories in the form of a sequence of events. They unfold the events in the order in which they occurred in time. This arrangement is termed as chronological order. The audience finds such stories easy to understand. But there are authors who never follow chronology. They start the story from the end and describe in a backward manner. 

One can define chronology as, a science of ordering events as per the timeline. Chronology is important in all the disciplines. For example, if you are studying mathematics, the teacher starts with the basics then move to complicated topics. Therefore, following a chronological order is necessary for almost all fields.

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An example that will help you to understand CHRONOLOGY

Often writers use the timeline to express the chronology. Here I am providing you with an example that will let you understand how you can make use of chronology in a piece of writing.

Today I woke up at 7 o’clock and went jogging. I returned home at 8 am and had breakfast. After that, I left for my workplace around 9 o’clock. There, I had a meeting with the manager to discuss the work. We both had coffee together at 3 pm. I returned to my place at around 5 pm. 

Though it is a small example just to let you all know how to write things chronologically. There are many examples one can find in literature where writers have used this technique for story writing.

Different types of chronology

Chronology is easy to understand as it is completely based on time. But most of the authors use three types of chronology mainly,

Linear chronology: In this type of chronology a writer tells the story in sequential order. The events are as per the timeline.

Reverse chronology: Here the time sequence gets reverse. The writer starts from the ending, shares various events and ends the plot at the beginning.

Nonlinear chronology: This type of chronology does not follow any specific order. Here the events are not in line. There are lots of digression in nonlinear chronology.

Things to remember while writing a spatial order essay


Now you have understood two important terms, one is spatial order and the other one is chronology. Now it is time to know how to write a paragraph in spatial order. 

Choose an appealing topic 

Spatial order is linked to the physical location of the subject matter, therefore, you have to be careful while selecting the topic. It should convey the meaning of the essay. While you are beginning to write spatial order essay, first think about the scene you want to write. Secondly, think from the reader’s perspective and make a list of things that you want to describe. You have to set on the things you want to describe and how such things relate to the whole story.

Arrangement of information

Now you have a set of things and elements you want to put in your essay. Decide the logical order for them. Choose a starting point and an ending point as well. For instance, if you have started to describe something on left then move towards the right. Similarly, you can use the top to bottom order as well. 

Use of transition words

One of the most important things students should keep in mind is the usage of transition words. Transition words play a significant role in creating relationships in the provided details. Therefore, students should use a certain amount of it in the spatial order writing work. Examples of transition words are, however, nevertheless, moreover, similarly, also, in the same way, likewise, although, furthermore, in spite of, in contrast, at the same time, while this might be true, on one hand, for example, for instance, in fact, indeed, of course, specifically, that is, to illustrate, etc.

If you are still not clear how to write a spatial order essay, then learn the craft of essay writing from the experts.

What are spatial order signal words?

Spatial order signal words are prepositions. They are used to notify the location, place and position of the subject. These words are used by a writer when he or she describes the spatial organization in an essay. Often such phrases or words are applied at the beginning of the sentences. This helps in creating affinity between ideas and sentences used. Signalling words helps in the formation of a real picture in the mind of the readers. Such words make the understanding of the whole text easy. Here I am providing a list of signalling words used in spatial order.

  • Into
  • Across
  • Next to
  • Above
  • Through
  • Beside
  • Opposite
  • Against
  • Between
  • On the left hand
  • On the right hand
  • Below
  • Beneath
  • Attached to
  • Nearby
  • At the top of
  • To the side of
  • Behind
  • In front of
  • Alongside

If you are planning to write a spatial order essay, never miss using these words. 

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